WTF, Stupid Soviet Artillery! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Gameplay – Su-5-1 Gameplay, Artillery in War Thunder? – 1.67 Gameplay

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  1. Baron, you are talking like we didn’t have artillery before,we have the Sturmpanzer II, the Brummbär, the Su-5-1, Ho-Ro, thing is, that those “artillerys” have direct forward fire, so they can be used as tank destroyers, but artillery like in word of tanks? I don’t see how it can be implemented in a game like war thunder, and personally I think that it wouldn’t be really fun

  2. Without forward observers artillery is useless. Maybe they could use your beloved armored cars and motorcycles. You would have to keep the binos on the target.

  3. 12:37 That almost sounds like a french accent

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  5. let’s get some plane action Baron….hop in the Me 410 ground-n-pound B6R3

  6. great player like if you think the same and comment

  7. Russian bias= Add more passengers to tanks to increase survivability

  8. i love to play su 5 1 an zis 30
    try a t50 vs tigre

  9. At least you stopped using that annoying floating text to accentuate what you were saying. That was becoming a deal-breaker for me.


  11. any one think the AAA mg on the tanks should be held by the officer so if a round misses the tank it can still kill your commander with a mg roumd

  12. If war thunder adds infantry its will be planetside 2 like. WHICH IS AWESOME

  13. You are more dumb than the fucking tank Baron.

  14. Did he honestly just say “My life for Aiur!” and call it a C&C reference? *facepalms*

  15. 1:10 “I wish I could be a crusader” DEUS VULT

  16. baron i see that your playing can you plz send me a steam friend invite if not thats cool your an awesome youtuber

  17. Lone survivalist314

    Ok heres a challenge take the SU-5-1 out and get a kill using indirect fire using it like an artillery piece.

  18. Bravo Company Major Nelson

    Try the firefly variant of the Sherman

  19. They wont add indirect fire weapons to war thunder because the developers don’t have autism like wargaming do

  20. “ADHD is real now boy, oh tits” that cracked the shit out of me

  21. BARON BARON you should play ultimate epic battle simulator

  22. I always wanted arty in warthunder. I liked arty in World of tanks and I’ve always been disappointed in the artillery mechanic in Warthunder.

  23. that was a very witness battle. Exciting to watch. Great game. You definitely made a difference in that game.

  24. 13:14 that was sick

  25. you should do a battle with a squadron of B17s and have them be against Bf 109 F4s and the 88mm flak bus, I have a 109 and would love to take part in it :D. try #1

  26. Warthunder TRIES to give more “realistic” roles to tanks…SPG indirect fire was NEVER used to kill other thanks, Self Propelled artillery was used for preparation bombardament, barrages, suppression, support attacks or defences, NOT to defeat single tanks…thats why a tactical game cannot implement SPGs, SPGs are used on the operational level to support wider operations OR as it is in Warthunder as DIRECT FIRE support, so with direct visual and that we have in the game.

  27. Lmao, I was that Ta-Se during the first 6 minutes.

  28. gaijin won’t add artillery because the artillery had no way of aiming, in WOT, you aim by looking above the map, but that’s not how arty works, they need to have coordinates and also a call for it, gaijin doesn’t like unrealistic things, so there’s should be an aiming mode for artillery before we can add them

  29. How to trick a dumbass

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  30. To me, SPG-Threat is an occupational-hazard in World-of-Tanks. Tanks that really scared me were Heavies and Tank-Destroyers, but i don’t share all this ire of SPGs that everyone else seems to have. I mean, their glass-cannons like some cameo-TDs – their SUPPOSE to “camp”, otherwise they’d get shredded by everyone else.

    EDIT: 1:31 XD

  31. Baron, you really can’t tell where shots come from sometimes…. That one in the BT-7 came from your left side, near the ‘mountains’

  32. I don’t think they should add any form of player artillery system, but they already are adding many of the artillery vehicles from world of tanks. I mean, the SU-5 itself is an artillery tank in world of tanks, it just has a much slower (and unrealistic) muzzle velocity so the shells arc more.

  33. I think how they could work artillery into World Of tanks is that there can only be 1 per team alive at once and for them to only become visible to you if they’re engaged in combat or if someone’s been shot by them and are repairing and are completely defenceless I think that would be fair it would also sort out the ridiculous map spotting mechanics since they apparently need to be 10 feet away from you to appear on the map -_-

  34. Dominique Martinez

    1,000th like!
    You should play A Night in the Woods on your other channel

  35. It… it is an SPG. You ARE playing an SPG in war thunder.

  36. that Ta-se should have died from them bombs. Arty is in the game, i mean you can use these TD’s as arty it is just hard to hit, so yes Arty can work in war thunder but to aim? well you need to be really good :p possibly they could make a system where you aim via the map, to get a rough location but hitting anything in arty that is moving would be nye impossible. single arty strikes are highly inaccurate you may get one kill every week the only way to actually do it in a game like war thunder would be 15 arty tanks firing at locations. A top down view like WoT would not work, you would need to do it all from you tank.

  37. weird why did i phlydaily and baron post their videos at ones?

  38. I haven’t seen many brummbar’s lately

  39. Baron,you are stupid.

  40. In wot the SU-5 is an artillery at tier III of X

  41. I got in an argument with a friend that days wot is more realistic than war thunder what do y’all think also if you want to play a good tank if you haven’t play the t-34 1942 I get so many kills/one shots with it

  42. 4 m gaz please

  43. Because it IS a artillery

  44. “scared of anything and everything” Baron, someone could throw dust at you in that thing and you’d explode.

  45. use the p400



  47. TheCat PlaysGamez

    you want attillery? play brumbär and sturmpanzer

  48. I would like to see arty tanks but no space view.

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