WTF WG, Progetto NERFED Again? | M4, E3 Nerfed | Rinoceronte and Panzerwagen Buffed

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Big Rebalance – Progetto 65, AMX M4 54, T110E3 NERFED – Rinoceronte, Centurion Action X, Panzerwagen BUFFED. Oyster Bay Map some Map Rebalancing to Airfield, Steppes and Mines are coming with Patch 1.20 in World of Tanks. World of Tanks 1.20 Patch Test Server.

Information from:
– Background battle replay played by: FETTUCCINE_

1.20 test server’s second iteration featured quite a big buffs nerfs to some of the tanks we love… Some most waited, some very questionable…

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Many tanks!


  1. i love the nerves, finally some tanks i dont have 😂🤣

  2. These nerfs just go to show what a bunch of morons WG are. I could see a case for maybe the M4 54 but f*%k me sideways the Progetto, Std B, 65T and E3? You rarely see the first 3 on the battlefield and the E3 it’s so situational its not funny. As many have said the Chieftan and the 279e need a nerf (btw I have the Chieftan but only use it for clan wars) but WG refuse. Is there any point in giving feedback as they will just do as they please (continue to screw the player base over).

  3. They are afraid that the new equipment, for which we didn’t ask to be in the game for but they introduced into because they want to do more money, could work to good for some tanks. That’s why get those nerfs.

  4. Glad I haven’t played this piece of shit game in months and gladly stay away after checking on the nerfs and buffs. Dumb fucks at wargaming.

  5. I remember the SerB times and his historical german nerfings
    seems nothing changed, they still nerf tanks that don’t need it and leave OP tanks alone

  6. Its time to stop playing this game is awful and it gets worse and worse……

  7. Dont pay anymore to wg for anything they will start to change after money is not coming.

  8. e3 and t95 nerf are you joking.. what is this crap

  9. By leaving the Chief and Object 279 e unnerfed, in the face of nerfing the M4 and E3 WG demonstrates it is just ‘taking the piss’ with the community.

  10. some dude who work in Wg play some games and what tank kill him hi put him on list for nerf ..

  11. Yes, great idea wargaming. Make the american lines even worse to play, tf is they doing messing with the tds?

  12. finnaly that shit E3 motherfucker.

  13. I dont play much, but if I do I am always choosing my long time love progetto, this nerfing is destroying me more than was the first nerfing of this beuty 🙁
    I think it is pointless, and I dont understand it

  14. Who actually plays T10? Its just a boring hull down APCR bounce fest. Sux hard!

  15. Rly t57 have Hood gun omg t57 ist total fck joke must have buffa

  16. some 400 wn8 bot at WG cant pen Progetto 65 so they nerf it xD

  17. Normally I defend wargamings choices on things since I try to look at things on my own instead of just joining the hate wg and anything they do bandwagon. However out of all the blunders they have done this is probably one if not the worst I have seen. Really upset about the AMX M4 and E3 nerfs. They’re my 2 favorite tanks atm and I grinded both of them in the last couple weeks/months just to now have them get shit on.

    Only think I’m hoping is that they don’t make the changes, its just trash, even the buffs for shit like rhino were just trash. So much for the hype around vehicle rebalance, more like vehicle shit show.

  18. For me, nerfing Kranvagn did it for this game. I regret spending any money on this game over the last 10-11 years or so. WG is great for making money, but customer satisfaction/loyalty isn’t a priority.. it really shows. I guess it is what it is.

  19. WG should sack the entire balancing department. The entire way they are balancing tanks should be rethought. So basically they cancelled the original buffs of M4 54 and it will be total crap again and no one will play the line. But VZ is fine? What is the logic with the Progetto nerfs? It’s currently one of the weakest mediums statistically? In current meta no medium should be nerfed anyway.

  20. T95 nerf you fckers!! why!

  21. How WarGaming really nerfs tanks:
    -A dev’s son plays a tank, and loses to some enemy tanks.
    -Complains to dad.
    -Dad tells his employees to nerf the tanks that annoyed his son.
    End of story – lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  22. “Amx is a sack of shit”😂

  23. incredibles changes

  24. I’ve been watching some advances on yt lately which is wg’s take on competitive play I imagine. Same 4 or 5 tanks used all the time on 3 or 4 of the worst maps ingame. WG are not very imaginative with so many resources available I guess.

  25. I am going to play only my premium tanks. Problem solved. F…k you war gaming. I didn’t bought any tank for over a year and i don’t need to. You can nerf or buff what ever you like. Don’t give a s…t

  26. Wargaming team guys complet BRAIN DEADS . Its only I have to say when they Nerf tanks that dont need to be Nerfed.

  27. They are also nerfing AMX 65T, which is a rolling turd. WG makes me sick for nerfing T95 and T110E3. Why not give iS-7 more penetration ? Or do something that is actually needed. WG only do not needed, not wanted, stupid things.

  28. Why reduce E3 hit points. It’s a tier 10. Should not be below 2100. I thing wargaming are smoking too much of the green

  29. Morons in wargaming strikes again…
    Why don’t you nerf the only Italian op tank? I am talking about certain premium tier 8…

  30. Make an skill based mm and +1-1 and nerf chief and 279 and ebr

  31. And that BZ-176 will remain OP, it’s time to sell the Progetto 65 as it will become as useless as a turd.

  32. I love rhm pzw. Marked it like a week ago and I absolutely love everything about the tank. I don’t understand why everyone is calling it bad.

  33. its so sad to see the progetto get the nerf again, that trusty progetto is what got me my obj 279e so easily. lets nerf progetto but not the 279e, or chieftain ok wg. nerfs on tanks like the m4 are completely retarded, this tank never saw the battlefield and will probably be sold after it goes live. rinoceronte is still doa, will remain sold

  34. Let’s nerf t95 and t110e3. Good job wg 😀 lets nerf slow tanks with weakspots and let’s don’t care about Chinese tier 8 heavy with derp, italian TDs. Gg

  35. Trần Việt Hoàng

    You not spending anything to get lion but still want to play Italy med? Now you can cry in the corner lmao

  36. E3 is a piece of caco that I’m too noob to reliably go against. It needs the nerf. On the other hand, E4 needs a buff. I don’t care what it is as long as they keep the cupola weakspot.

  37. The T110E3 did not need to be nerfed, at all. It was actually already nicely balanced.

  38. I don’t know who is asking for these nerfs…

  39. the changes to E3 are bullshi#… the hel why??? the only TD capable of fighting front line versus 279e is getting cut? and the most important statistics??? reload? this gun had to be fast shooting for it to have sense, the hp pool was too smal alredy…

    the prog nerf is stupid bullshit, this tank alredy is scraching the floor.

    the rhino armor buffs are insufficient, 305mm is still autopenn for every heat shell. the same kind of change like on E100, but that tank at least had a load of HP and can angle… BULLSHI#!!

    centurion buff- nice, the gun was obysmall

    other changes are meh…

  40. WG has made some really ridiculous decisions in the last 2 years. It was pretty good with buffs, but with the OP of rewards and premium tanks, the game has gotten out of hand. really, what was the bz 176 bullshit? they are still trying to make their new money well premium tank look strong. Now that I have left this game, I am bored when I play for maybe 10 minutes a day. It’s a dead game for me. dota forever

  41. FAILgaming strikes again…

  42. hope one day all players will delete this shit game and wg beg us

  43. This is what happens when a company is based in a country where crack is legal… : )

  44. Its sad that they decide to nerf the F2P version of autoreloader medium tank for all of those who couldn’t afford Lion

  45. Иван Стоев

    t57 buffs complete bullshit

  46. The amx m4 54 was useless and never used by anyone and now it’s going to basically be the same tank it was before…

  47. Anytime a common tank gets close to one of their op unobtainable reward tanks it gets nerfed… the common tanker gets screwed on the grind once again…

  48. i mean most of the tank nerfs were needless as hell. ok m4 54 needs some beating, but why e3? why progetto? none of those tanks are end all be all tanks. e3 is what t95 used to be, impenetrable frontally but easily flankable. progetto is just slowly becoming the worst auto loader, slowly but steadily.

    amx 65t getting nerfed is just the best thing you could of done in terms of nerfs, chieftain is op, nerf 65t, bz ruining every single match in tier 6-9, lets nerf 65t

  49. My very constructive feedback to WG is: FUCK U WG 👍

  50. Joke of the day: AMX 65t is OP and needs a nerf

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