WT:GF // “I’ll see your SU, and raise you a Zoidberg”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

A pair of arcade games where I actually have fun in WT: Ground Forces? What dark sorcery is this?


War Thunder is a free to play, online air & ground combat game you can try it out for yourself at: http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_2900230


  1. Nice to see some War Thunder footage on your channel again 🙂
    Quick Question: Why weren’t you on Circon’s Live stream yesterday? (50th view)

  2. Yeah, they reworked that respawn thing I think, As in Arcade I believe you only get 3 spawns total anymore. only thing is your reserve tanks, if you already used two spawns, and then play the M2A4 reserve you get to use all 3 of those. 

  3. hey did you get your controls set up for the multigun? i pmed you how to do it awhile back and then i had to get off shortly after just wanted to know if it worked out for you i am magnuman117 ingame but changed it to mr__popo after team four stars dub of dragonball z its hilarious

    • ah should have watched a bit more before commenting XD

      bind your keys to your arrows bud if you havent got them used for anything then your space can fire mg’s and your arrowkeys can select your cannons

      works out pretty good for me but then again i have been playing kind of floppish lately lel

      but whatever works for you man as long as you can make them pew pews cause boom boom! murica from iowa 

      ”hint’ the m41 kicks 7 kinds of ass and then glues them together just to do it all over again that 50 cal on top is so helpful for messing up cannonbarrels  

      and in arcade everyone is always spotted the tanks are all rendered on the map at the same time in all gamemodes so if something is out of your crews veiwrange itsself then yu could still see his tank if you looked hard i leaned that the hard way 😛

    • your videos are great though +1

  4. 15:50: Caption guy says MY VICTORY? NOOOOOOOOO

  5. dat color blind mode..now i cant see the difference from far away..gg gaijin

  6. Jedi, if you want credits, buy yourself T-34-57 mod 1943 or the SMK. Both of them roll in income like pigs in filth.

  7. I always get loader vitality first. all those 1 hits.

  8. Confirmed: Jedi is M-Max Headroom.

    • +mickles1975 First time recording live with Bandicam that it’s ever done that, even with WT.  I’ve still got no clue what the problem was, or why it was only when I was in hangar or on a loading screen.

  9. Aaah that’s just too frustrating! You could’ve ruined this SU and the game said “nope” 🙁 I might jump in WTGF again though

  10. Dude, drive the t-34s at 2.7-3.3. It’s hilarious.

  11. Pointy do you know about the in game way of seeing the damaged modules? If not the key is either I or O

  12. Lose every game? Jed, that’s been my experience in WoT more times than I can remember. I haven’t played the game in a week it pissed me off so bad.

    Doesn’t help the WoT IS has pretend armor that doesn’t do shit because just every tank you face pens you automatically.

    • no no… IS has amazing armor… just when you arent driving it. but when you load it up suddenly it sucks. 

    • +Twig 46
      Oh my God, yes. Enemy IS tanks? Haha, your measly 175mm of penetration means nothing! Oh, but YOU’RE driving one? Sorry, that means that tank with an average pen of 95 will punch right through. Angling your armor? Silly person, that DOESN’T FREAKING WORK.

      55% win rate in my KV-3. 48% in my IS. YOU TELL ME WHICH SUCKS MORE.

  13. You can also repair without parts in a cap circle.

  14. The derp Sherman use to be 3.7 BR and it was ridiculously overpowered lol.

  15. You also should pretty well only use the upgraded ammo on some tanks. Also not take a full load of ammo because it makes you harder to kill with less ammo racks. You can reload in Acapulco circle.

  16. I am pretty new to ground forces but i will agree that its retarded that you need to RESEARCH FPE and spare parts (or whatever its called), the physics in this game are a bit retarded (at arcade level anyway i haven’t played realistic or sim.), tanks slide like they’re on ice, the tanks jump into the air when you drive down a 2 degree slope or drive into a pebble and plenty more which is keeping me amused XD. I was playing on the Poland map in my BT-7, i was driving into the town, I cant remember if i was typing or not paying much attention to where i was going but i slammed the breaks, drifted into a church and managed to knock out the entire crew… I laughed for like 10 mins. Another funny thing that happened to me was when i spawned into a game (on the Jungle map i think it was) and i was dropped on top of a wing of a destroyed bomber… the Zis-30 was jumping and skipping all over the wing and again i couldn’t stop but laugh my arse off along with another team mate… And i have similar instances where i shoot and shoot someone and i cant destroy them and someone else takes the kill, but i did have a nice streak where i one shot like 3 or 4 tanks in a row which i thought was pretty sweet… One of the things that really fuck me of is when people ram you in their aircraft because they have 5 seconds of flying left… i can’t stand it…

  17. The arcade tank battles are all limited respawn now Jedi 🙂

    • +bgshdouf Interesting, what was the reason given why?

    • I don’t remember why exactly, I think it was to “balance” things out and make games take less time if I’m not mistaken

    • Love your videos btw 🙂 and despite what foch and circon may say, even though I have the utmost respect for them as players, the regular FV215B is actually a lot of fun. It’s just a bit unwiedy with the back mounted turret unless you’re used to having them (maus, vkB). it’s a great tank 🙂

  18. Jedi the ranks are for the year the tank/aircraft was introduced whereas the BR is for the performance of the tank/aircraft

  19. the thing i like about WT are the low level german tanks like the Stug and Pz IV with HEAT ammo are OP as fuck

    • Only in arcade. They are useless at range in any game mode that doesn’t give you a drop indicator. At least if someone nails you in a realistic battle it’s due to skill and not just you stopped moving for a second or two. I’ve tried using them in realistic. If you think you’ve aimed too high, you’re wrong.

      I’d much rather be in a BT-7 or a PZ III.

  20. did you says Krebs? i thought he changed his name.

  21. Execute order 66

  22. WT really does have a lot to offer but the driving model still needs work (as does the physics in general) and the upper tier stuff… needs a bit “more”. 

  23. Eh, I don’t think the ‘fire extinguisher’ stuff is so much of a big deal…like all issues like this, the door swings both ways. Sometimes that enemy Tiger that is bent on exterminating your poor little Sherman will just burn up with a lucky (I mean skillfully aimed) hit.

    The ‘parts’ is more of an thing for me…you’d think that not having them would just make it take longer to repair…or maybe only allow you to ‘partially repair’ a component.

  24. How can you be so sensitive to RNG in WT, and somehow not seeing how completely dominated by RNG WoT is? WoT is almost ONLY RNG.

  25. While GF certainly has a lot of RNG in it, I highly disagree that it is more than WoT. However, instead of pretty much every mechanic being RNG, when something does not go your way in GF (particularly without fire extinguisher or extra parts) it’s very very frustrating. In other words, while GF has less random mechanics by far, when you do get unlucky it feels way more frustrating, accentuating the randomness. In WoT, because almost every mechanic is random, the expression feels different.

  26. Catsuit? What happened? I clearly missed something here. O.o

  27. The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the title was “what fuck:girlfriend”… I think you need to make your title’s make more sense jedi…

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