Wunderbar! Battle Rating 6.6 Tiger II – War Thunder Tanks

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. first

  2. Not 6.7?

  3. Best tier V? T-10M i guess… Yes i think it is the T-10M.

  4. T10M!!!

  5. Sam “Doctor Frickle” Proasheck

    its 6.7 baron you been drinking that vodka comrad))?

  6. Lol BR 6.6

  7. How about Kursk: Only Tigers,Phanters,Jagdpanthers,Jagdtigers and
    Kingtigers vs t-34s


  9. Typo
    6.7, not 6.6

  10. Best tier V=M60

  11. my line up tiger 2(p), panther A, jagdpanther, and I’m fighting maus is3-4
    t-10 t-54 m-60 m103 t-32 basically all tier 5 tanks

  12. I only wish it would be 6.6 because now it’s useless

  13. Tiger 6.6.6

  14. T-10m or su 122-54

  15. M60

  16. Best Tier 4 Tiger 2 H T10m

  17. T-10M is the best !!

  18. Best Tier V? Panther II of course even though it should be Tier IV. …
    Well it actually works even if it gets uptiered in this mess of

  19. juan david uran acevedo

    T-10M the maus killer.

  20. I guess the Jagdtiger or the t10m

  21. T-10M

  22. The T-26-4 might be worse than the reverse rate of the Panther


  24. i would say leopard or t10

  25. Tinnapob AE. Thammapirom

    Why not the mighty house….I mean Maus :P

  26. Thin for tier v is T-50 M. I think

  27. Just me or the Russians rek everyone ??? He choosed the Tiger because it ws
    the most voted bu the IS-2 is better so ya

  28. BR 6.6? Baron lay off the schnapps when uploading

  29. Stop playing arcade. Its not even fun like it used to be and its for noobs.

  30. Best tier V is the t10M the most modern tank in the game to (because its

  31. Mouse.

  32. best tier 5 has to be the t10

  33. Diese Nüsse.xDDDDDDDDDDDDD i cant pley wer thunder cuz my geme chrashes
    every 5 min leel

  34. Baron, please angle your armor. You just sat there and waited for the KV85
    to pop out from the side and shoot your flat side. Driving backwards would
    gave him your front plate and your turret and I think he struggles way more
    with his 85mm than you bum.

  35. T-10M pls

  36. up bro M60 no competition

  37. up bro M60 no competition

  38. Most balanced – T10m, best for fun and fast combat action – m60.

  39. T 10 m Best Tier 5 cause its fast, good gun and nice amor

  40. +baronvongamez do the m103 best tier5

  41. M FU*KING 60!!!!!!!!!

  42. Best tier V M60 Patton

  43. T-10M is the best tier 5.

  44. Best tier 5 is the M60

  45. Best tier V for arcade= T10M
    Best tier V for RB/sb= Leopard

  46. T-10m for ze fatherland

  47. The Maus. Duh. Can you do this series with planes?

  48. do m60/m103/t-95 for uncle sam. Or t-10 for mother russia, or again ze maus
    in the haus for ze fritz

  49. The maus

  50. m60 is best teir 5

  51. Muhammad Aqsath Faza

    lucky baron. he got proper matchmaking

  52. IS-4m

  53. why arcade

  54. Play realistic or sim pleeeaaaaaaaaaaase.
    Arcade is for filthy casuals. :D

  55. Best tier V, IS-4M or T-54

  56. I’m not sure what kind of card you have Baron, but with my Nvidia I’ve
    noticed that having shadowplay on frequently causes warthunder to crash.

  57. best tier V definately t-10m

  58. You use Bandicam right? you can try this, for me it record war thunder
    perfectly with 60fps


  59. best tier V is T10M!

  60. Best tier V would have to be IS-4M it’s great.

  61. M60 Patton! Murrica, bitch!

  62. I.S. 4-M, Stalin’s stronkest tank

  63. Chelsie Gordon-Gilliam

    m -60 the best

  64. T10m baron, the Soviet

  65. i never understood and never will agree that 7.7 is the highest BR for
    tanks, because the m60/t-10m/ leo1 should never EVER fucking face the tiger
    2’s ands stuff. its just bullshit to the max

  66. Best tier 5? T-10M the Russian beast

  67. M60! Not the machine gun, the tank. ;)

  68. t-10 or m60.they are stronK

  69. M103!!!!!!

  70. best tier v is obviously the maus

  71. Baron it’s the m-60

  72. Tropic thunder

  73. THE BEST TIER V is my power is 4m!

  74. t-10m or THE MIGHTY MAUS

  75. T-10M

  76. so next is tier V? T-10M. no questions asked, to OP

  77. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy


  78. Best tuer V ??? M60 for sure

  79. Do Bishop plz

  80. Baron you should play RB because arcade sucks and is full of noobs

  81. It has to be the T-10M Baron!!!

  82. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg


  83. tropical thunder.

  84. Arcade is boring to play and to watch

  85. Please Baron, try to be a little more tactical.. I am not saying that you
    should improve your skills but you should maybe improve your skills ahahah
    At least thinking twice before making a stupid mistake… Don’t get me
    wrong, it’s very funny and it’s a part of your channel, but sometimes
    watching you videos is a bit frustrating. You have the potential to be a
    very good player, so please try to not be a bad one !

  86. Just bought a talisman for the tiger 2 H its great

  87. No doubt,t10m,the most broken OP tank at the moment

  88. does he say there are destructible environments or soon there will be?

  89. baron after the best of tierV do the worst tank in each Tier 🙂


  90. referitor la toti romanii : asta e cel mai tampit jucator de tancuri , e
    intr-un tiger 2 si se teme de kv – 85

  91. Best Tier 5 is Leopard 1

  92. You suck baron playing the tiger XD also the best tier 4 was IS2 44

  93. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    best tier 5? t 10 m

  94. +BaronVonGamez T-10m or m-103

  95. When tiger 2 h go into 7.7 match, what can it fo?

  96. T-10M/IS-8 for stalin! or…wait….he died…aah fuckit! T-10M

  97. Ze maus

  98. T-10M!!!

  99. Geometry Dash Electroman


  100. Best tier five: the imperial AT-AT

  101. big guy kv2 or t10m

  102. Hey Baron, could you maybe try recording with a higher bitrate ? Or do you
    have a bad upload speed ? Especially with warthunder and its foliage it can
    get really blocky when the bitrate is too low ;)

  103. T-10m baron the community will hate you if not

  104. Jagdtiger

  105. Best tier 5 is M60 hands down. VIETNAM!

  106. What the fuck Baron, the T32 won by a fucking country mile. Certainly
    it did better then the T34-100. And fucking hell, it was voted for WAY
    fucking more then the Tiger II H.

  107. No doubts best t5 is t10m it’s incredibly over powerd

  108. f u with arcade

  109. Tropic thunder is the movie

  110. The tiger 2 H does have a co-axial MG 34. Its to the right of the gun. It
    just doesnt work in warthunder because reasons.

  111. What GPU do you have in now baron?

  112. best Tier 5 die deutsche Maus

  113. Best teir V is ze Maus

  114. whoever voted for the Tiger II obviously never tried the IS2 or T32

  115. Best T5 definetly T10. Mobile as the M60, basically has the same gun w/
    shells and almost like IS4M armour.

  116. take the E-100 for firts battle

  117. 12:48 Movie= Tropic thunder

  118. yes baron the t28 and t95 reverse speed worse than everything else

  119. Gfaster WarThunderTH (GWTT)

    T 10 M Best tier V

  120. T-10M or T-54-51.

  121. Maus Haus is best tier 5

  122. I think the Tiger 2 H is the best tier 4 tank hands down, and the T10M is
    the best tier 5, yet woth the BR changes that were brought put, it makes
    the Tiger 2 H obsolete because it’s fighting T10M etc

  123. Have no idea I’m still grinding in tier 4 lol

  124. Free golden eagles
    And 10 at start with this code qh64y

  125. Every time i think about playing this game again, i watch one of these vids
    and the stupid thought goes away

  126. Best tier 5 is not T-10m not M60 its Ma… nevermind it went to gulag T-10m

  127. Air defense keeps tanks from getting destroyed.
    I had a team mate kill half my M19 crew and i still shot down 5 planes.
    Air defense helps win games.

  128. T10m bc it;s kind of OP ( simply because the APCBC) u were not able to use
    while driving that tank ;)]
    PS: now T4 can face T5 probably because gaijin rly wants to keep the title
    of ” most braindead dev deam in the history of tank warfare games” 😉 .. as
    they kept it so far …..

  129. T10 m

  130. the maus

  131. Maus by za Fuhrurs command

  132. best tier v M103 Longstreet

  133. Survive

    -Tropic Thunder

  134. IS 1 OR RIOT

  135. sebastian Marszalek

    The Patton

  136. I’ve noticed you never ever support your bombers in game, Baron…
    I mean, attackers suck major ass (8 key), nevermind giving cover fire to
    But a decent bomber pilot can get 2-3 kill in a single run, changing the
    landscape quite a bit.
    You should 7 them, give em fighter cover *when you are not in the heat of
    Which means judging risks, etc

    And decent bomber = bomber that doesnt dive (since bombs bounce)
    decent bomber = bomber that uses bombsight from at least 800 to 1000m
    altitude and knows how to predict.
    when reaching the battle area, combat flaps, throttle 20% and aim the
    bombsight with the ailerons (A – D) and little to no mouse input

  137. The Mighty GamerFTW


  138. T10M because of its op gun and mediocre armor

  139. Yo BAron the last comment on the video was about the IS-2 not the Tiger 2.

  140. The T-10M for Russian

  141. Alexander Schöneberg

    arcade is so cheap…. why can phly play rb and you not? Can’t hit
    something in realistic battles?


  143. your movie you cited is Tropic Thunder

  144. M103 is best tier 5

  145. t-10m

  146. doom turtle

  147. T-10M best tier V hands down

  148. I see that everyone thinks the T-10 is the best, and I agree but, lets try
    the M60. Maybe? plz?

  149. M60. It is da best.

  150. Not bonzai kamikaze

  151. M60 MERICA!

  152. M60 will conquer the battlefield

  153. nah man t-34-100 best IV, 6.3.

  154. M103 Maustrap

  155. Great vid as always. Happy Halloween Baron! :D

  156. The best tier V is the Tiger with the 10,5 centimeter gun!

  157. Maus

  158. T2H bestTier4? YOu guys fucking kidding me? A Year ago maybe it was the
    best, but now its just not worth playing anymore. 90% of the time you get
    uptiered and dont stand a single chance against the T5 russians. Youre
    cheap cannonfood, nothing more.

  159. Αλεξανδρος GAMER


  160. Henk van Schijndel

    Best tier V is Maus 128mm of doom

  161. best t5 t92 😉
    jk but its the maus or jagdtiger cause they have the bigest guns in T5

  162. 5:55 dont say that did you drive tiger porsche then you regret that comment

  163. baron can you take out the M6 American Heavy Tank

  164. The movie is tropic thunder

  165. T-54 1951

  166. best t5? gotta be the m60

  167. the t10m is Way too slugish and thé m60 comes in a more flexibel package

  168. T-10m for Katusha and the motherland :V

  169. T-10M all the way…

  170. Wow that last stand of your first life was amazing!

  171. T-10M,T54,Leo2,Maus, best tier 5! l included the Maus cause its pretty damn
    good when you know how to angle the armor!

  172. German League of Legends

    The Maus!!!!

  173. #the box tank

  174. M-60 best tier 5, can’t beat that heat ammo. Close second is t-54

  175. M60 has thr package of good gun, good armour, and good speed

  176. 6.6 br wew

  177. Andrew Wagenknecht

    M60 is definitely the best tier V.

  178. best tier5 tank? gotta be stronk russkie tonk-10m

  179. Martijn van Boeijen


  180. Tropic thunder

  181. M60 straight outta MERICA!!!

  182. War thunder BR is CRAP 6.7s vs T-10

  183. I like your vids Baron, but sometimes I get really concerned you might die
    because you NEVER check you minimap. Please use your minimap more. It tells
    you a lot about the enemy’s position.

  184. M60 please

  185. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    honistly that was just bad bad BAD tiger2 gameplay….you mest up ah man it
    was painful to watch the ww2 legend get killed so easily and its famous l71
    88mm gun to not be used and shown off like a beats just wow that was

  186. Use fraps and dont record on same hdd as the one you playing the game on.
    Fraps is good records at the resoution of the game is at at hd

  187. Best tier 5 is SU 122

  188. Awful play to be honest, why didn’t you angle take out 1 then focus the

  189. t 10 m

  190. Tropic Thunder

  191. M1A2 Best tier V everrr

  192. Best tier 5 is KV-2 :’DDD The mauskiller!

  193. best tier 5= t10m

  194. Most OP tier V? T-10M

    But best tier V? The 128mm beast Jagtiger.

  195. IS 3 or gulag!!!

  196. screaming reptilian


  197. thatbattlefield dude

    wanna know why German tanks go in reverse so fast? because they are so use
    to retreating :$ my jokes are not funny. plz don’t hate me for dis

  198. T-95 is best tier V (I’m literally saying this off videos I watched)

  199. ‫פלג או‬‎

    Can you stop skipping wean they kill you this is fun to see it

  200. Baron my computers being fixed so i will be able to okay war thunder since
    like july and am very excited to get world of war ships

  201. Guys it’s the American m60

  202. M60 is best

  203. Doing a Tropic Thunder impression in War Thunder, ooohhh Baron *canned

  204. Tropic Thunder references ?

  205. Best Tier V has to be hands down, M60.

  206. m60 is best tier 5!

  207. why does the gameplay look like 720p even though I have the quality to

  208. SL Eleven (SevenEleven357)

    Wait for British tanks and when they come out take the Black Prince

  209. Soviet fuel (votka) T-10M

  210. Best tier 5s either Leopard 1, IS-4M or M60 and happy Halloween everyone.

  211. Best tier 5 is the T10M. It just kicks ass. I feel sorry for the Germans at
    that tier, but that’s old news, right?

  212. T-10M for 100%

  213. DOOM TURTLE T-95

  214. You and The Rad Brad sound sooo similar.

  215. leopard is best t5

  216. T-10m no question

  217. Is-3 stalin’s snowplow

  218. Irgend so ein Type den niemand kennt:)


  219. Happy Halloween!

  220. Maybe the Maus is the best tier 5

  221. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    What’s your new gpu baron?

  222. pls the IS 4M

  223. T10m Manly Tank!

  224. Is-4m with stalinium armor.

  225. Its Just You Gamer

    @baronvongames you might just have a over heating GPU dude. try de-dusting
    the heatsink if its not watercooled. i had that problem too



  228. Best tier 5? Of course the T-10M

  229. Ze maus

  230. Does armour really matter in this game any more?

  231. use the t10m

  232. M60 Patton for best teir 5!! Amurica

  233. Lep 1, at least for realistic

  234. Tiger 2 best tier 4? Ha fuck that lol

  235. Pfff T32 best tier 4. Hands down

  236. T 10M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. Cacahuète Pistache

    THx !

  238. Best tier V is T10m

  239. t10m or m60 your choice

  240. Best tier 5, M60

  241. why did u aim at centre of turret? aim at join between turret and body.
    separate head from shoulders

  242. all the battle ratings is fucked, i was playing early t1 tanks earlier and
    i was matched up against t34’s, GG gaijin

  243. Best Tier4? IS2-44….. Unfortunaly

  244. T-95 the doom turtle aka slowest and most armored tank with beast gun

  245. sorry baron….but for the top tier 4 tank….you have selected
    wrong…..the best tier 4 tank is actually t 32

  246. Im torn between the t-10m, the t54 and the leopard but im thinking the
    leopard might just take it but its so hard to choose

  247. the new tir 5 american light tank

  248. Did only I see the mistake in title… 6.6 not 6.7?


  250. Baron you clearly have to learn where the IS 1/2/2 MOD is weak. At the
    sides of the front armor there are cheeks. You can quite easily pen them
    from the front (and the two times with the IS 1 at the beginning in a 45
    degree angle is like shooting the sides of a tank). And through these
    cheeks you usually kill these tanks with only one shell.

  251. T-10M

  252. what’s the new gpu baron

  253. M46 tiger is miles better

  254. Tier 5?


  255. Baron do one of the event 100kill team deathmatches

  256. best tier 5 for RB is Leopard 4 sure.

  257. leopard 1

  258. Jesus christ please stop playing arcade, its like playing the Runescape
    tutorial 24/7

  259. best tier 5: IS 4

  260. Baron, I have found that best MM is often later in the evening. I was
    playing early afternoon GMT, and was facing post-war tanks in my 6.3/6.7

  261. i think the T10m

  262. Best tier 5 —> M60 PATTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  263. Tier IV?…that dosen’t exist any more!

    And Oh by the way the TIger II (H) is the most expansive repair cost at its
    rating nearing 10K, its even more expansive than having to repair 2 BR 7.7
    post war tanks combined (Maus don’t count)…WTS GJ you Bussian Rias

  264. best tier5 is4

  265. best tier 5 tank is the t10m

  266. so many dopes play this game, look at half the team in the city for no
    reason. same thing happens to me a lot than you try and tell them in chat
    and they don’t have English lol

  267. Pixelation Studios

    M 60 or Leopard 1. I don’t think the T-10 is good. I one shot it lower

  268. T10M!!! do it for STALIN OR GO TO GULOG!!!!!

  269. when is the 1.53 update coming out im sick of waiting i have shit fucking
    tanks bec im not pream player it takes so much u guys are lucky

  270. No the T-10M is pretty op because of Russian bias, if any I’d say either
    the Leopard or M60

  271. Jeremy GoneHunting

    Merica’ m60

  272. I like my Maus but that’s me

  273. The movie was Tropic Thunder. I’m the dude playing the dude disguised as
    another dude.

  274. Maus or T-10m

  275. tropic thunder

  276. Tropic thunder

  277. Don’t make Stalin mad and go with the T-10M and grab some vodka!

  278. groeten uit harmelen

  279. Maus coz its has goods armour

  280. In the video he says BR 6.7 but below it says BR 6.6

  281. Best tier 5 is T-10 if you doubt me i will shove glass shards down your

  282. BugManGaming & Airsoft

    Maus Haus Baron Maus! (get the house skin that poly has pls)

  283. +BaronVonGames Yeah with rockets you have to aim off sides a little bit
    because of the awkward convergence point :P

  284. HS129B-3

  285. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    Maus cause I feel like voting for it

  286. Tropic thunder?

  287. Tropic thunder?

  288. its so bullshit going against tier 5 tanks, and especially Russian. T54s
    can run laps around me but still have better armour. Is3s, is4s and t10s
    have magical space armor that can’t be penned from even the sides or back.
    Giajin its pretty obvious none of us like this just please make this
    freaken fair.

  289. Best t5=m103

  290. Best tier 5 M60 Patton


  292. The m60 is easily the best tier 5 tank. The gun is amazing

  293. lol noob used 2 rockets for one t-44

  294. What does a tier IV match looks like after 5 minutes? A tier V 4vs 4 match
    in a thick, salty mist or fog created by the tears of teammates demanding
    you to face other tier Vs boiled into vapor by their anger after you ignore
    or deny this cry for help.

    I have tier V tanks, and i can assure you, that anyone driving these tanks
    into a tier IV match will do anything to completely avoid other tier Vs
    until every single other target has been eliminated, that includes bots;
    Only then tier V tanks will engage other tier Vs.

    I mean, why exposing yourself when there are far easier targets that can do
    little to no damage to you? its a simple exercise of logic, and its the
    reason why gaijin’s “logic” about implementing this that was (if i remember
    correctly): “both teams have some tier Vs, so they fight each other, so its
    balanced” does NOT work at all.

    On the bright side, german late WWII tanks(every single tier V except for
    the leopard, and the leopard will insta-die to anything bigger than a 20mm
    anyway) are finally facing other late WWII tanks, so hey, there’s that i

  295. Dooley DoesV-Games

    M-60 is teh best tier 5
    better armor than Leo better agility than maus
    better gun than T-10
    better reload than T-54

    it’s an absolute monster

  296. Best tier 5 is either the T-10 or the M-103

  297. T-95 all the way

  298. Best teir V is a T-51 1951

  299. Or IS-10 or T-10m (same)

  300. You should best of class next

    I.e. best light tank, best medium tank etc

  301. Best tier V is Jagdtiger

  302. dude your using such shitty shells what ya expect

  303. T-10M………and i have a question why they won’t put the t-29 american
    heavy tank

  304. Random Dude Gaming

    MAUUSS!!!! HAUSSSS!!!!

  305. Play some realistic m8! ;)

  306. HuntsWithWolves II

    best tier 5 is is4!!!!!

  307. T10M is for sure best tier 5, gun kills everything a armor is unpenetrable.

  308. IS-8 A.K.A T-10M best tier V A.K.A tier 5

  309. Baron it’s battle rating 6.7, not 6.6. Please rename the title.

  310. maus for sure

  311. Tier 5 arcade: T10M

  312. the t54 1951 great gun. fast reload. incredible armor. ultime movebility.
    and extreme ly fast. all for good old mother russia :)

  313. M60 or.. T-10M ?

  314. Is-4 or t-10m

  315. Do something new for teir 5 and do the AMAZING M60 AMERICAN MEDIUM TANK

  316. the leopard

  317. the pkw 8 maus

  318. Is-4 best tier 5

  319. m60 best tier 5

  320. Do the T -10M or the T-54

  321. jeremy van der mast


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