WZ 111 1-4 Goes HAM!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  2. always enjoy watching your gameplay and commentary Foch

  3. 8400 DMG! nice one!

  4. The Mexican tier 9 heavy tank XD lol

  5. Damn, can’t help but mention how nice these YT videos look! Crystal clear
    as always.

  6. Dude, your team just sitting on the 1 line in the back while you faced off
    against that is3-a drove me insane.

  7. hey foch- why didn’t you try to reverse sidescrape around the corner
    against the t25/2 etc. … the wz does not seem to be bad in it

  8. First Order Stormtrooper

    DubyaZed JuanJuanJuan Juan-Four

  9. Fuck your team IS3. Fucking noob coward piece of shit. Hope his father
    molests him every day

  10. Hey Foch, just a question, ive noticed that you don’t apply the camo paint
    on some of you tanks, do you not see it to be worthwhile to put the camo

  11. how is the WZ 1111111 11111111-4 at reverse side scraping?

  12. Juan is mexican??

  13. Foch, when do you plan on doing 110E5 HD review?
    The last review on E5 you did 2+ years ago.

  14. I love people that play heavy tanks and on every map in every situation
    they go into the city, and then they are the ones that rage cause the game
    is lost…

  15. muhahah all ways the best part in fochs videos min 1.35

  16. Everything pens me in my T-10 :/

  17. “mexican heavy” is one of the few wot-jokes i haven’t got bored of yet.

  18. Awesome game, I hope the Maus is next :)

  19. What’s wrong with Mexican?

  20. Was not aware Mexico had a heavy tank Foch lmao….more beer!

  21. 164 million credits? Just wow!

  22. What’s your opinion on M103?

  23. lol the t10s armor is shit. ..e75 is op against tier8s let alone 7s

  24. Every time I go to that starting position house in the middle I get proxy
    trolled, yolo’d, artied and fucked.

  25. Krisjanis Valdmanis

    Ah, those crazy mexican heavy tanks…

  26. 1:51 even laser satellite strikes bounce off an IS-6 RUSSIAAA!!

  27. i am confidant to bet with my left ball ( after i lost the right one is
    another bet ) that sirFock cant go ham in E5 using only gold ammo … fock
    you sirFock

  28. Lmao 1:36-1:42

  29. 1040 views, 131 like, 0 dislike. Foch’s fans are hardcore as fuck :xxx

  30. Hey Sirfoch 🙂 I HAVE NO SHAME!! i had this amazing game . one of the
    highest base-xp ever on wot-replay with the G.W Tiger… the battle says it
    last 15min. because i blind hit unspotted last arti, with random shot from
    other side of the map, just as the end-game alarm sounds—–

  31. If I’m only keeping one of them in the garage, should it be WZ 111111114 or
    should it be 113?

  32. I am not 100% sure, but my guess is why that IS-3 teammate that shot you,
    if you notice he shot your cupola, which I don’t think aimbot has the
    ability to discern friend from foe, and it will pick up whatever the
    easiest shot is to make, as long as there is an enemy behind it, and it
    just takes a click, because if you are using aim bot its not like you are
    actually aiming, right?
    Just a guess, but I see this kind of shit all the time, teammates are
    shooting teammates just so much more these days, it is my only guess.
    Whatever the case, gg wp here. Nice replay cast Foch.

  33. What about the Mexican tier 10, The Wall Buster Hernandez-500?

  34. time to change your intro

  35. are you going to three mark the shit barn?

  36. my English auto caption was turned on

    “hello Lee’s and mental jenn and welcome you want a replay cast…”

  37. Fog Battleship NCarolina

    Love the video Foch, thanks for putting up the entertaining games

  38. Nr 7 my life is complete

  39. fucking hell yeah

  40. early squad ?

  41. Bär mitderlangenScher


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