WZ-111-14 goes HAM!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 350, GTX 760,
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  1. lol ty rng

  2. lol I remember Foch’s reaction to this game during the stream XD. Fucking

  3. Haha that chat…. :D

  4. “And there is on piece of shit in each team playing artillerie…” thats
    why i love his videos ^^

  5. Its been awhile since I have played but will say this: With that tier X
    Jpz100 RNG can fuck you in the ass bad sometimes, I have had clear, fully
    aimed shots at heavies at that range before and had them eat 3 or more
    shots in a row with no damage…because WG. At that range the reticle can
    be as large as the entire profile of a Russian heavy, add RNG and russian
    armor profile and viola.

  6. Can’t tell if this is live or pre recorded

  7. If QB was playing in this WZ replay he would’ve loaded HEAT. Foch > QB

  8. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    i sometimes miss this gun when playing the 113 … not often though :P

  9. “Your mother is camper” MVP

  10. this tank should have like 10-15 mm buffed frontal upper hull armour, its
    so retarded right now. Still I have around 2500 avg dmg lol which is weird
    considering the amount of hate i have for this heavy.

  11. I remember watching this live on the stream, it was much more tense the it
    seemed here.
    Foch, you need to add some Hollywood spooky mood music…
    Great game any way you watch it though!

  12. nice thumbnail :)

  13. That teamchat :facepalm:

  14. The saltiness over the JT is overdone…its just a game lol, but I guess
    for some people its life for death

  15. Ace tanker: DUUUUUUHHHH man I miss that

  16. Do you play any other tanks besides the E-50M, 121, WZ-111-14, and
    Jagdpanther 2?

  17. I love how foch did not even think about loading heat shells just because
    every shot should count. But use better positioning and situation awareness
    to deal with tougher enemies instead.

  18. you should switch up your deli meats when you do really good in a tank

  19. Awesome stuff, again Foch!!! :D

  20. could you turn your brightness a lil higher? its just ,FOR ME , the image
    in kinda dark

  21. To be fair to the jagp E100, lately some of the shots I’ve fired have had
    fucking outrageous bounces. Including gold rounds (which are 420 pen…)
    bouncing off the lower plate of a non-angled 46 Patton…
    Fuck knows what is going on with this TD…

  22. finally a video T_T

  23. i loved this tank soo mush i finished the grind in 3 DAYS .
    5k dmg or more every 3rd game or so .
    but with the 113 . belivem e guys its a downgrade , 113 should be the tier9
    fk that tank its a focking ammoreack city , worst gun depression fk that
    tank .

  24. Foch, i’ve seen you in game like 4 of 5 times this last few weeks, I say
    “hi” etc.. we probably play at thesmae time of day or whatever .. anyways..
    (I think in every game I was the only one on either team who recognised
    you) I am not being lame or whatever I am just bored but saying “hi”.. not
    everyone knows who you are (like 1k views so far not bad but not like 100k
    like that jingles guy) I guess it’s boring for you to respond, but serious
    you are not bono in U2, why do you never say anything back in game? Just
    like “yeah hi” would do it. I mean surely you do these vids to make a
    “reputation”, show skill, teach stuff, help new players etc etc, but why
    build a “reputation” then act in game like you hate talking? I guess you
    probably would say “I have played like this for so long people saying ‘hi’
    24/7 drives me crazy” but then, don’t sell apples if you don’t like the
    smell. equally don’t make vids if you don’t want to be supported?

  25. That position isn’t totally arty safe. Brit arty can hit you if they use
    their speed and relocate to support the push around the lighthouse.

  26. After a game like that you deserve to get lucky in the end :D

  27. You going to do a review of the $54 USD POS 59-Fatton? 

  28. Please do a replay cast of that IS4 game from the other day. The one
    against the arty and out of ammo enemy IS4. It was the most incredible game
    I have ever seen.

  29. That Jagdpanzer E100 had more luck than brains as we would say in german XD

  30. Anyone else getting tired of Foch’s shit? He’s turned into such a
    judgemental, grumpy bell end… Just quit youtube… You’re a massive
    asshole to everyone even before thr matches start. You’re the kind of
    person that make people hate online games… oh and… Fuck her right in
    the pussy!

  31. No idea how you can bounce 4 times in a row with a jagdpanzer E100,
    especially on an IS4.
    About the HEAT IS4, you shouldnt be surprised, tier 10 heavy tanks are by
    far the biggest goldspammers in the whole game, according to my experience.
    I almost always expect tier 10 heavies to come at me with a full gold
    loadout, no matter what i drive.
    Great game anyway!

  32. that conversation about mothers in chat :D

  33. one rule dont believe anyone except yourself

  34. Lol, brilliant :-)

  35. And guess what happen? Bum. .
    Foch. As always excellent replay and commentary. Keep going and streamin’

    PS. Oh. I would have forgotten. Stay sharp and salty!

  36. This is what you get for giving a stupid a chance to do the right thing:

  37. Mmmm, cheese with my ham, awesome.

  38. first!

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