WZ-111-14 goes ham

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Noisemaker by nervous_testpilot
System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. So many arty retards …

  2. ThePainTrain4234

    Lol the arty only had to splash round the corner to kill him

  3. WP, man…

  4. ay fochy u fuker you make any tank loog good you fukin fuk 07 dude bogan1

  5. Well you know, the russkies said to the ChiComs, “Here. Put some Chairman
    Mao mustache on this for armour.” Problem is that Mao was clean shaven.

  6. 9:50 well it’s the static view range port at the top of your turret which
    probably got a very small glance at him. Something you can’t really check
    with your gun view, as that is lower.

  7. yeeeah 9.15 is here, now i can zoom to 25 without mods. Waay to lazy to
    keep downloading odem mortis or whatever and making sure i have xvm.
    Playing vannila is fine

  8. With all due respect Sirfoch, 6:51 (before you shot) the hole was already

  9. tortoise goes ham – must be the slowest ham ever

  10. that skoda shot was lucky even for u foch XD

  11. Nice game

  12. gg man

  13. that m53 miss lol

  14. Speed and power!

    nice replay cast Foch! I request a new is-7 or is-4 ham video!

  15. Hates RNG even tho games like this wouldn’t happen without it. More luck


  17. +TheFochYou Hey Sirfoch I hear you’re replacing optics on all your top tier
    mt with vents. How is it? Does 5% increase justify losing the viewrange?

  18. please stop being salty about arty, it ruins the games but you are so salty
    it is ruining your videos :(

  19. Good game foch. I see your low on prem days would you like me to buy you

  20. GG! :3

  21. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    We need more ham…srsly…u need to post more often as u did..

  22. The WZ-1111111111111111111111-14 is so beautiful

  23. “The Mexican tier 9 heavy tank… Juan Juan Juan Juan Four” xD

  24. juan juan juan

  25. damn

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