WZ-111-14 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

I stream over on twitch 5days a week so come check me out!


  1. Foch @ 4:45 use auto-aim and you get another 1-2 degrees of extra gun depression

  2. Yay Foch is still alive…..now back to work

  3. Dimitris Psomiadis

    Hey @SirFoch are you running a premium account?

  4. almost as good as a tier 8 Nameless

  5. I’m excited to see how the Tank Fest goes, cause 2 of the top players will be there from the youtube’s and they are no longer associated with WG.
    Hopefully nobody cares about the WG stuff and it will make for good laughs.

  6. Have missed ur videos Foch!!! 8k in a tier 9 tank. dam ur a tough tanker

  7. Struggling with this tank and it’s lower front plate. But that gun can be good!

  8. wz-111-1, wz-111-2, wz-111-3 …. WZ-111-14!

  9. Foch is the one i always watch when he stream wot on twitch

  10. off topic dont spank me: wz111111114 is going to be my first tier9 tank, i just unlocked it, now i need credits 🙂

  11. i cant go to Tankfeast so ill just say it here….make more video for youtube you lazy piece of shit

  12. Marek-Martin Matyska

    Am I the only one that stopped playing after Foch Drama? I just dont want to give them anymore $$$ for premium ACC and playing the top tiers without premium ACC is nothing but suffering.

  13. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    YES! My favourite tenk featured once again, after all the ages <3

  14. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Aaand this is the reason why you need some 1420+ base xp to ace this tank 😀

  15. @TFY . . . good to see you back despite WG drama. Their own drama is just starting so their decline will be fun to watch.
    I got plenty of smoked Polish salami and beer with me while I’m watching them die.

  16. Nice to see you again Sir Foch

  17. I’ve missed your videos man.Glad that you are back.

  18. cant wait to get my hands on this tank. 40k xp to go… o.o

  19. 1700 base XP, not bad for a tier 9 tank 😀

  20. New review on E75 PLEAAASE Foch!

  21. Hey man I was playing ranked battles the other day , clearly the main problem with this mode is the 6 arty in every battle.

    I kept seeing people from your clan using artillery! What is this I thought people from salt were the least sympathetic towards artillery or have they all given up on life?

    I look at ranked queue and there are more arty in the queue than any other type of tank, this equates to 4 days of playing ranked from 7-11pm and having ONE single game where there was no artillery in those 4 days combined. So much fun!

    It is breaking the ranked battles mode because people realize that if they pick a clicker they will get more xp and even in a loss the artys usually dominate the top 3 xp.

    And because everyone is choosing arty because of this there is usually 3 per team to take those top 3 spots, which also causes defensive plays to an extreme level.

    You would never see such bad cowardly plays in random battles, people are afraid to push and get spotted first because if they do the 3 enemy arty will continue to shoot them until they are dead.

    There is no tactic to attack multiple tanks or use stun effectively, since the arty patch they simply do not miss anymore, this means people use the tier 10 artys like they would the Bishop or Lef (which incidentally now has more pen than a tier 10 arty and more view range than a tier 10 light tank..).

    And so now you get all the scout tanks like the batchats all camping by the base not wanting to get hit, you get fast mediums following heavy tanks and then immediately running back to base at the first sign of trouble which gets the heavies wrecked.

    If these guys were intelligent they would realise that a win = 3 times more likely to gain chevron, therefore team play is worth the time.

    But yeah ranked battles is now achieving the opposite of what it is meant to be, its meant to be a higher skill level with better players but all it has become is everyone dealing with 3 arty per side which is zero skill in my opinion and the way others strategise this in an unintelligent selfish manner is … well you could do an hour long video embarrassing a lot of players just by looking at one game.. its really turning into a mode where you think about how many brain cells you need to recover after the end.

  22. Missed your vids men 🙂

  23. Ferdidank gets me every fucking time, lol!

  24. As always Foch, its a joy to see you play. Cheers!

  25. A going ham video after nearly 2 months, fuck yeah!

  26. Good to see you putting something out. Don’t stop just because WG is a bunch of dicks.

  27. tier 9 Mexican heavy tank

  28. QB should watch your vids, so he could learn to become a real super unicum :P…

    – he has still no 3 marks on any tier10… HAHA

  29. foch, you always have the most entertaining and best replays… like you’re the one unicum that always has tension in his games.. and i feel like tension is what makes good games and entertaining replays, because you’re pushing your tank to it’s limits.

  30. Foch where is your review on the new anime tanks????
    edit nvm lol

  31. oh look, a video where foch does super good and carries, OH and look no arty in the match, hmmmm…..

  32. Damn man we missed your videos and your unique way of comments…

  33. Whats with the messed up decimal gaps in the credits count in the garage after the battle

  34. Today we play the WZ Huan Huan Huan Huan 4 :D:D

  35. Please name all of this tanks crewman “Huan”

  36. yeah foch give us more game play fuck ya i love ya tanking game play so fuckin give more fuck ya 07

  37. William Linklater

    Notice how he blocked out his gold, prem days, free xp, etc. I sense WG gave him some goodies.

  38. Come on guys! Talk to the developers of the game now that they are in Tankfest, the difference of credits between a premium account and no premium account is too much, it is abysmal! You are not interested in this because you have premium account, but put yourself in the place of those who do not have, you do not see the results of their battles? Do not see how much is lost with the standard account? I lost 30k without premium account, and with account I was going to win 5k, totally stupid. These are the things that make me think that this game is not “Freetoplay”. And yes, I use Translate but you know what I mean

  39. We should start calling this the Q1-4

  40. Canadian Edition T

    I liked it better when you didn’t make videos. You are shit

  41. I hear aspirin is good for backpain…

  42. I look forward to grinding this tank again.

  43. Well your back. OK please make more content as some of the others(jingles,quicky ) have gotten very boring by trying to branch out to other games,not very good. I like your commentary, salt and all keep it coming. chuckwaggon Canada

  44. Fernando Herrera

    8k damage without firing premium. What?!?!?!?!

  45. Gaming with Izzy

    Sir Foch, as your new subscriber, have you done Q & A Videos?


  47. You sound like in a good mood. Thats so…unusual :D, but good to hear that ofc!

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