WZ-111 5A goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. First bitcheeees!

  2. second;)

  3. I saw this live on stream! 🙂 When will you make a review?

  4. China number one !!
    and yay! 30 hour stream

  5. WZ-Juan Juan Juan!

  6. Why did you kill the tvp vtu instead of the shooting the E5, you had no Defender in your team 😛

    • Ayy, a subscriber XD

    • To be fair, focusing TVP VTU down first was definitely a better play.
      You have to take into consideration the fact that WZ-111 5A has basically same armor as Defender, which ultimately means that TVP VTU, the Defender Slayer, would surely be able to obliterate WZ-111 5A as well.
      You must never underestimate that powerfull tier 8 medium tank. ?

    • no man , he literaly said he counters defender with is tvp vtu ,,,, i was watchng the stream in facebook live …

    • Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

      Well, the start was somewhat believeable, when one said “I’m really bad, but Milos is really good, so he’d kill me in Defender with his VTU.” OK. But when he added “Statistics show VTU will snack on a Defender 1v1” … … yea…

    • Jet Kok <3

  7. I can’t be there I just bought 3 days of prem account it is weekend and I dont have to work on monday either …. got to play … 🙂

  8. Woah woah woah woah hold it there foch
    Two videos so quickly?
    Damn near got a heart attack

    Jk thx for the content

  9. I’m a simple man. I see Ham..I click Foch!

  10. 5A always goes ham

  11. 22/22/22 peak Foch right there

  12. That ammo and consumable load out!!, i love it

  13. 1st shot 578, 2nd shot 562, talk about dem highrolls.

  14. For once i disagree. This tank shits on IS-7 all day long and the lower plate is 200+ effective. And against super heavys 340 heat pen > 303 apcr on Is-7.

    • Black Widow the IS-2 has 250mm HEAT pen
      The IS has 219mm APCR pen

    • Marko Brocic - Марко Броћић

      @Black Widow
      Maybe the WZ shits on IS-7s, but it does not shit on my IS-7, in fact, my IS-7 has a nice collection of dead WZs. The biggest problem with the IS-7 vs WZ is that every newbie in this game wants the IS-7 to be his first tier 10 tank and the average player of the WZ is an experienced player.

    • Marko Brocic – Марко Броћић and? Doesnt change the fact that wz is better in every way except armor. No one ask how good you are in your IS-7.

    • Marko Brocic - Марко Броћић

      My opinion is that those two tanks match each other, and that impression that the WZ is way better comes from the fact that inexperienced players usually don’t play Chinese tanks.

  15. I can’t even say enough how much your game play is enjoyable to watch!

  16. Oh look, El Haluf!
    The 1000×1000 big map with a *one and only playable position on B3 square*
    Just look at all these tanks cramping in that northwest corner…
    10/10 map design ?

  17. Yo foch make an honest review on the christmas crates

    • marco gallo i think foch made that decision for you. Take his advice, theyre golden.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      marco gallo what review you want? If you want gold and premium time on a discount + shit ton of decorations for the event and a lucky chance to get a tier 8 prem, then buy crates, knock yourself out.

  18. Should I get this tank or the 113?

  19. OP piece of hit tenk and the lower plate cant be penned by all tier 8, it is 155 thick and sloped which is around 220-230mm so it is not so much weaker than the is7 lower plate….

  20. 3 players on the team got all the kills. Thats quality right there

  21. Love your videos, espacially those with funny commentary (like KV 13, KV Sport, Duck tank). Make more of this 🙂
    Crutial contribution was in sight. Why you didnt make platoon with Grille at least?

  22. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    113 actually has worse gun handling. The accuracy is .02 better, dispersions are same, but aim time is *WAY* longer.

  23. IS-7 and IS-4 suck ass next to this

  24. What? No Juan-joke?

  25. Sorry SirFoch I won’t be there at your 30h stream. Why? Because I dared to point few weeks ago that you were dropping frames which made your moderator really upset with me. He started to call me names and told me to shut up. I didn’t break any of your twitch rules so I told him what I think about him and he had no choice but to use his final argument which is the mute button. He muted me permanently so have a nice 30h stream, but there is no point for me to visit your stream anymore.

  26. Thank-you for another replay. Always enjoy them. Your ham is always very tasty !

  27. Absolute beast mode! Well done, Foch.

  28. Pride of the mexican armored forces.

  29. the most impressive thing for me here is that out of 22 shots, 22 hit and all of them penetrated

  30. Please do a russian dubbed video like for the KV13!

  31. Great game as always Foch. And that brawl was even better than usual.

  32. I requested this game on stream lul

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