WZ-111 Qilin – Under the Hammer – Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

The -111 Qilin is available for 24 hours Under the Hammer in but is it worth it? I'll let you know!



  1. What can i do more… story of my life in wot

  2. Arkadiusz Kapuściński

    666 k subs…

  3. strachinescu cozmin stelian

    worth it

  4. $150 for 1 3D skinned tank?? No thanks, think Ill go buy 3 pairs of shoes thatll last me 6-8 years lol

  5. I like how some videos qb makes are just him debating his life choices

  6. nope

  7. Philip Schrijnwerkers

    On the EU I paid 27.600.020 for it last year. (Most I paid for a tank)

  8. Could you make a video on how to get alot of gold for free to play players?

  9. Tanks going like Warships. Pay enough and you can get straight into tier 10

  10. What’s up with the matchmaker today?! That happens on a daily basis! But that is what happens when there are players that are just total shit funnels!!!

  11. Selling skins is the least p2w type of monetization. I’d like to see thousands of skins instead of another 55 km/h autorealoder heavy tank with extremely tiny cupola.

  12. I just never learn to cope with the idiots.. they still make me craisy mad… WG really should make changes, how in hell can all the east europeans reach tier 8-10 when they obv are useless

  13. Do people even win on auctions? I went 10k gold over a few ones ago and did not get it.

  14. 10:54 I didnt know HE ammo can take down the whole building taking notes xD

  15. when are we getting 121 Tiananmen square?

  16. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    Hahahaha QB Bought the 113 BO lol soo much for not agreeing whit wg and then buying all of it anyway

  17. That feeling when you start something and the other players (some of them anyway) support you ! The STB-1 and SPG support was epic winning a flank (admittedly they also lost it) make you remember why you liked the game in the first place.

  18. If they did the Chieftain then they could basically print money 🙂

  19. Hey QuickyBaby, its really no biggy to start it with a crew of only a few skills, HELLO like most of us cant load EVERY Tank with ALL BOUNTY EQUIPEMENT AND CREWS WITH 4+ SKILLS AND ALL MAXED OUT EQUIPMENT MODS etc! yOU ALREADY PLAY LIKE A pRO BUT ALSO PLAYS WITH SUCH BUFF STUFF its just not even like most player DOI ! Hey don’t get me wrong I love yer videos but I just started noticing that, I was kind of surprised that you think that is an accurate representation of the Tank cause it does not seem accurate when so buffed

  20. On console I would guess 75% of shots are with gold. Players have 100s of millions of silver to pay for this

  21. Quacky says he’ll go full whale, but doesn’t even use large kits.

  22. hey qb send a mail to wargaming and tell tehm to fix their retarded machmaking plz

  23. Yup heard that the standard black market is not coming back and their sticking with this new bid style market so they can milk the whales as much as possible.

  24. @11:09 lolololol “premium harpoons” lolololol
    OMFG, why didn’t I ever think about this lololol

  25. Boris is BOLLUCKS!!!!!!!

  26. Tbh, I’d rather see cherry-picked battles. If I wanted to watch half-interested efforts or derpy misplays in real time, I’d catch you on Twitch. YouTube’s the place for highlights.

  27. for me, I’ve got 190million credits after taking the gold rounds off of all premium tanks for 2021. So, 50Million credits for another Tier X isn’t a big deal for me.

  28. Qb i have a question…

    what happens if world of tanks isn’t relevant anymore like if its so trash that no one plays it anymore

  29. Im not a regular here soo… why is QB sitting in a dirty washing room?

  30. Gimmick tank

  31. Yes it’s worth it great tank paid 450,000 free XP for it

  32. So I would imagine, based on your comment in the last Under the Hammer, that you don’t enjoy them throwing in new tanks every day , where the normal everyday player can never get the opportunity to get those tanks based on the cost/free exp amount, silver amount, whatever. Yet on this one, you say that its not worth buying a reskin tank for the cost. So the whole lesson here is no matter how you look at it, anything you buy in WOT, is super inflated overpriced madness greed? K, I’ll stick with F2P forever.

  33. On console the QL is a different tank than the 5A. The QL actually has different stats than the 5A on consoles. Not sure why they didnt do the same on PC.

  34. It went for between 22k and 25k gold

  35. That’s war gaming for you, more money for them same crap for you.

  36. You didnt go through the recommended equipment

  37. He says that after he get it lol

  38. I have a question if anyone could please answer
    I have just started to play the game and I was automaticly put into the asia server that had only 8000 people at max online and it took me ages to get into games
    so I changed to europe as I saw that quickybaby had around 60k people online but when I logged onto eu There were only 8k people online.
    Please help 🙂

  39. I really wanted this tank, and so I bid 5k more gold than the minimum 17,4k… did not get it, am sad, is the auction rigged? there were 4,5k tanks available… so theoretically, 4,5k people bid more than 22,4k gold for it, which I find very hard to believe

  40. My 113 is better. It hits its shots…

  41. QB, I love your videos, but I don’t understand that you complain about Wargaming selling skins when that’s exactly what you asked for when opening the Christmas crates.

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