WZ 111 Review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. In my opionio is the WZ 111 better than the IS-6 because you can use it
    hull down a lot better and you can get in a hull down postion in almost any

  2. You should have more fame and fortune from doing your reviews. Well
    compared to some youtubers you dont talk shit .

  3. You forgot to mention the 250 pen HEAT shells, which make it better at
    fighting E-75s for example, than an IS-6. But I would agree, the IS-6 is
    superior against weakly armoured targets in virtually every way

  4. very good review Foch, as always.:P what I really like about your reviews
    and stream is that you never encurage premium ammo spam. You know where to
    aim and know what to do in almost all situations instead of just spamming
    prem. From that we learn that we don’t need prem ammo to win. And you don’t
    sugarcoat anything 😀 That is why your reviews are the best :)

  5. E-Sport boyz!! 122 gun very gut and accurate you should fire more shots on
    the move comrade :)

  6. its like 112 but even worse :D

  7. “Tanks like this can’t afford to run Optics” I put optics on my WZ-111 when
    I first got it because I couldn’t afford anything else and it was in my
    depot, still using optics on it 500 games in WZ-111 later :D

  8. 0.46 accuracy so this tank doesnt like sniping proceeds to hit every single
    shot he fires even at long range except for one at an invisible target near
    the end gg wot

    • +DEANOGTO I have an is6, and after 900 games in it, I am able to hit/snipe
      targets over 300m 🙂 It really matters on your perks. My perks and modules
      affected my accuracy so good, it is now effectively 0.39 accuracy. Aim time
      as well is around 2.8s.

  9. On Foch videos i hit „Like” before seeing them.

  10. first! had to do it

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