WZ-114 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The WZ-114 is a 9 premium heavy in World of that has some of the most best, and worst, statistics in the game! Here's all you need know!



  1. Thanks for all the thought, preparation and work you put into these videos. You truly spoil us.

  2. Sebastian Lenkiewicz

    21:15 wahat that part tells me is “This tank is so bad, and has so many things that need fixing, that you can’t possibly do that with capacity of a current equipment system”. And without rations, out of this world crew, and bond/bounty equipment that thing seems to be a tank to generate more loss than income, which beat a whole idea of a premium tank for me. Probably I’ll be proven wrong in coming weeks, but this thing seem like a crap of a tank…

  3. The armor seems pretty good, but honestly… I don’t see why anyone who likes big alpha damage on a tank would use this instead of an E-75, that aim time and dispersion will make this thing miss even point-blank.

  4. It’s a mistake sacrificing accuracy for a quicker aim time. This gun is superb in terms of hitting your targets. It hits cupolas like rng doesnt even exist!

  5. Bruuuhhhh, why you ever use durability on this tonk??? I’d rather have vert-stab or rotation device or even enhanced aiming device.
    Beside of all Chinese HT line both prem and tech tree, this is still somewhat better. So yeaa, appriciate what you have on Chinese HTs, or play the Wz 111 5A and lose f tons on credits

  6. 250 mm heat won’t do shit to it fuck!!! even the weakspot is kinda buffy!!!

  7. So qb complains about the dpm and gun handling for the entire video, but doesn’t take gun rammer and vert stabs??? Very poor choice of equipment, improved hardening and vents are both terribly suited for this tank

  8. 122 TM but heavy tank version

  9. I have the feeling it’s the bigger brother of the 122TM

  10. why is heavies alpha becoming more and more like a tds now. i hate it. whats the point of playing a td when most premium heavies can do like 500 to 600 alpha with the armour and rotating turret…

  11. Im pretty disappointed with your gameplay. You’re not even loading heat when you should have them ready. Your review is way too iffy this time.

  12. Nobody is going to be able to overmatch you unless they’re in something like the FV 215b 183? Like anybody in an FV 215-anything is firing AP!

  13. I’d equip a rammer as mandatory, that dpm is crippling. Not sure if I’ll bother buying this despite having the top Chinese heavies. Also QB decides NOT to take a rammer then moans CONSTANTLY about the slow reload…

  14. This tank is for the majority of players. The tomatoes who feel like gods when they can do 1500dmg. Bad players will love this good players will find it uninteresting.

  15. Quickie’s been starting to get lost in bullets a lot lately.
    Where did the T57 bullet go, could you check it afterwards?

  16. Good to se this video, now i know ,i don’t need the WZ-114 not even for free…QB did you notice you have – 666 – subscribers ?? 🙂

  17. That gun is driving me nuts and I’m not even playing it

  18. need to play it like a t30….same stuff

  19. The tank was going 40kph but it felt like it was going 25 kph.

  20. Lower plats looks strong fat

  21. It’s not very good

  22. i exactly like such tanks as not so bad casual, i love different things, this is very different, will drive it and hope they dont change to much

  23. “You can’t replace DPM” says the guy that had to admit that the 122TM is way better than he initially thought 😉

  24. I heard quicky baby saying this same about 122tm low dpm bad. Now he is rating it op

  25. too op i mean balanced

  26. Funny how that huge clock is beside the tank at the end, probably telling you how much time you are going to waste aiming and reloading

  27. pimp tank hahhahahahahahahahahahahah gl with that big ass tank

  28. 20 sec reload on 500 alpha on a tier 9? Wow, seems like a 40 hour grind is worth it

  29. Sorry had to edit after watching all the video. Edit: Nerfing ALL statistics into the ground is one way of balancing a vehicle I guess…

  30. We need to put something to earn again money…technique well known so many years now from WG. The moment you are in position gold will be flying to your usual suspect the capola, after 2-3 days. A good tank for certain environements like himmersdolf….BUT how about ENSK? Paris? the Deserts?It will be only good in cities and around rocks. and as you said time is…little. in a 3 minutes game you shoot 6 times??? for penetrated Maximum 3k IF you penetrate as shown? I dont think it as a good tank. not even mediocre. The game has to be alot in your side and luck to be able to exceed the 3k damage. What i need to mention though is that WG should reconsider the spotting mechanism. Something is wrong with it when you are on upper grounds. The bushes does not work on that situation not as it is described. They should fix it or at least take a postion in that saying. Offcourse the auto spotting of 25m EVEN behind WALLS and Mountains NOT TO MENTION IN GHOST TOWN SHIPS! And off course bring back some glory to arti! Arti shots are meant to KILL! if they shoot in real life…except if we want to make a Real represantation in tank mechanics BUT not in usability of them! HellFire cant come from above the turret of a TANK and just DING! no damage. That is what they need to fix. not put some more tanks in game, messing with every available stat of them to create jus another one. The mechanics give mre joy than the new tank lines!

  31. Seriously why.
    530 Alpha, while an IS7 has 490 with a 130mm
    Stupid high hitpoints…
    Great accuracy with shit aim time and dispersion …. why again…

  32. Is it a depot tank or a prem you can buy normally?

  33. I’m only up to the 9 minute mark, but this is giving me Lowe vibes, from when it was put in the game.

  34. ZeroPony Creations

    This seems like the kind of tank i’d really like, too bad i’ll never be able to do the marathon to get it for free and I don’t spend money on this game

  35. It’s shit

  36. Sunny Baruah,Angling in Assam

    Idoit WOT nobody will do the missions except hacker

  37. Negrutu Robert Mihai

    Qb if you use turbo in every tank that doesn’t make it better you need to use something that helps the tank not that makes sense in your head. It is so dumb to use even on this tank turbo and dont use vertical stabilazer

  38. Reminds me of the 112, lots of armor with crappy gun. That being said, under 2k dpm isn’t all that bad when you make your shots count. My Manticore has 14 High calibers, i ignored any gun boosting mods and focus on speed and concealment to get into positions to make the shots.

  39. In the current meta this tank is hot garbage.

    With low dpm you need armor or something to make up for it, but even if you have decent armor everyone will just start shooting gold rounds at you.

    Hard pass, even if it is a mission marathon tank.

  40. That is worse Than my caliban With half as many skills XD

  41. This is like a heavy tank version of the 122 TM.

  42. I am going to be picking this up, only to just be annoying on the battlefield lol

  43. The reload makes it look like a Rinoceronte to play were you get frustrated at the low dpm when you need the quicker reload when your team is falling apart but you cant do anything about it

  44. interesting not comparing with wz111-4, just asking why?

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