WZ-120-1G FT review! Is it worth the gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. the game is shit!! f..k WG !

  2. jānis kokorevičs

    Man, this tank is amazing, brawler, would have been on hill reking the guys in the face, lol

  3. this tank is utterly broken, it’s not like SU-122-44, it’s like SU-122-54 with decent armour (unlike 122-54)… yeah, Skorpion has turret, mobility, accuracy, but you can’t buy it 364/365 days in the year so… (joke)

  4. This tank is better then SU 122-54 but its a tier 8 lol.

  5. GunmanProductionsTV

    I have this tank myself, and I must say I’m pretty damn pleased with it, awesome credit farmer. And on the contrary, I managed to train my crew in it pretty fast. The only downside this tank has is the rather shitty RNG, it misses way too many shots, even at close range when I aim for the weakspots. Overall, a great tank!

  6. Thanks. Pretty balanced review. I’ve got one of these and I really like it. I don’t mind turretless TDs. With a trained crew and binos my view range is over 500m so it spots really well. Yep, it’s no Skorpion but it still prints money like a boss. The armour is good so you can bully lower tiers but hey the chances of being top tier……

  7. hahah cheers for beeing you!

  8. Fuck this tank, the aim time completely ruins it.

  9. “If you’re wondering why I didn’t shoot him – I was drinking beer”. LOL

  10. man I like your reviews but this one has a silly replay

  11. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    If only they introduced skins for normal tanks that give 30-50 % bonus and charge them 30%+- cheaper then same tier premiums, They could make shittons more money than like this…Dumb cunts…

  12. i got me one but i struggle so with the gun handling and accuracy it is so damn troll like that t69 shot and the armor doesnt work for me but it makes money

  13. Great time foch .. do the review about this tank when its already out if the premium shop .. you suck dude!

  14. Why not get a defender lol. I have 2350 average damage for 300 games. I am number 26 on damage whores and number 2 for the object 252u on the tank achievement things. Name is blaze728

  15. Pronounced dead at: “he should have known I was coming for that ass” ?

  16. beer is important than winning games…I mean… you’re the best and I hope we see more from you

  17. Love this tank.

  18. Given the current World of Tanks Shit-Fiesta Match Making®, the least relevant aspect of a tier eight’s armor is its effectiveness against tier 6 and 7 vehicles.

  19. I just run out of my beer so cheers for you having some left:P It truly is needed in this game:P

  20. 185 games, 59% WR, 2562 DPG. Also beat my max XP with insane number 3119… Is this tank worth the gold? Fak yeah!

  21. “How the hell can you play this sober anyway?” 😀 lul

  22. Beer is the answer! What was the question?

  23. Skorpion is now availble. Buy it or not? (I have spare money for entertainment)

  24. I have a scorpion and i was asking myself this question too. thank you foch,best review on the wz td on utube

  25. Karlo Mihalus Dianovski

    Is this game still crap ?

  26. I lke this fake tank, I would say is a good choice after the scorpion, and the scorpion is not always on sale, so this tank si a good choice. And when the scorpion is spotted, your dead, where this tank can bounce a shot or two giving you a chance to survive.

  27. I rarely ever give a thumbs up, but this time you earned it – beer before WoT!

  28. I liked this video after the specific comment that “drinking beer is definitely more important than winning games of WoT.” Agreed.

  29. “If he would be smart he would know that I’m coming for that ass.” lol

  30. Finally a new video

  31. 13:02 … exactly… this game made me an alcoholic

  32. these will be more of a pain in the ass once people get Chinese TD crews trained up to three or four skills

  33. “How the hell do you play this game sober anyways?”

  34. Bought this tank the moment it became available and I don’t regret it. I have a 67% win rate after 36 games so far, and it prints credits. It is also a DPM MONSTER.

  35. At least it has a frontal weakspot

  36. How the hell can you play this game sober…. lol

  37. Re review the challenger when it gets the new gun

  38. Last time i met that tank in battle 300m front to front, he took that battle against me in my T95, he bounced his gold ammo on my front, i highrolled his last 812 hp, i just shot his front. That guy got so angry, that he wrote to me, called me a noob for parking where i was.

  39. you could say ‘duh’ at your next ace tanker just because its would be gloriously unexpected. for old times sake.

  40. 10:10 lol, rngesus says FUCKA YOOU!

  41. This was an epic episode Sir. 🙂 Beer is important!

  42. Pretty hilarious when you look at this and the Skorpion and compare them with the JT-88, considering that cost a high price. Sure, it gets restricted MM, but hardly matters much, especially when its ‘skill ammo’ is damn anaemic. Power creep much?

  43. nice foch

  44. 9:00 “Beer is definitely more important than winning games”
    Foch 2k17

  45. New youtube no swearing policy will end foch:,(

  46. But u can’t compare this tank to scorpion G because scorpion G can only be purchased with money not with gold…

  47. funny to hear Skorpion as best credit maker, when they are all firing gold ammo for some reason. credits clearly aren’t on those players minds.

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