^^| WZ-120 440 Alpha (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. What mod shows you all three aiming reticles?

  2. love ppl talking about sandbox changes that are under NDA ^^

  3. At 3.40 secs how did you lock onto that WZ120 who is below you and your gun
    pointed up??? and the opponent not in front of your gun. is tat Auto aim+?
    i thought that auto aim feature is illegal. You should not be able to lock
    on to target until your gun is pointed at the enemy. Circon could you
    please clarify? i am saving this replay

  4. hate watching you play then I go play and …suck it up and only do average
    games lol

  5. I agree with Circon that the base pen is really good, but I can’t believe
    the accuracy he was having. I’ve played 20+ games in that tank with
    brilliant crew, vents etc and still only hit 40℅ of my fully aimed shots…

  6. I hate this tank so much… you sacrifice everything that makes a tank good
    for some alpha and pen… It’s the most frustrating thing in my garage at
    the moment.

  7. What if while they nerf the overall spread of shots within the aiming
    circle they decrease every tanks dispersion by like 5% to 10% (i.e. a 0.4
    goes to 0.38 – 0.36) so more people would be inclined to fully aim and not
    take as many snapshots (their original goal). Your shells may fly more
    wildly within the aiming circle but the aiming circle would be smaller in

  8. I have searched for a servercross mod for a while but still haven’t found
    one that works, does anyone know where to find it?

  9. this is such a joke! i would never have been able to hit even half of those
    shots in my wz-120! firing on the move and hitting a target?! that’s
    ridicolous! you mostly didn’t even aim the shots fully! i don’t know what’s
    up?!?! i think this just was the luckiest match of your live .. xoxo

  10. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    Only T-55A left after this? (for t9 med 3marks)

  11. Pity -3 depression on this tank.. if not would be quite good..

  12. Can you play the Waffemtranger E-100, E-100 or King Tiger for a change in
    the next videos?
    If my spelling’s off, MY MISTAKE!

  13. Circon, what’s your take on Armored Warfare? Is it a game you see yourself
    playing more as it becomes more developed?

  14. I just want to know what I have to sacrifice at the shrine of RNG to get 14
    out of 18 shots to hit and all but one to pen.

  15. Remember when WOT streamers werent arrogant %^$cks or sales representatives
    for WG (like Quicky is these days)? I do, thats why whenever I fail to
    nostalgia to take a look at what happens around WOT I feel sad for people
    who still pay for this %crap.

  16. As a player that grinded through the WZ-120 To get it fully upgraded, I can
    say 1 thing. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nerf the accuracy? You’ve got to be kidding me!!! It’s already one of, if
    not the worst accurate tank in the game.
    I have a 4 skill crew in mine running Vert. stabs., Gun Rammer and Vents. I
    run repair kit, medic kit & extra rations.
    Even full aimed, I’m lucky to hit any target 1/2 the time. To make things
    worse, as anyone that has one of these bad boys knows, it takes at least
    TWICE the amount of XP to upgrade all the components. Shit, I could have
    unlocked 2 tanks in the time it took to upgrade this to full awesomeness.
    With all that said, I still play it every time I load the game. I just
    can’t steer away from this tank. LOL. Oh, I forgot to mention the 3 degrees
    gun depression. All this said, this has been one of favorite lines I have
    run in this game. Well, except for the T-54 line :)

  17. If you play the WZ-120 without the Milky’s Mod Shop remodel, you are only
    playing half the tank.

  18. *Triggered Sircon dissed the alpha*

  19. I’m still grinding this tank, only have the second gun. Uuuuugh.

  20. Srsly acc nerf is dumbest shit ever. Why so many ppl are playing CSGO?
    Cause there isnt RNG (i know i know). Purely skill based. WoT is becoming
    less and less skill based. I would rathet want to be hit from 500m by IS
    than miss shots myself. And WGs bullshit statement “It will make harder
    hitting weakspots on longer distances”. yeah, cause I can pinpoint E75s
    cupola from >500m 10/10 times…

  21. the WZ-120 and 121 are quite literally the EASIEST tanks to buff at tier 9
    AND 10…5 degrees gun depression, that’s it, now the tanks are much better

  22. Circon would you play the 113 more like the WZ111-14 or the 121, as my clan
    mates have said both.

  23. WG seem to have adopted an unusual business model, make game worse to play
    to attract new customers and sustain current players ?.

  24. circon, why am i banned from your twitch chat?? i asked you last night but
    i didnt quiet get it why im banned??

  25. Mike Pegg (Pegguins)

    I love the 34-1 and 34-3. But the toughts of grinding through a 34-2 which
    from what I can tell is just a 34-3 without limited MM is not nice.

  26. beard wank at 3.53

  27. Why no vents on your WZ-120, Circon? Is the extra view range from the
    Optics really necessary?

  28. hitting t54 on the move – “outskilled”; getting hit by two tier lower tds –
    “base campers” and “clever map design” – suddenly it’s nothing to do with
    outsmarting circon… who dares to outsmart him anyway? is it even
    possible? looks like someone forgot to take his “calm down bitch” pill

  29. gj killing all the campers

  30. Chinese Memes .da

  31. Stop doing those camera movements at the start. Kinda annoying ?

  32. I wonder why Rita didn’t go out with you, you have the beard.

  33. saw this live, still watched it to see my name pop up in chat xD
    nice game @Circon

  34. “oh, gunmark…” hahaha xD

  35. Wow thats really great when you just spin the mouse in circles for 3o
    sconds. Nothing like feeling seasick as one goes to watch a video.

  36. holy crap this reloads near as fast as my is4

  37. 440 alpha? what caliber gun does it have?

  38. Third…maybe

  39. Love your videos (And stream(s)), keep it up :D

  40. first!

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