WZ-120 Stream highlight.

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 83, GTX 760,
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  1. These shots like the fatal one for the batchat are usually the ones that go
    to the edge of the circle for me 🙁 But yeah, fucking feeders, I quit dota
    2 because of them.

  2. very nice..keep them coming

  3. Trolling comments… during game… 🙂

    Nice replay…

  4. ‘Yellow’ players are almost all the same. They sit back without knowing
    what to do. When the time comes that they’re needed, they scatter and
    retreat like , more interested in pixel-preservation than actually being
    positive and winning the game.

  5. Jagdtigerman! Jagdtigerman! Does nothing a jagdtiger can, Plays like a bot,
    drowns himself. 

  6. Fazakerley Patterson

    Yes. More of this stuff please :)

  7. love it! but try to be more humorous, your look is just too mean..lol

  8. Dat Jt do :P

  9. The gun depression to the rear is better than to the front on that thing?

  10. If the highlights mean you will upload more frequently, then sure.

  11. I think a normal video would fit more in this replay. But when there is
    really funny reaction in the stream than use a stream highlight

  12. Lol you sound like me in some games,I like this highlites thread it’s

  13. retarded JT
    he is yellow is shouldnt be that bad

  14. “None of their mediums are really that bad for me to deal with since none
    of them are Russian.” Yeap. That about sums up WoT in general. Commies =
    care bear faction.

  15. Well played. This is the hardest part of the game: you do everything you
    can, have a nice game, and it gets fucked up because of teammates. Love the
    weekend. :P

  16. foch can u show us how to play the t34-2
    that tank has zero hull amour and that 100mm gun is a piece of shit
    shit aim time of 2.9 and shit accuracy of 0.39 plus lower than average rof
    pen is 181 and dmg is 250
    havent got the tank yet but i already know it ll be a tough grind

  17. That epic twist at the end was funny. Too bad on the loose though. Nice to
    see the replays with “actual” commentary.

  18. It always amazes me when retards move at the exact same moment you shoot
    and dodge your shell perfectly. Motherfuckers

  19. More highlights please :)

  20. Stream highlight are good, nive to see some replays, thats not a win:)

  21. So that is what you look like

  22. I enjoy most of your work but found this underwhelming sorry Foch. Great
    battle all the same. Cheers

  23. I like the stream highlights. I think a mix between highlights and normal
    videos would be perfect

  24. Love your videos, so yes, put also stuff like this on YouTube

  25. Marchisio with a goatee.. :D

  26. Iemandjwzz aa izan

    Stronk jagtiger

  27. Foch we need a highlight of the “Lol cheater noob ding” guy.

  28. I love your streams, unfortunately I can’t watch them very often, so this
    (stream highlight) is a perfect solution for me. Keep doing them pls.

  29. I like this format, coz your comments during stream (raging or not) are the
    salt and pepper for me. It’s also easier for you, so you don’t have to edit
    a video too much. Keep it up!

  30. TheCookieMaster 212

    Keep these coming !

  31. You should upload more content like this, so we can see your live reactions
    and thoughts as you are playing. Sad it had to be a loss like that…

  32. Me likey

  33. I realy like this video :)

  34. That Jagtiger must have been spending too much time around Arty players lol

    Also Stream Highlights are great! I don’t always get the chance to watch
    all the Highlights on Twitch, So I’m always happy to see some in my Youtube
    box ^^

  35. Iemandjwzz aa izan

    This type of video is good.

  36. love it :)

  37. Love to see more stream highlights. :)

  38. The WZ-120 is one of my favorite tanks for a reason :)

  39. Sir Foch, this is a nice format because you still explain why you are doing
    what you do as you go. I like it. I must agree that the TD player at the
    end of the natch may have cost you the game by not pushing around the side
    of the hill. If he had done so earlier, you both stood a good chance of
    winning. As it is, he proved a coward when he drowned himself.

  40. That was alrite, but I would be more interested in perhaps a weekly or
    bi-weekly montage of your rage moments. I mean, who doesn’t like hearing
    Fochy yell “HAHAA RASHAA!!” :P


  42. These highlights are good,just do them as much often as Circon..

  43. I like those kind of replays!!!

  44. I liie those kind of replays!!!

  45. Every great game you put on youtube makes me a better WOT player, so I
    would like to see more of those too. :)

  46. “so you load HEAT like a fagid” made me kek

  47. That Jagttiger, so OP, best play in WoT ever. He is so good, also smart
    because he killed himself to deny kill. I wish I was that good in WoT just
    like him and not shit player like me. Also I think Foch wants to be cool
    like the OP JT player too.

  48. Do whatever you want foch, I will watch your content either way. The ingame
    comentary is always good though.

  49. Captain Amazing1337

    I dig this kind of content Foch. Keep it up!

  50. Yes! Certainly a lovely addition, hope it won’t compromise with the normal
    video schedule of yours tho

  51. How to turn on the tank outline as seen in 1:46 for instance?

  52. yes, do more of these!!

  53. How is that jagtiger yellow? Ive seen fucking bots play better then that.

    • +Devor110 aka. Bigcube 1k dmg in t10 is still tomato mate

    • +4exgold and come out when the game is nearly won, do make some easy kills.
      they let the “tomatoes” fight first, and if the tomatoes lose, they’ll be
      overrun. so… they blame the tomatoes for that… while they could’ve
      joined in earier and tip the balance. If the tomatoes are dead they jump in
      and “save the match”. disgusting, really….. thankfully it doesn’t happen
      a lot.

    • +Landon Labonte true but I see plenty of even green players with like a 48
      or 49% WR….they just sit at the back farming damage so they have green
      wn8 but do little to go to the correct parts of the map and actually help
      the team. In other words, watermelons.

    • +Nokijuxas it’s not that hard when you sit at the back wanking all game,
      then shoot tanks that come for you. Which is probably what the jagdtiger

    • Devor110 aka. Bigcube

      +Landon Labonte yellow means you do 1k dmg in a battle with a t10 tank on
      average – > nothing

  54. I like those steam hihglights

  55. +Double X really good channel man!

  56. They got Foched

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