WZ-120G FT – Worth it? World of Tanks

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of just released a brand new Tier 9 , the WZ-120G FT, available for today only… Here's my take!



  1. I thought I never see the day that WG finally decided to release this tank since this was added in tanks gg like 4 or 5 years ago

  2. finally a tank that is not over powered yes it does not have gun handling and armor etc but there or other prems that do it is a solid tank to grind crews in and if no one else wants it eh so be it rather this then something broken that you can’t pen etc it’s a td sit in the back and snipe

  3. That’s a really honest review.

  4. Looking at the stats of this Chinese TD, I think QB’s assessment is spot on with this one.

  5. Cool? As if! That style is bogus dude.

  6. What does QB mean by earning bonds?

  7. Ratsel Feinschmecker

    In Asia server the Chinese tank is being bid for a minimum of 175k free exp

  8. thank you QB i had same view on it as well , but your detail analysis is always appreciated <3

  9. The first to auctions I did the minimum but for 14.5k gold for this is meh but instead in the 3d for doom turtle might bid but idk

  10. Face your fear. Get free.

    btw. you dont get bonds with it!

  11. I think this is the First tank they May sell oft Form more than minimum

  12. WG go home, you’re drunk. Just for the record, on the NA server you could pick up the “Peregrine” for the minimum bid (I spent 103k); about what it’s worth.

    • I bid 1001001 free exp on NA server and got mine. I was going to try 100001 but I figure 1000 more means very little to me so I did not go cheap.

  13. For the love of god, WG…sell me a fast tier 9 full premium medium!

  14. Thank you So much sir! You saved my money 😀

  15. thanks QB

  16. The sad thing is, they are just preparing for the very OP tier 9 premium tanks. We think, that these tier 9 prems are medicore, then bam! they will release super op tanks.

  17. 101 000? I bid 111 000 lol
    but I like the tank tho. IS-3 but then making more credits + the clip potential

  18. they ar not stupid those who ask for that price, they ar stupid those who pay for it

  19. Syahareen Sha Rani

    So basically is a T25 AT with the WZ-111 G FT stock gun …

  20. Sorry QB but this T95 style is one of the most ugly and senseless styles WG ever released.

  21. Providentiae Memor

    Please understand that WOT from Minsk as a brother of Moscow and Moscow needs money for Ukraine! So please buy! All! NOW!

  22. Well i won’t bid for the chinese jagdtiger atleast

  23. The gun on the premium tank looks similar to the stock gun on the tier 9 tech tree td, damage and pen wise, but it has a better rate of fire

  24. Man Im glad I left this game last year, the tier 9 premium strv was just the begining of the releasebof tier 9 premium tanks LMAO

  25. give me the tl-7 it seems more fun but only the clip reload is too looong

  26. The t8 prem gun already trolls me a lot so this tank would only be a self inducing rage tank lmao

  27. Thanks QB, gonna be a hard pass for me.

  28. Props to WG for this – a not overpowered premium tank. That being said, I wont be bidding. The Chinese TD line was one of the most boring experiences in the game.

  29. so the new premium tank is what premiuns used to be: weaker than the line ones.

  30. do not help wg to make money.

    you are doing just that.
    you like to swallow.

  31. Rants of the this new TD being sub-par aside, shouldn’t we be glad that it’s not outright overpowered.

  32. This looks like a faster WT Pz iV with better concealment but slightly worse gun and no turret.

  33. Tier9 Chinese techtree should be tier x its soo good its hard to get marks on it i am stuck on the first mark but its really fun when you pen the 1100 He :v

  34. They’re just testing the waters with tier IX premiums like this: sure, it’s terrible, but they wanna see how many they’ll sell. If they sell a lot of ’em, they’ll release even more in the future. If they don’t sell a lot of them, they’ll make them stronger (or even OP) in the future, which is even worse for the game. Either way, we’re getting f*cked. 😀

  35. I am short tanks for that cashs

  36. @WG I really want tier 9 premium tanks but please bring out stuff ppl will actually buy not crappy ones and for Nations no one is really interested in!! Chinese come on they are all crap!

  37. the cellulon triptometer

    I did get the Peregrine yesterday because I did not have the IS3-A, and had the free experience available without paying anything. I’m not free to play only, but close enough that I would never spend the gold for this. It seems strange to me that WG went from what to me was a pretty good deal one day to a completely outrageously bad one the next. Does anyone else wonder why yesterday was a good deal and today’s is terrible, or is my sense that the Peregrine was a good deal wrong to most players?

  38. I would have found this tank interesting if it had like -15 gun depression. No other changes, just only that. How would it look like then?

  39. I think its a very good tank…. for 5000 gold not more. 😉

  40. i bid all of my 270 000 free xp on the IS-3A because I am a f2p. I still think it was the right call but it’s *fun* to know I coulda gotten two pieces for that amount.

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