^^| WZ-131 1 vs 29… (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Fuck that was epic xD This tank is the most fun I’ve had in this game I

  2. What is your equipment layout? gg

  3. Βαγγέλης Δρίβας

    We all know who the real winner of this battle was. Respect Sir

  4. Nice meme

  5. SEND IT TOO JINGLES. He will be so jealous of this accomplishment

  6. Teams like this ladies and gentlemen are why I don’t play this game very
    often. 6.7k dmg in a scout tank. Still a defeat

  7. hey, circon I got a 2k base XP on a defeat its me record as well I only
    died because I flipped on my side at the end XD.

  8. Circon the best tank I play is the pz. T 25 with a 72% w/r with 474 battles

  9. MrNardKing “MrNardKing”

    SUB HYPE! Best way to start a video circ! Keep whooping everyones butts in
    WoT and everyone will keep loving your content.

  10. Everyone in platoon 2 had 0 damage lol

  11. If only 5 players on Circon’s team could have gotten some damage…….

  12. WTF did i just watch O.o

  13. When you do more than your entire team combined in both damage, xp, and
    Still lose

  14. c l u t c h
    i n c o m i n g

  15. What a battle! Nicely played sir o/

  16. What have I just watched lol

  17. This is the kind of situational awareness that I will never be able to
    master. Amazing game, you did at least 10 times as much one would have
    needed for a victory.

  18. You are soooooo fucking good at this game! Respect!

  19. WZ-132 100mm or 85mm?

  20. nice skills man

  21. Awesome replay…. Need more ammo! I’m guessing we’ll get to see a rerun of
    this on Jingles’ channel tomorrow?

  22. making it look so easy

  23. Very honorable;)

  24. some battles even the cave troll cant win

  25. thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    What a fucking game.. holy shit did I really just see that

  26. damn this game was f****** awesome :O amazing to watch! :)

  27. damn, best I ever pulled was 4.1k and 7.2k spotting on swamp D: (Russian
    arty party ftw <3) but besides that holy shit circon gg

  28. You’ve been having the BEST games over the past few days.

  29. Dude, fucking great game!

  30. Best team EVER

  31. Fucking insane. Love watching you in lights

  32. I just always thought it fell in your lap, the good results/wins

  33. wow you really are good

  34. wp man..really ….respect

  35. Well, i´m a bit baffled…6,7k dmg in a tier6 light tank, f****** amazing!
    And even that wasn´t enough to win this game…

  36. @SirCircon That was fun to watch! Well played sir!

  37. Awesome! memes :p lol

  38. FeelsBadMan.

  39. Face reveal at 100k!

  40. Sven Croon (MacSvensson)


  41. ciecrcon what recording device do you use

  42. i think he couldve drove behind the is and shot high explosive into the
    rear. maybe start a fire. he couldve played the end of that match a little
    better i think. still an amazong game. better than i couldve ever done.

  43. That was off the charts entertaining. Who needs HBO?

  44. Wow amazing game WP GG

  45. ramming speed

  46. Al het beste voor 2017! Op naar de 100k abonnees!
    All the best for 2017!

  47. How do u play this game ? it is popular? i am meanning on the european
    server, you must pay with real money for proper gear/tanks for better ones

  48. that’s 2700 base exp.. WOT counts the exp for courageous resistance too :P

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