^^| WZ-131 Siegfried Line Replay Cast! (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. nice spotting

  2. Nice memes! It’s good to see you do replays and put up more on YouTube
    Circon! I hope you enjoy it too!

  3. Dope ass jacket. I’m gonna go buy that shit now.

  4. Another good one. Informative and detailed w/o being over-serious.

  5. Learned a lot from this one, thanks Circon

  6. Love the informative videos, thanks for the upload!

  7. Tier 8 scouts are completely pointless when tier 9/10 tanks get 450
    viewrange anyway. IMO they need to lower the base viewrange on high tier
    mediums and heavies so that scouts actually have a purpose in high tier

  8. haha you durped again and said erlenberg 2 times :D

  9. 4:42 two tiddies left

  10. oh jingles,you r as crap as circon:D

  11. Tharaka Wijerathne

    I used to hate plaing scout tanks. Now thanks to you, LTs are my favorite

  12. Hey cool Circon, you give good advice on the tactical things of the game !
    You are very experienced and a bloody good player, so there is a large part
    of your strength !
    Cause of that experience, you might give bloody good analyzing commentary
    (as you did now) on your games !!!
    On strategy and tactics. So much experience, I think you are bloody good at
    that ! ! ! (and the good music maybe ?)
    Like QB is good at the analyses pro tank and Jingles fixes his experience
    and British humor to it !!

  13. Maybe Siegfried line instead of Erlenberg, no offense !

  14. Stop using or showing OP/ very good tanks man. I want you to pick a tank
    like the G1 R or the T21 or the ARL V 39 (just joking). Please do something
    like that.

  15. Enjoying your vids. but please record your sweet, sweet face. having a
    person and face to look at while watching makes it a bit more pleasant for
    the viewers, imo. anyway keep it up :)

  16. Do more please, this is very nice

  17. Just started playing the WZ-131. Just 17 games played and I’m already up to
    31% MoE. That is just crazy. Not too many people play it I guess.

  18. we need more videos like this please circon. with map changes many casual
    players dont know strong positions for scouting

  19. Great vid. I liked that you paused and explained. Nice format, fast and

  20. that hoodie looks mint!!!

  21. Thank you, I really do appreciate those kind of videos.

  22. Thanks for the the great content! Please keep it coming

  23. Soo basically.. just drive around doing all kinds of useful shit, because
    this game is so easy ;-)

  24. Nice, I do like this new educational approach.

  25. Really like this style of commentary that explains the decisions, risks and
    stuff in detail during the game. This will help newbies a lot more than the
    regular live action. There is soooo many people playing scouts in a way
    that they would really be better use for the team as meatshields. Keep it

  26. Gotta get one of those, after a year of playing WoT I don’t have no Chinese
    tanks (nor Japanese, Chech)

  27. my favourite streamer finally decides to put in some effort in youtubes….
    glad you did that, love it

  28. At what game did you get your 2nd MoE? 100th, 125th,?

  29. The power of “Derpenberg” is so strong, it even flows over into other

  30. LOL wasd keys are still hard to use..

  31. Great Video man, keep it up!

  32. Circ, those two bushes will now be utter trash as even Stevie Wonder will
    fire at them! :p

  33. mingles with circon, do it ?

  34. i would love a shirt with only your logo on it, without twitch :/

  35. Great vids, you deserve to have a hell of a lot more subscribers!

  36. Hmm, making fun of the S51 arty, then barely 2 min later driving into 2
    fairly solid objects.. I suppose WASD is hard even for super unicums, not
    just arty drivers. Other then that, solid experience as per usual. I cannot
    help but think at times that players such as Circonflexes require nerfing.

  37. Circon, would you consider nerfing the viewrange of all tier 9 and 10 tanks
    to be the way to go to make tier 8-10 scouts relevant? I’d hate to be in a
    game where everyone is as blind as a bat and the team with the good scout
    wins by default, but then again between corrider maps and with 400 to 410
    viewrange mediums I feel like scouts are much more irrelevant at high

  38. says erlenberg, corrects himself. proceeds to say erlenberg again circPalm
    are you turning into Jingles by any chance? :P

  39. Circon I only go over those tank traps in my mediums, heavys, and TD’s.
    like u I probably wouldnt try it in very light light tanks haha. they would
    probably flip. I’ve done it in lights before so I don’t try it anymore

  40. OK….this explain thing I saw today……..2 games on Siegfried line
    ,north spawn…….and our scout make B-line to that bush and sit there
    whole game…..I was second scout , so I moved past him and took all
    spoting dmg :)…….I was like: “why is that guy not moving forward with
    me?”……now I get it: Circon said its a good bush……..love your videos
    m8…..keep up the good work…….we can learn a lot from you…….but
    what people do with info you give….that is another thing

  41. Someone is slightly obsessed with “Erlenberg” 😀 Great video and nice
    active scouting school :)

  42. Any tips on how to play a scout with a 75% crew?

  43. Finally know how to scout Erlenberg, wish I knew the strats for the
    Siegfried Line ;)

  44. FinStabilisedDiscardingSabot

    I find sometimes when playing Randoms an excellent early spotting run in a
    LT can ruin the flow of the game for your team. Pubby Heavies will get
    tunnel visioned by all the spotting your doing and completely ignore where
    they should be going. Siegfried Line is a great map for this, you get the
    spots and your friendly heavies start trundling across the field to get
    shots, and then in turn get destroyed, when they should be going to Town.

    Spotting so many so early can be a double edged sword depending on your

  45. Talking about scouting, I was 27 damage/assistance from my LT 15 today :DDD
    if i had got that little extra i would be owning the T55a

  46. 4:55 “Middel” Keep it English! Grapje

  47. This kind of video is great!

  48. This is good information thank you

  49. i would like to that with other maps too

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