^^| WZ-131 YEE-HAW. (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. It’s absolutely awesome when your team is competent enough to not die in 3
    minutes but incompetent enough to not do too much damage!

    Gives us good players the matches we can work with :)

  2. why u use autoaim+ ??? ??

  3. lol Gg -)

  4. yey 70,000!! woooo!!

  5. One of my favorite tanks. I really enjoy my tier 7 light tanks.

  6. nice game to watch!! WZ-131 is my fav tank in the game

  7. nice jump kill there circon

  8. Oh come on Circon, now your just showing off. Great game especially the
    last kill, it rates a 9.9 degree of difficulty and a 10.0 for artistic

  9. Circon, that last kill!! SO EPIC!!! >:D

  10. T-54 ltwt and circon had good synergy around 2:45 til the end of the match.

  11. Who the **** downvotes this!?

  12. Richard Gustafsson

    Why is the first game I play also so nice XD

  13. wa that ending was amazing! screenshot that shit.

  14. his second game in that tank………. mother fucker

  15. Would you stop being so OP, my wiener is crawling further and further
    inwards because of the performance anxiety. :-P

  16. What mod is circon using that lets him zoom out so far? Or is that in the
    game settings?

  17. lol, had to rewatch that ending…

  18. Hahaha that ending. So good!

  19. You can press escape to get rid of all those windows you keep manually
    clicking lol. Keep seeing this and drives me mad.

  20. Daniel Grabovskiy

    well I quit wot for god even after investing premium time and 2 premium
    tanks and 3 tier tens with several 7/8’s. NA server got my wr from 54% last
    year to 42% in just 3000 games. Cancer wasn’t worth my time. nice to see
    good games still exist at all.

  21. Yeah, I love the WZ-131. I have had many games similar to that one in it.

  22. DAT ending! circons is the BEST! freaking ROCK STAR!

  23. wz-131 or wz-132 which one is better for it tier ?

  24. Constantin SilverFox

    I was waiting for the mic drop at the end of that

  25. Circon, you seem to have the auto-aim enhancement where you do not need to
    be positioned directly on the enemy tank when right-clicking your mouse.
    Where do you install that from?

  26. Another one for Jingles? :)

  27. After vk3001d my favourite tank with 85..

  28. Was that a flying, mid-air kill at the end?

  29. How does he do dat? :o

  30. kenneth wiinberg olesen

    man that was nice

  31. you gonna 3 mark the FV 4202 (P)?

  32. u should make that “OH SHIT” a sixth sence sound

  33. Calvin Wojtalewicz

    I believe I can fly. I believe that the arty dies. XD

  34. Great match one of the best 131 games i have seen

  35. congrats with the 70k subs circon!

  36. Which gun should I use on the Wz131? Right now I’m on the 85mm but not sure
    about using the 100mm.

  37. Who’s better, circonflexes or quickybaby?

  38. how do you pull the camera view back?????

  39. The Mighty Jingles got me here!

  40. Dam the ending! I really want to get into scouting. I bought the prem tier
    8 scout (bulldog) i think but im so bad with it

  41. And damn that T54 ltwt was a nice guy

  42. loving the daily uploads.

  43. Sooo… Is the WZ worth rebuiyng?

  44. Why isn’t circon streaming tonight??

  45. It’s a good tank

  46. And not a single prem-shell fired, most excellent.

  47. Nice finish lol
    I’m 0.5% from 3 marking my wz131 tonight but I’m using the 100mm. My
    favorite tank in WoT. I have 300 battles and still cant get enough of it.

  48. loved the wz131 its such an entertaining tank to drive :D

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