WZ-132 review! Another light tank rant!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used:
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. stronk rants are stronk Kappa


  3. Love your videos foch!

  4. Trying playing solo in a light tank on the Asia server….rip blood

  5. Another Rant! Wooooooo!

  6. Love your videos as usual Foch! 🙂 dont worry about your upload pace, work
    as fast as you can! 

  7. Foch have you ever players WOT Xbox 360?

  8. The light tank hate is real lol 

  9. out of my 20k games played i think maybe ive played ten games in a light

  10. You can’t play a tier 9 med in a team battle or tier 8 tank company can
    you? ;D

  11. I love all your vids but I think 13 90 is as good as a ru 251 my opinion
    with my 13 90 I just fuck ru for dinner 

  12. WZ-132 have better camo because china :))))))))))))))))) that made my day i
    cant laughing :D

  13. Sorry you feel that way Foch, I happen to find light tanks pretty fun to
    play, and it’s a nice challenge playing a light tank going up against meds
    and heavies, a good test of skill level. Also light tanks are extremely
    easy to pad your stats in if you’re into that kind of stuff.

  14. i only play light tanks for farming wn8 and the missions

  15. 1 big thing you missed though is that light tanks are amazing in
    strongholds and some tournaments

  16. Yeah, we share same opinions on LTs.

    Lets hope obsidian ent. makes better jobs with spoters on AW.

  17. I hate light tanks so much too, almost completely useless in this game. I
    want to grind to my T57, but got those stupid lights in my way, so just
    keep putting it off.

  18. Totally agree with you Foch. I used to play so many light tanks, but now
    mostly play med’s. Tier 8 light tanks were the last straw for me. Same MM
    as T54 but much worse tanks. It makes no sense. I gave up with them b4 last
    update. So at least now the tier 8’s have been buffed which should help a
    bit. I can’t see it making the difference though.

  19. Well the really good thing about lights, especially at T6 and T7, is that
    you can get amazing amounts of exp by doing damage XD

  20. The T-34-2 is probably the worst tier 8 medium.

  21. true a batchat does outperform scouts in every aspect that you would hope a
    light tank would be better than it. if your scouting just ahead of your
    teammates and you run in to a a batchat in any tier 8 light your dead if
    you meet a bat because its just as quick with a way superior cannon and the
    same view range.

  22. light tanks need a 300% camo buff

  23. Hey Bro, could you do a video comparison with the CDC and the FCM like you
    did with the Russian meds? would be awesome to see 🙂
    you still have my support bro. keep the good work up <3

  24. Made in China

  25. all about mediums, boring…i prefer to play lights and have fun driving
    them instead of ranting and playing only unicum mediums

  26. Richard Gustafsson

    The problem is the competition and just powercreeped by tier 10s view
    range. Give the tier 8 scouts at least 410m and reduce all tier 10s to max
    if 380

  27. This vid made me sad, because the wz-132 is my goto light =(

  28. You’ve changed clan?

  29. Gratz on the new place. I guess we can take a video or two with echo until
    you get done moving and getting filling up your room and get soundproofing

  30. WZ-131 is amazing, I think it’s one of the best. But WZ-132 isn’t so
    special comperd to Ru, T54 light or 13 90 

  31. Alexander Yordanov

    Strongholds, ESL, Clan Wars special stages, Team battles…
    Tier 8 light tanks DOMINATE on those.
    The WG League was T-54 LT and RU 251 and 13 90 Land.

    So no, Lights have (artificially) a niche. They are the best for
    competitive play.

  32. I agree with you sir foch. Low tier scouts might be more useful but tier 7
    or 8 are not that useful.

  33. The one thing the WZ-132 has over the RU 251 is that the Loader is the
    Radio Operator which means you get the viewrange increase faster than since
    you get 2 skills on 2 different crewmembers.
    The reason for tier 8 light tanks ingame is the E-sport from WG since a
    tier 8 light tank is better than a tier 8 medium and way faster.
    Sadly when the buffed the WZ-132 it is still weaker than the
    T54-lightweight and thus not picked and the RU 251 has way higher dpm.
    So I enjoy the WZ-132 in randoms and tier8 Strongholds even though it isnt
    the strongest light tank.

  34. I only have a 56% overall WR AND I play on console so I know I’m a scrub
    but I think light tanks can be so damn fun. I totally agree that medium
    tanks are typically much better (and I don’t have a batchat) but I live and
    die by my light tanks. They’re trash until you have 3-4 skills, but the
    extreme speed/camo lets you be such a little pest. People underestimate you
    constantly; it’s so easy to abuse heavies and TD. Don’t get me wrong, a lot
    of light tanks are complete stinkers, but the good ones are a blast if you
    take the time to figure them out.

  35. Well light tanks are awsome in TBs, Stronkholds =)

  36. Where did you find that info about ru251 and Bat having better camo than
    Bat-Chat cannot have better camo while moving, that’s for sure, but better
    camo while stationary? I’m puzzled…
    And you use 100mm ’cause you trade better? I’m not sure wz is meant to be
    used for snap-shot-peek-a-boo trading.. I think its best role is to be used
    for passive and active scouting, death circling/scavenging or long range
    sniping for which the 85mm gun is far far better.. there were countless
    occasions where I used 85s dpm to get my self outta trouble or keep some
    top tier tank permatracked (which you can’t do with 100 if the enemy has
    good repair crew)…
    just my humble opinion!

  37. Kristiāns Timošenko

    Gratz on moving to your own place, and hello from Latvian fan!

  38. What’s with all the bloody hate?
    Lights have better camo on the move – yes the bat chat has better camo
    stationary but if you sit still in that thing ur doing it wrong or are
    firing – no camo advantage
    Lights are quicker and smaller – Size matters, lights can hide behind
    a well played light can do insane damage in terms of DMG to MM-weight –
    something you seem to miss is that for every high tier med you could have 3
    lights in terms of MM-weight

  39. Second comment this one on the WZ-132 vs RU251 arguments
    shit you missed:
    high shell velocity
    ~30% better ground resistance stats
    armour that isn’t auto pen (debatable)
    Top speed

  40. I kind of agree. I think the problem is mostly in the maps – they just
    don’t fit around WG’s old idea of how lights should play anymore. I do
    enjoy the tier 5 lights though and like you said, the higher tier stuff
    with autoworkers.

  41. Another! Yay!

  42. I plan on playing every tier 6 light simply for strongholds skirmishes, i
    even went as far to never play a pub match in the T37 so i can prolong the
    fun grind in skirmishes

  43. Yeah, Foch…, T37, Bulldog, 251, 13 90, League Matches are filled with
    these tanks, all of them broken. Pls :(

  44. I see some light tanks do fantastic. But when I drive them, not so much.

    Except for the Chaffee (pre-nerf). I was a demon in that thing.

  45. I chose light tanks as one of my first lines to grind and I’m kinda glad I
    did. They thought me a lot about the game, mainly being how to get yourself
    out of the shit once you get into it. Then I went for the RU meds, which
    are light tanks with heavy tank armour. The RU meds thought me that light
    tanks suck.

  46. Well foch sure hates the 121 lines

  47. I couldn’t agree more. I’m a below average player and nothing hurts my
    rating more than trying to grind a light tank. The only exception is the
    low tiers when everything is basically a light tank. I can do more for the
    team and have a bigger impact in almost any TD, medium, or heavy. Nothing
    worse than loading as low tier light in a city map where you can’t even
    find a spot to try and use your view range let alone find a way to do
    damage. Good players can do it – but that’s because they are good players.
    They real question is could they do MORE in something besides a light and I
    think the answer is almost always yes.

  48. Ultimately, because of the scout MM, Foch’s point is a very strong one.
    Make no mistake, light tanks have plenty of potential to be fun. But
    because WoT is inherently a gamble of just how strong the opposition will
    be (as well as how much down syndrome is to be found in your own team),
    taking on the added risk of sacrificing armor, firepower, and health is
    just plain stupid. Besides that, proper scouting and supporting is a
    thankless job that everyone takes for granted.

    Honestly, this sort of subservient role ought to be handled by NPC bots
    rather than human players. Maybe the same goes for artillery as well.

  49. I love your arguments Foch as i have the same they should do something to
    change them but what.

  50. T-34-2 bad? I really enjoyed it, wasnt epic but pretty nice in my opinion

  51. High tier lights are simply overrated. All this removal of foliage and
    rebalancing of maps to favor heavies only reduced lights to underpowered

  52. why is your actual signal range further?

  53. totally agree expect for one point
    great WN8 farming:)

  54. I do agree with Foch opinion. There are maybe 5 maps in the game on which
    having a light tank siting in bush is important, and even that can be done
    by a medium tanks in some cases. And yes, you can have fun in them, but in
    game as random as WoT being underpowerd from the start and also relying
    heavily on your team is not something you want.

  55. With everything said being accurate, you are leaving out one key point.
    Light tanks get more credits and XP for damage done than mediums. It’s a
    fair trade off for being lesser than mediums a tier higher.

    I have fun in light tanks and when you know how to use the mobility to it’s
    fullest, it can outplay any tank. The maps don’t always cooperate and seem
    to be slanted towards heavy tanks, but the potential is still there.

  56. Your language puts me off. No need to speak like that all the time. 

  57. Foch, don’t sit on the fence, tell us what you really think :-)

  58. Good rant. Totally agree. Wz is the only tier 8 light tank I don’t have

  59. Despite all the Problems you CAN have with lights.. i like them, i like
    them that much i almost exclusivly play them. Tried all other classes, i do
    good with them, but iam doing really great only with lights.They have the
    Speed, the camo rating and mostly a “good punch”. i also like the wtf
    moment when i destroy a heavy or a strong td with this nibmle little

    sure most things a light can do, can other tanks maybe better.. but hell,
    its fun.

  60. You are so wrong, in my opinion.

  61. I played both the ru 251 and the WZ 132, I agree that the RU 251 is better
    than the WZ, but not by much.Sure, the ru 251 has better DPM but it’s shell
    velocity is horrible if you use AP rounds, it’s very hard to snipe things
    mooving at distance with it, the WZ doesn’t have this problem, not to
    mention the RU 251 uses heat and the WZ is APCR as premium rounds, so…
    it’s not only the 25 m radio signal range the wz has going for it…

  62. ive carried countless t10 games in my 13 90. u carry 2 clips of AP and
    rest gold. dont be cheap and when going gets tough use it.

  63. Something I don’t understand: Why in competitive they usually use light
    tanks instead mediums?

  64. I totally agree with you, except the 13 90 part. That tank totally sucks
    because of the long aiming time AND the lack of vert stab. Btw is that a
    Sony (Ericsson) phone’s sound at 3:13?

  65. You should use word fuck more often

  66. You are so ignorant omg. Tier 8 light tanks are very used in strongholds
    and you don’t like them because you lack skill

  67. Tier 8 light tanks have much better guns and mobility compared to tier 8

  68. Foch, Light tanks are not a waste of time, they are amazing GOLD farmers 😀
    ESL Cup for the GOLD o/ :D

  69. Wow. So wrong. You are an excellent reviewer of every other tank, but I am
    stunned with how little you are right or understand about light tanks.
    Please don’t bother reviewing one again. Stick to the other tanks, as those
    you understand much better :-)

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