^^| WZ-132 Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Got’em


  3. Dude u are fucken awesome I love ur vids keep em comin ok amigo

  4. Congrats Circon! Really nice game.


  6. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Once I got to this hill Top with my T30 (no arty game). And HE raped Tanks
    from top. It felt bad and good

  7. really wish the SEA server didnt take so long to get the new patches…

  8. stop highlighting lights already

  9. Never doubted it.

  10. I like it when Circon is a glass half full guy on WOT changes. As most of
    us are not unicon players and so Jaded like Foch. It just seems Foch sees
    all the changes as half empty and the half that is still there is piss.

  11. nice game circ

  12. Hey, nice the artie did kill the AMX 1390 !
    But yeah, good job !

  13. All that and it still wouldn’t have been enough to complete LT-15.3…damn
    I’m hating this mission so much. I’ll get it eventually and have my T-55A.

  14. If you ask me, the game sounds much nicer after the patch, although this
    may be because I play on a laptop, and there’s an optimization setting for
    that now. Also, I think that the disappearance of the damage panel in
    spectator mode is just because you’re looking away from your tank. If you
    look back at your dead tank, the panel comes back.

  15. Circon, you are such a liar! It was an Ace! lol

  16. holy shit, love the 1080p60fps

  17. self assembly camps. i laughed my ass off

  18. I think that the only mod allowed in live games should be the server cross
    second reticle

  19. im so happy that xvm is now irrelevant i hate that its still a thing
    because its only used by people looking for a reason to be assholes in chat
    at this point

  20. Circon u realise there are mods that detect falling and breaking objects?
    Every time u broke a wall or knocked a tree over they would know exactly
    where u were….

  21. The Sanity Assassin

    “Close Game Comrade!” Circon 2016

  22. no 9.16 here in SEA Server

  23. Sebithekit KRAWALL

    i really want your “jeah everybody hates artielery” as my six sense sound
    🙂 can you upload it anywhere so i dont need to grab it out of a video from

  24. Thatsa tasty memes~!

  25. Michael Cartwright

    you want mods abolished! D: I like skins. you are mean Circon. All of my
    tanks need to be anime related :P


  27. “Was that an ace?”. “Err, first class.” *cheeky little grin* Hahaha

  28. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  29. …and the one class to rule them all…

  30. You really should do more of these dude, if you have the time, you cater to
    the more skilled players and are a great example of a fantastic player to
    learn from.
    Also you and the lads are funny as fuck.
    Keep up the good word dude, looking forward to the stream!

  31. i like the wz-132 more than the other t8 lights… its just something about
    it that i love

  32. the minimap size reset is an XVM bug but its fixed in latest version

  33. Whoo, another vid, loving the new upload rate mate and thanks for being
    entertaining as shit, keep it up :)

  34. what I say about the whole thing about not spotted tanks shouldnt show
    where they are when they hit you is

  35. Going live in roughly 2 hours at http://www.twitch.tv/circon – we are close to
    getting the new twitch emotes! – http://www.twitch.tv/circon

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