WZ-132 Unicum Review/Guide, How to Play Fisherman’s Bay in 1.0

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Source: Taugrim

I review the WZ-132, a tier 8 Chinese light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with of tier 9 Fisherman’s Bay and Pass battles.

The WZ-132 offers unusually good firepower for a light tank, but the poor depression soft turret require the player to drive it carefully. There is a stereotype that the WZ-132 is a with always-on camo, but I think it should still be played as a light tank, albeit one that delivers some punch.

Strengths Weaknesses
+ Superb penetration (189)
+ Excellent alpha (250)
+ Above average HP (1100)
+ Enough hull turret armor to prevent overmatch frontally
– Very poor gun depression (-5)
– View range is underwhelming (380), can’t get to 445m without Vents or BIA
– Below average accuracy (0.4 base)
– Below average aim time (2.3s base)
– Below average top speed (64)

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Vents (no BIA) or Rammer (with BIA)

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide FAQs:

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  1. This map isnt fun anymore. Same with fjords
    They changed a lot of places. If you move up too early or try to be aggressive at the start, you die.

    • I love the new Fisherman’s Bay. So many more angles of fire.

      But the new Fjords does suck. The middle of the map is a massive kill zone and you can’t really push it.

    • I have much better games on this new map

    • I agree. Lakeville now has the same kind of imbalance that WG tried to “fix” in Ruinberg with 1.0.
      In Ruinberg, the angle of the East/West street on the E/F lines allowed the North spawn tanks to dominate what should be a more balanced/contestable area. Therefore, they built a “fort” in the East end of that route that could help “fix” this.
      In Lakeville, got it- 1/2 line is contestable camp fest. For the city fight, the North side heavies used to have at least some cover from the buildings at the North side of the town from the shooters in the center of the map.
      Now, there is a concealed path (bushline) up to a bunker of buildings (that provide 3 sided protection) with a convenient low-slope ridgeline for those coming from South spawn up the 6 line (unspotted, as shown), and the North Spawn heavies now have NO cover, as if they take cover to the North of the city buildings (from South spawn tanks), they get picked apart as demonstrated in the video. If they cover from the center shooter/spotter, they face fires from the South spawn heavies from the pre-1.0 meta attack positions. This is particularly egregious, because it is not only allowing one spawn to dominate an arguably *contestable*/neutral area, as in the case in Ruinberg that NEEDED fixing in WG’s eyes, but instead (and worse), it is allowing one spawn’s side to immediately dominate what should be a North spawn strongpoint to balance the South spawn’s heavy strongpoints at H9-F8 (which the North spawn can’t touch with direct fires).
      The good news? In this one case, WG has made light tanks relevant again from South spawn tanks on this map. Yay! The price? Wholly unbalancing the map in a manner that guarantees a ROFLstomp by the South spawn team, as long as they get a competent player to man the F5 fort.

      Source? – Heavy Tank player that has now been smoked multiple times (like the North spawn heavies shown in this video), and still haven’t “Discovery Learnt” the new North Spawn Heavy winning methodology/meta on this map.
      Frustration promotes confirmation bias. This video helped to confirm my suspicions.
      taugrim – How about a Lakeville North Spawn Heavy guide for the new 1.0 meta (for suckas like me). I get it- “Just shoot the center guy”- but, as the 257 [in the video] showed (even bounced off of you once), the advantage of the F5 bushfort position is pretty hard to counter.

    • Edit: Above, every time I say, “Lakeville”, I really mean “Fisherman’s Bay”. Sorry for any confusion that I may have sown. Taugrim, thanks for the insights that you have provided, and for all of the help that you give to the community!

  2. I have a question, is it really possible to get 8k damage anymore with tier 8 lights after they made the changes to them? I still cant get through mission 15 for obj 260.
    Before the update of tier x light tanks
    I was able to do 7k spotting with type 64 and now i cant get near that with tier 8 lights do i have to buy a tier x light for it?

  3. Nice commentary on the changes in the fisherman’s bay map. Gg

  4. As an arty player during the Tiger duel, I would have shot because the Tiger was gone basically, but there was a chance to take out a dangerous light tank with a splash or lucky hit.

    • That’s a fair point.

    • You’re not player. You’re just worthless game ruining piece of …

    • As an occasional arty player (yeah yeah, hate hate, jadda jadda…) I would have seen two options. 1) try to shoot at the far side of you to stun you and give the tiger a sliver of a chance (he would have gotten killed anyway). 2) try to match your reload with the flight time of my shell to knock you out directly after the Tiger gets killed. But both options depend on the arty you take and the skill you put into it. As well as how much you pray to RNGsus…

  5. Such a good vehicle. I enjoyed this and the 132A so much as I ground through them. The 132-1 isnice too, but its DPM suffers just a bit much.

  6. echogameadventures

    That T54 was shooting HEAT at tier 7 heavies and tier 8 LTs. Why? because aiming is hard. Two fun games to watch though. thanks for continuing to be awesome.

    • > T54 was shooting HEAT at tier 7 heavies and tier 8 LTs

      Yea I forgot to mention that – it’s a waste of credits. I get if the player has gold pre-loaded but after firing he could switch.


      1 of wot common thing HEAT 54

  7. Tier for tier the 132 is the best IMO. Second to that is the tier 7, then tier 9. Only then does the tier 10 come into play. The gun is infuriating, It was my first tier 10 light and I still hate it. I bet I’d have a better hit rate in the American tier 10 with the 152mm if I had it. The Chinese lights take a degree of skill that isn’t prevalent in the other lines.
    Keep up the great vids. We all appreciate them.

    • > Only then does the tier 10 come into play. The gun is infuriating, It was my first tier 10 light and I still hate it

      All of the tier 10 lights have awful gun accuracy and handling, not to mention steep penetration drop-off over distance. All of which is totally unwarranted.

  8. Great video, but I feel like I need to point out a common misconception mentioned. If your caliber exceeds 3 times the armour thickness of the target armour, it is NOT a guaranteed penetration. The 3 caliber rule only says that in that case there will be no ricochets, but if the nominal thickness of the armour exceeds the penetration capability of the shell, it can still fail to penetrate. Try shooting ap with the 15cm derpgun of the O-I at the well angled side of the 257, which is 45mm. 45mm*3=135mm, 149,1mm>3*45 mm, yet it will not penetrate.

    • Any 15cm gun or higher shooting AP/APCR will overmatch the side of the Obj 257. If you saw a shot no penetrating it might hit the turret or the stripe above the tracks (where the 45mm are)

    • > The 3 caliber rule only says that in that case there will be no ricochets, but if the nominal thickness of the armour exceeds the penetration capability of the shell, it can still fail to penetrate

      Thanks for this correction.

      From a practical standpoint, the only guns of high caliber but low penetration are derp guns, and most players use HE instead of AP in those.

    • Beroun, sorry but you’re wrong. Did you test this theory? We did with my brother. Here is the result.

  9. Welcome to my favorite LT in the game (excluding Germans since I’m still at Luchs), glad that you liked it. It could change when I reach T-100 though, only need 10k exp left to unlock it 😀

    Fun fact: According to VBAddict, WZ-132 has the second highest average WR for all tier 6++ non premium light, behind T-100 which is practically the king of LT now.

  10. There is something wrong with the sound, your voice is barely distinf=guishable in the background, music is way too loud.

    • Is that throughout the video, or just during the non-replay segments?

      I can lower the volume of the in-game sounds but I do like making them sufficiently audible so you can hear relevant action (e.g. when arty fired near me).

    • It’s just the non-play time, otherwise is fine. Keep up the good work, excellent stuff!

    • OK thanks, I’ll tone down the music volume a bit in the intro, outro, and battle results sections.

  11. I find that the acceleration on the WZ-132 is a bit sluggish compared to other tier 8 lights not including the 41 90.

  12. I have a question on your equipment setup. Why vents over rammer? Is it to improve gun handling, for the overall crew bonus, or something else? Im currently on the wz-132 and am curious if I should drop rammer for vents, or if this setup is just for this particular tank. Thanks for the vid!

    • windowseat74 Cuz he’s only gonna fire once and duck back to cover anyway most of the time, so the dpm is meaningless, thus improving view range, accuracy, etc, is better. At least that’s what I think and that’s how I play my Chinese Lts.

    • To get to 445m view range, you need either BIA or Vents. My crew doesn’t have BIA yet.

      Check out the video description if you want to see the recommended equipment for any tank.

  13. Love your zero gold ammo loadout. So rare nowadays though perfectly playable.

  14. The best guide. Thanks a lot.

  15. Nice.

  16. tangigum do you miss stalingrad? as a light addict i sort of do, its a much better city map than himmisdolf. there were so many little alleyways to flank. anyway. what do you think of 1.0 fjords its different. but is good once you understand it. but wg missed out on a great opportunity. they removed a lot of good maps for lights( highway, and those Asian winter maps) BUT they left esnk!!! my least favorite, and arguably the worst map for lights, tds, and arty (well maybe paris for arty because of very the tall buildings) they should have removed this map or made it way larger. its also the only map were the fv 304( a arty with the worst range above tier 3) can shoot all the way across the map. AND this map can meet tier 10s!!!!!. if it stays in the game it should be limited to tier 6 under.

    • I didn’t like Stalingrad, it was way too corridor-y for my taste, with almost no soft cover to speak of.

      I don’t like 1.0 Fjords, the middle is basically a kill zone for anyone trying to cross it.

  17. Great video. I have not played Fisherman’s Bay in a light but for whatever reason I am all but guaranteed to get it in my Panther at least once, generally from the other side. I play it much the same as you played it there but my experience has been that one flank or the other will completely collapse and I find myself trapped. I had one battle where I was getting good flank shots into their heavies when I suddenly got hammered by an enemy TD back at the A line who got there unspotted and unchallenged because only one or two of our tanks went to that flank and got overwhelmed by the several enemy tanks that went. It’s my fault for not seeing that on my mini-map and repositioning but damn. What chance do you have on a team that just gives up an entire flank without a fight? Until that point I was actually getting some good spotting damage and good flank shots from that position, despite that fairly lackluster gun on the panther.

    • > I had one battle where I was getting good flank shots into their heavies when I suddenly got hammered by an enemy TD back at the A line who got there unspotted and unchallenged because only one or two of our tanks went to that flank and got overwhelmed by the several enemy tanks that went

      You have to be careful about being in the field of fire of sniping TDs. E.g. that entire match, until the Skorpion killed me, I didn’t expose myself to sniping TDs.

      If you don’t have the HP or speed late game in a medium, it can be tough trying to get close enough to the TDs to spot them. The important thing is to think spot safely first, damage second.

      > What chance do you have on a team that just gives up an entire flank without a fight

      I play mid in that case, typically, so I can get flanking fire on their tanks that push our flank.

    • Taugrim I appreciate the reply. I don’t know what it is but I have been seeing more of the “lemming rushes” to one side lately. I even saw a game yesterday where both teams rushed the same way leaving about four or five of us between both teams on the entire flank. My instinct in those cases is, regardless of what my original plan was, to rush back to try to cover the weak side. I am coming to realize, though, that these rushes are not necessarily bad in of themselves but they do tend to be indicative of inexperienced or inattentive players. I would say that more than half the time these teams still lose the strong side even with the numbers advantage.

  18. you are the man…gg

  19. Quickly becoming a favourite series of mine.

  20. Thank you for the chinese light tank review bro, was looking forward to this one, keep up the good work bro 🙂

  21. Great video, Taugrim. Skilful play and plenty of useful practical advice for playing light tanks in the new patch. Reminds me of how much I regret selling the WZ-132 for the WZ-132a, which has been quite a difficult and unappealing grind. Great content, as always;)

  22. 5500 combined, gg

  23. Any tips on panther play ?


    Hey taugrim can u upload a guide for soft med tank such as STA 2

  25. I’m actually playing WZ 132 stock, but I love 131 at VII tier so I think I will love this one too… Nice video as usual Taugrim 🙂

  26. its really good light tank the turret armor is as good as a Russian mediums turret armor. it can actually take hits and bounce which is fantastic 🙂

  27. Nice games well played.

  28. The Stock grind on this was not too bad for me, sure the low pen for tier on the stock gun is meeh, but the rest of the tank performs well.
    The Stock grind on the 110 I was also doing almost made me rage quit the game till I got the turret unlocked, wish WGing would just stop trying to get us to spend money every place possible. but ya 59k for workable gun now 🙂

    erm besides that, this and the French are my favorite lights, ya ya can hate me for liking autoloaders I swear they get as much hate was arty and ijn heavies…

  29. I love seeing your videos pop up in my notifications. Really well commentated. Thanks for doing this.

  30. hello Taugrim i find your content as the as the most educative channel about world of tanks, have you ever considered making live streams? would be nice to watch you live

    • I haven’t streamed since 2013.

      I made a decision 5 years ago that for the kind of focused educational content that I want to provide, YouTube vids are the most efficient vehicle.

      That, and when I used to stream it was annoying to my wife to listen to me talking non-stop to the viewers.

    • lol okay, cool, keep up your great content

  31. Perfect cause I am back to using this tank literally as of yesterday to do LT missions, ty!

  32. You made a lot of mistakes that could have been punished by arties in both replays. It was just to luck that it didn’t happen. You moved very predictable in my opinion, so if I was in an arty I would definitely take some blind shots at you, which I rarely take.

    • The arties did fire at me multiple times in the FB battle. The 2nd battle, I was mostly arty safe until I got perpendicular near our spawn, and I was moving quite a bit and if they’re firing there is a long travel time.

      It is what it is. You can’t not do what needs doing because there are arties.

      As a purple with high account WN8 (over 2850), I attract a disproportionate amount of fire from arties, so I am very used to it.

  33. Chandler Kristoff

    No interest in getting this tank, but watched the video anyway just to see some good tier 8 matches haha, I’m having trouble with my T-44, maybe watching your T-54 mod 1 videos will help 🙂

  34. mahamudra mahamudraa

    This video will be absolete in a month or two due to current noob hunting meta on fishermans bay map. However this video might raise awareness of noobs and shift meta to a decent standart faster.

    • I doubt that.

      The 6 line bushes provide excellent camo-spotting.

      It was a good map change, the middle and sides are much more connected now.

  35. Every time I try to chat with allies to tell them where I will be spotting with my light tanks, I get replies like this, “jajajaj” or some response in mexican if I get any response at all. I play on the NA central server.

  36. I really wish you would stop firing through bushes that arent solid

    • Yes, I talked about that in the video.

      There are times when it’s OK, e.g. the target isn’t looking at you.

      But other times, like the last shot on the T34, does entail some risk.

      It’s a good idea – if you have the time – to back up so the bushes are solid, then fire. But sometimes you gotta take the shot when you have it.

  37. LOL who knows what arty players are thinking!!

  38. Does this guy stream?

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