WZ-132A Unicum Review/Guide, How to Play Fjords and Malinovka in 1.0

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Source: Taugrim

I review the WZ-132A, a tier 9 Chinese in of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Malinovka and Fjords battles.

I discuss how to spot correctly from the Malinovka north spawn in standard mode and the changes made in 1.0 to the middle of the Fjords map.

The WZ-132A continues the trend for Chinese light tanks of packing unusually good firepower for a light tank.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb alpha (320)
+ Superb silver penetration (220)
+ Enough hull and turret armor to prevent overmatch frontally
+ Gun caliber (100mm) enables overmatch against 30mm armor
– Very poor gun depression (-5)
– Poor accuracy (0.42 base)
– Below average top speed (64)
– Below average HP (1250)
– Mediocre view range (390), but enough to get to 445m without Vents or BIA
– High silver AP shell cost impacts profitability

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full and FAQs:

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  1. First one for a great video/series. Excellent tactics and best practices as always

  2. Can you redo the sp 1 c? It lost it’s auto loader and now it’s a completely different tank.

    • I asked him about that a while back and he said he no longer plays that tank since it lost the autoloader.

    • It’s not so much that it lost the autoloader, but rather I have no interest nor available crew for it.

      I’m low on gold at the moment (~1k) and am spending it carefully.

      I’m not a fan of the German light tank line – they’re so vulnerable to HE and over 3x overmatch and I find those annoying.

  3. 3rd comment btw if you don’t care don’t reply

  4. taugrim i cant do any of this i have 2 skills crew so it doesnt matter i always get spotted even tho i am in the same spot in same tank i guess i will never be a good spotter 🙁

    • +Kappa Not to take anything away from Taugrim, who is an excellent player (far better than I am), but for lots of outstanding content devoted almost exclusively to light tanks, go see Dreadshells (he has not been active lately because of a very sick family member, but the fundamentals don’t change and he’s insanely good) and Ilya Red. It’s criminal how few subscribers those guys have, given how much you can learn from them.. In any event, you’ll rarely if ever see binocs or camo nets on any of their LTs.

    • thx really man 🙂 never had an idea about all that i even thought camo is most important for lights to make ur self hard 2 spot. you do alot of great videos of normal maps show case lights power to change the game however,in maps like himmelsdorf never saw a light be effective in it especially wz struggles because of depression 🙁 never saw a light tank have a real role in those kind of maps hopefully in future i will learn how u deal with these maps :).btw u only one who gives real good tips about light tanks so it was really awesome to watch ur movements and relocations .

    • Camo *is* important for light tanks. The issue is that the camo net only activates if you are not moving your hull (or only rotating in the SWE TDs). That makes it practically worthless for a light tank, since a light tank has always-on camo even when moving and lights have awesome mobility, which you should leverage intelligently.

      Camo net is really only for TDs.

      Lights obviously can struggle in city maps. I had some excellent recordings from pre-1.0 of light tank gameplay in cities, but I deleted all that footage since the new graphics look great.

      I’ll try to get some good footage of lights on city maps.

    • I’m not familiar with Dreadshells, but I have watched Ilya Red’s content and can vouch he publishes quality videos.

      Thanks for sharing the recommendations.

    • Yep, camo net doesn’t make you a better spotter, especially in higher tiers, it only “falsely” allows you to take a shot while camoed. Still even in low tiers this often doesn’t work, as there might be an enemy light close enough never spotted before (so you don’t even know he’s there) that it’s much better to pull back into double bush which gives you way more camo on firing than the camo net.
      I only eqip camo net on high tier Swedish TD’s, as the bonus to their already awesome camo is 90% enough to be able to fire securely without the need of puling back, also because it works fuly in siege mode too. They have binocs equipped due to the same cause (it works while moving and turning in siege mode too).
      In lower tiers the camo and binos might be equipped on high camo TD’s too, especially the turreted, like T67 (although I didn’t the camo net even on T67), I believe I had it instead on the pesky brit tier IV (although not turreted) as it had a small caliber gun with good gun arc and good camo when firing at fast rate and it worked miracle.

  5. really good content. Keep up the great work m8. Love the Cinese ights.

  6. Hey Taugrim! Judging fron your voice, are you feeling under the weather lately ?! 😛 if yes, i wish you get better fast man! Excellent video btw (as always)!

  7. damn bro, if i could hand you a glass of water, i would. you sound thirsty. ANYWAYS good video, keep em coming. criminally underrated.

  8. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Your mic sounds a bit different today. or maybe I’m going mad. Sounds deeper though I swear.

    • or Ed’s ill…

    • Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

      Trey Alsup oh no, guess he’s gonna die :

    • I’m not sick from anything that would affect my voice. I just recorded as soon as I woke up, and I probably wasn’t at a normal level of hydration.

      On a health note, I did have 2 bouts of staph infections, after picking it up from a cut from sparring in kickboxing. That’s been a serious pain in the ass to deal with, but I’m getting better.

  9. nice gameplay 🙂 I got featured at the end yay 😀

    • You’ve been super generous so I definitely appreciate it.

      I haven’t accepted the STA-2 nor 112 yet – I’m still waiting to see if there’s something I’d rather have.

    • I heard that there was gonna be a new british medium premium tank tier 8 It’s not in testing yet but its on its way I can say that for sure 😀 Oh btw I’m saving up to get u the tier 8 French heavy tank Amx m4 mle 49 and the WZ- 120 -1G-FT :D. U’ll be getting reinforcement tanks really soon to keep your morale high 😀

  10. That Ace Tanker decal must be WGNA only 🙁 Have not seen it on EU.

    • On NA we have rotating regular events, where 4 specific tanks have an Ace Tanker Mastery mission. It’s fun, but most of the time I either don’t have one of those tanks or don’t want to play it at the time the event is running.

  11. Thank you taugrim. You guides are very educational and make me wanna be a better tanker. You have the capability of explaining what to do in different situations and it’s like being in the mind of unicum. Thanks to you my recent wn8 is around 1800 while it was 500 before. Big thanks to you.

    • Going from 500->1800 Recent WN8 is a huge step up – grats on making such visible progress in your gameplay 🙂

    • Taugrim All thanks to you and other people guides.


      I took time to raise my recent wn8 (yesterday it was 1800 now for the past 24 hours it is 1300).


      The steps i took in order to improve (thanks to you):


      1- Learning the weak spots of the tanks am facing (avoid using gold ammo).

      2- Learning the map tactics (good positions for each tank type).

      3- Always looking at the mini map, having situational awareness will help wining more games.

      4- Never fighting alone or trying to hold a flank by yourself (learning when to retreat).

      5- Using the same tank over and over, currently am using the AMX M4 49.

      6- Using 100% crew and some equipment’s.

      7- I never play when the ping is bad (ms 170+), as my best ping is ms 140.


      My target:


      1- To be consistent in my WN8, 1500 wn8 over a month then increase it next month, my in game id is deadline90 on EU.

      2- Play in the AMX M4 49, 500 battles (now 100 battles with first mark).

      3- Thanks to you guide Taugrim i will try to play some light tanks now I have the 59-16 but without sixth sense.


      I really appreciate your guides and I watch them more than one time. Keep it up bro.

      Wish for more guides for these new maps.

  12. Fjords is so fking broken now it’s retarded that someone is actually paid to make that garbage. The north spawn might as well just GG and afk because most time its a complete steamroll.

    No offense but could you actually but up some game play that doesn’t consist of prok, malinovka and south spawn fjords? I saw you had one for the new fishermans bay which was nice.

    • Chris it’s the only maps unicums can play good on. Where they can abuse camo and view range to win. You will never see him upload a video on himmelsdorf or ensk.

    • > could you actually but up some game play that doesn’t consist of prok, malinovka and south spawn fjords

      In reverse order, here are the maps I’ve featured in recent light tank videos:
      1. Malinovka (this video and one for the Chaffee)
      2. Fjords (this video)
      3. Fisherman’s Bay (WZ-132)
      4. Mountain Pass (WZ-132)
      5. Steppes (T-54 ltwt)
      6. Erlenberg (T-54 ltwt)
      7. Fjords (T-54 ltwt)
      8. Serene Coast (T-54 ltwt)
      9. Airfield (LTTB)
      10. Paris (Type 64)

      So, of the 3 maps you mentioned:
      0 of Prokhorovka
      1 of Malinovka
      2 of Fjords

      There were 7 other maps I’ve covered…LOL.

      South spawn Fjords is garbage IMO. I prefer north as I can camo-vision the A/B lane.

  13. Sorry but, what kind of equip do use???

  14. William Taylor Payne

    I’m really glad to see another of your videos. Would you also mind making a video of your thoughts on the new patch? It’s the beginning of balancing gold shells too. So would be nice to hear your thoughts.

    • I like most of the map changes but I think the 1.0 versions of Fjords and Erlenberg suck.

      The 1.0 graphics are epic and I’m surprised how smoothly the game runs, so long as you install it on an SSD.

      I’ll wait to see real details on the re-balancing of gold ammo – we don’t know what WG is going to do.

    • William Taylor Payne

      Taugrim Yeah SSD is my issue. I have a HDD and I have to disable sound to spawn in at normal times.

    • Yea I originally played 1.0 on a HDD, and I’d spawn in mid-to-late countdown, and about 15 seconds after the battle starts my client freezes for 5-10 seconds, which is really disruptive in a tank like a light tank.

      So at the suggestion of a friend, avalon304, I moved it to SSD and it’s been great since. On my 3.5-year old gaming laptop I’m playing on Maximum (2nd lowest, below Ultra) and seeing 55+ FPS consistently.

  15. Interesting to see you don’t retrain crew to BIA with 4skills. 8)

    • If I retrain the crew to BIA, I’ll lose repairs, which I value.

      Right now my crew repairs faster than many tank’s reload, so if I get tracked and my repair kit is on cooldown, it’s not game over for me.

      Plus, it costs gold and I don’t have much at the moment.

  16. So how about the tank itself, Taugrim? You barely touched it even though the rest of contents are still great as usual lol

    • It’s basically an up-tier WZ-132.

      Mechanically, the tank has similar strengths: unusually good alpha and silver pen for a light tank, but horrible gun depression and soft turret armor can limit the terrain you can functionally fight on.

  17. Ooh can’t wait to hear the Taugnalysis ™ of the Lorraine 40T! I think you’re going to like it.

  18. Please do a next one on the hwk because no one can figure it out. Or do the RU251

  19. Good advice again not getting spotted is a art form and you really have to hone that skill from tier 5 to tier 8 war gaming got the clippers out and have trimmed down the bushes a lot .

    • Hmmm.

      I think most maps have plenty of soft cover to work with, aside from a few city maps (e.g. Himmelsdorf).

      I haven’t noticed a reduction in soft cover in 1.0 – I’d argue it’s the opposite, actually.

  20. Another great video ?

  21. i would pay you to teach me if we were on the same server, thanks for all your guides they are extremely helpful!

  22. I would personally love to see a guide to stepping up to tier X, I just cant seem to play well at that tier, also my win rates are terrible at that tier also. Not really sure if a guide is possible or just overall skills need to increase.

  23. I don’t like the new Fjords, scouting feels like playing russian roulette.

  24. 20:00 “…that allows me to do things like-(teammate backs into your shot)” I literally laughed out loud

  25. Great vid. I am looking forward to the Lorr 40t vid. I love mine but I definitely could be a lot better. I tend to play it like a light with a better gun and less cammo.

  26. Sup Taugrim, Spatty_Cakes btw. Yeah just getting back into WoT a bit and come back to find out all these major map changes. Sucks relearning to play, but learning maps at the same time is just icing on the cake. Just wanted to say im finding these map “guides” nice it allows me to learn places w/o getting myself killed in game finding them. If ya want to hit up a few games let me know Ill try not to drag ya down, but that said I think I’m getting back to my purple self. O_o BTW if you dont have the WZ-132-1, you will be pleased to know the turret is super bouncy and you can sorta play it hull down like a russian med….

  27. Taugrim, I used your technique on Malinovka today in a AMX T 12. Tier 6 game 4,500 spotting, 600 damage, win, Ace tanker. One of my better spotting games.
    On Fjords from that spawn, I had used that position before but I found that you really can only spot there and what you do spot your hidden TDS cant shoot because its behind the hill. I think its better just to contest the middle hill. I did that recently and found it worked better than sitting on the road. But its a game to game issue, based on teams, tier standing and deployment. North spawn has more freedom of movement and better sniping positions from cover, South spawn is very dependent that the team deploys right at the beginning. lose that middle hill and South spawn is in big trouble, not so much from the North spawn in my opinion.

    • Grats on your Ace Tanker. The 12t is especially good at passive spotting as its camo values are very high.

      I’ll have to experiment more with middle hill. I think it’s a strong position but only if you don’t get isolated and rekt there.

    • South can have a very strong position at the northern pass; if that is taken, then it is also easier to contest the middle hill. That pass can only be taken by North if they push with clear hp and dpm advantage.

    • The problem for south spawn going up to the A/B lanes is that they are vulnerable to arty and snipers on the western side of the field. In addition, smart light tank drivers can camo-spot the A/B lanes as there are bushes on the west side of the pass.

  28. Hi Taugrim,
    I’ve heard a lot about this spot and how it distracts heavies from doing their job i.e. attacking the hill. Do you think this has any merit, and if so, why would you go here? Seems kinda selfish :3

  29. 9:55 I just call it a Shmutz

  30. New mike?

    • No, it’s called recording right after you roll out of bed. Probably not a good idea for voice quality, but I wanted to get this video finished and published.

  31. could you please try to filter out your mouth noises pls (good video ^^)

    • I won’t record anymore right after waking up in the morning. It noticeably affects the audio quality.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  32. Keep buddy

  33. A comment on the first game… You got lucky in the sense that your whole team didn’t just tunnel vision on the tanks you lit right at the start… I find more often than not when a light rushes that spot my team will outright stop their advance up the hill because our maus, or t110e5 or wz 5a might have a shot on a moving target 500+m away… It is a great spot though, but at the beginning of the battle it can be way more counter productive than productive. The spot I go to is C7-D7-D8. Which gives my team enough time to get into their more advanced sniping positions and it usually doesn’t produce window lickers like your spot sometimes can.

    One of these days Taugrim I’d like to toon up with you to share some more indepth concepts. I’m no 3k wn8 player, but all of my tanks that are less than 1 year old are all 60-80% winrates. So I do know a thing or two.

    Great work as usual, keep it up. Lots of people appreciate the visual and audible tips and tricks in your style. Thanks.
    Philspamoni NA


    Is it me or u sound different?

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