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Source: SirCircon

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111 1-4 The Chinese heavy Tank!


  1. Juan more time! 😉 Live in an hour at http://www.twitch.tv/circon Hope to see you there!

  2. Stop this Circon, the Juans are taking over your mind!

  3. you play tanks good but you have no respect for the rest of the players, and that insult with s..k my d..k to all the players from that game it’s just an abuse, because they cannot answer you, and shows that you are just another uneducated prick with a big mouth and sand in this head. it’s a shame that all these kids watch you and you talk like a jerk. respect the others and you will show respect to you, otherwise u are just a prick.

  4. Koca Yüarakli Adam 27

    southern usa belongs to the aztecs get the fuck out from there back to europe fking cucks

  5. Ultima Ratio Regum

    Nice,i saw this video about 2 months ago

  6. I think you forgot 1 Juan Circon 😀

  7. Hope everyone is having a Juanderful day!

  8. Jeeze Circon, did you trip over a black cat, stumble under a ladder, and crash into a gypsy mirror before this game? RNGesus had it out for you.

  9. Wang brothers strike again!

  10. Gary van der Merwe

    That T95 fire was a thing of beauty!

  11. SirCircon – makes seal clubbing high tiers look so easy

  12. Did someone call me?

  13. As a Hispanic the title is offensive… I approve

  14. Foch should play more chinese tanks, then he gets no depression anymore

  15. SirFoch <3

  16. Comes home from pub half-cut > Watches SirCircon vid > Loads WOT > Gets destroyed > goes to bed > Rinse, repeat

  17. I call this tank the four one four.

  18. Found you just lately and been wondering whats the flag thing with your face cam? And btw where you shot the Conqueror there is 25-25-25 spaced armor over the 50.8mm hull armor, so good luck overmatching that 🙂

  19. what does Juan mean ?

  20. The godly voice of Foch 😀

  21. About Primo Victoria (aka Strv 81) APPARENTLY stock APCR has 1300m/s and gold has 1400m/s and funny thing is that normal 20-pdr in tech tree has “only” 1275 on gold (1083 I think on AP) which is hilarious. Literally better Ceenturion

  22. 4:25 ALWAYS happens to me. Almost 3rd mark: nope, have shit teams and RNG

  23. Is that a sound glitch at 10:58?

  24. I don’t play this shitty game. Honestly…makes me so pissed off. Fuck WG. But I love watching Circ rofl stomping their bitch asses

  25. Wat is Juan actually?

  26. Circon, you have the 5A yet?

  27. 8:35 guy talking about pen dot. No. Red means that nominal thickness is >max pen. Yellow means it’s below max pen but above min pen. And green means nominal thickness below min pen. Nominal = unangled. So you can bounce even green. (also from what I’ve experienced – game actually calculates pen dropoff). And I think there’s grey one for spaced armor but I’m not sure (I never rely on it)

  28. Foch shouting in the background …. “Don’t forget that invite” like an old lady in a nursing home lolz …

  29. that crit on bat chat tho

  30. Som strok ket , Circon strok beered .

  31. Salty circon

  32. The _juan and only_

    *disappears faster than the French Army in 1940*

  33. where are you from Sir?

  34. stop stealing foches memes hes gonna copy right your ass

  35. I watch you try so hard and it helps. thanks Circon…

  36. 1 million of free experience… but WTF !?! why?

  37. Man I love the WZ 111 1-4. Even stock its a joy to play

  38. 8:25… *I KNOW THAT FEEL BRO*

    I think we need to have a talk about your single Patrol Duty in the WZ-111 1-4…
    You gotta scout more with your heavies bro…

  39. More Foch!

  40. Left a like for that amazing title haha

  41. Pyro Circ… fire… it’s a thing of beauty…. lols all the way

  42. i can’t wait for the tier 12 wz 1111111111111111111

  43. Suck my dick! All of you! Circ 🙂

  44. WZ Meme Meme Meme

  45. just saw a war thunder add on a wot video and the ad said”tired of rng?choose war thunder” omfg i am dieing right now

  46. Frederick Burkert

    How many gay Mexicans does it take to screw in a light bulb – Juan on Juan.

  47. Foch is alive ?

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