XBOX Care Package From War Thunder! (War Thunder Xbox One X Gameplay)

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XBOX Care Package From War Thunder! (War Thunder Xbox One X Gameplay)


  1. *STREAMING VERY SOON ETA 1 Hour.* Here is stream link –

  2. mslayer122 richardson

    I don’t see an update for navy on console today.

  3. Do you think if you have an account on ps4 will the stuff you have transfer or do you have to start over again

  4. Georgekiller Washington

    PS4 is always better. So easy to play

  5. YES!!! yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes I flippin love this game and now I can play it on my xbox

  6. Why did I pick Sony?

  7. Megabytes? Are you sure that was not megabits?

  8. I can rekkk pc gamers on analog

  9. He’s right you know. Flying on console is very tough. Every kill feels like a great achievement

  10. I have waited so long…

  11. A Xbox One X box inside a box.

  12. Im jealous… I plan on getting an Xbox One X soon

  13. Why no XM-1 (Chrysler)?

  14. Wish they would make this game actually free to play on Xbox

  15. Why would people be mad at you for giving something a new life?

    Wouldn’t the Tirpitz’s crew want their ship to do something better than just rot at the bottom of the sea?

  16. Anyone got 20$ I can borrow to get the game

  17. I swear to god i think i’ve run into you in real life before.

  18. i never play War Thunder on console. i can’t get the button mapping to stay the way i set it

  19. The whole story of cross play began with Sony asking Microsoft to do Cross-Play and Microsoft basically told them to get stuffed. Then Sony began to win the console wars and Microsoft tried to ask Sony to Cross-Play. Microsoft got rejected and they deserved it.

  20. That intro gday Ned Kelly

  21. That’s one cool xbone. I’m quite envious

  22. Haha phlee in the Science experiments all ready haha hell yeah Stevvvvvvvve

  23. U lucky bastard haha early Christmas 🎄 present 🎁

  24. Now i have a horrible PC but have been playing war thunder for years now (2012) so can we get our PC accounts connected to the Xbox like you can on the ps4?
    if someone can respond and answer this for me, would be great thanks

  25. Peanuts more important.

  26. do you get the new profile picture as a emblem

  27. I watch these videos only because of the professional gameplay.

  28. Congratulations phly

  29. introoooooo very nice:)

  30. Press LB to zoom in. Oh wait is it? Cuz L2 in PS4.

  31. One wing is good, but two are better

  32. Oh so phly this is a good opurtunity to start over and give us a actual series (mostly the germans baby)

  33. World of tanks will die and when does come out for free

  34. More early tank tiers please!

  35. Yes! Finally I can play with my friends

  36. So… there’s no possibility to play on my current account?

  37. Steve.. if any1 has a problem with how you do YOU … Mr Garrison them and F.T.A.2.D

  38. More players = more subs amirite

  39. It’s hard enough playing on PS4 at least I have the touch pad that sort of acts like a mouse.

  40. Send me some of those peunuts please… Maybe…

  41. Lenni Väisänen

    Do you know when naval thingy is coming out to ps4?

  42. 400$ xbox for 6 min of gameplay, what a scam

  43. Who cares about war-thunder I want to know what’s up in that ceiling hatch above your head.

  44. Can’t stop laughing while watching. Love your vids!

  45. LOL IDK why but i love him

  46. I play on ps4 germans with the controllers i just got the me163

  47. Damn 4k? 1080p? I play on the ultra low graphic setting at 15-25 fps 😂 😭

  48. So never gonna be xbox vs ps4? ;(

  49. My Ps4 downloads even the biggest war thunder updates in less than 5 minutes 😃

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