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XBOX CONTROLLER [War Thunder Tank Gameplay]

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  1. i like turtles pls like

  2. cerberus the exucutioner

    phly i play warthunder on ps4 it truly isnt that hard, just need to learn to not put in full directional input on the sticks, just gradually apply preassure in the direction you want it to move, it makes it far easier to aim once you learn how to do that, good attempt though

  3. Most assist kills in a battle but no real kills if you get a kill you lose try using something like a t 34 or anything attempt #1

  4. phly, youve definitely gotten more, verbal, lol its ok though

  5. That was the dank

  6. The Russian fridge and the Russian Death Star attempt 1

  7. get 4 kills using the artillery (lower BR)

  8. Now try comet apds only with a controller!

  9. I used to play console

    Then i discovered PCs Woah, Technology

  10. 5:17 *wohoo guys i gonna start to use the controller from now on bois*
    5:22 *no no no no, noo*

  11. Alright fly new challenge do what you had to here WITH ONE HAND.

  12. KV-2 in a top tier match.

  13. Kinda like Halo controls… Hmm… We want you to play Halo!!!

  14. Lol Stalinium tenk Jjj

    This is like me playing war thunder anyways

  15. homer trump the bad youtuber

    why can’t the bv 238 have sabre jet engines it would make it take off faster

  16. 9:46 I hope that you know it isn’t called bin laden xD its the german of loaded xD but well thats ok 😀

  17. Pennsylvania Personally

    How do I get my xbox one controller used for Warthunder by the way I have a laptop.

  18. That was sick Phly, play low tier with a controller!

  19. Anyone who went from console to PC knows the struggle aha Flying with a controller is a whole other story..

  20. Challenge play in inverted mode with 3 shots and .50 cal attempts 1

  21. Phly do the baby combo asu-57 and I-15p with rocks or bombs

  22. Challenge: Take japanese Sherman, or any other american vehicles from japanese tree, to Simulator battles and infiltrate to enemy lines. Let’s see how that gonna work. ^^
    Attempt #6

  23. Stronk Tonk – PhlyDaily 2017

  24. bin laden isn’t geladen (which means reloaded). XD

  25. A6M5 Zero and Ki-49 llb Donryu/Late RISING SUN COMBO (attempt 30, take out each in a separate match)

  26. challange: panzerbattalion. get a squad of 5 men (tiger H1 or E) where you pick the panzerbefehlswagen (commander). Do realistic/simulator, hope you enjoy it.

  27. 2:23 who closed their eyes?

  28. omfg StepBrothers SHIRT!!!!

  29. Planes with a controller. It’s not fun!?

  30. Challenge take the brumbar out and take out a plane
    Attempt 1

  31. do a setup tour

  32. try next with planes

  33. screw the controller only boi play warthunder on a ps4 with a controller haha

  34. dont ever get a ps4 ohly it is awful and there is no halo ?

  35. all these wanabes in here smh

  36. Phly, the evolution of warfare has gone beyond tank treads and simple kinetic weapons. Play Mwomercs and take out the signature mech of death the Atlas onto the battlefield. (attempt 2)

  37. hillacoptering tree

  38. your screams of desperation are too damn funny 😀

  39. love the text it’s a nice little touch lol

  40. Impossible! How does he do it? XD

  41. How to play ,,Maus” Tank and Killls 5.

  42. PhlyDaily please do mosquito 57mm ground strike because my great great grandfather died when landing because his plane caught on fire

  43. Challenge play with the XBox controller and try to survive a round in realistic jet battles with a Swordfish 😉 but play offensive



  46. KV-II 754r and German IL2: Karma Combo!
    Attempt #1

  47. 9:46 not “Bin Laden”, the loader said “Geladen”

  48. Phly I wish my grass was emo

    So it can cut itself

  49. conTROLLER

  50. The controller on air sim battles is actually quite easy to use if you set it up right.

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