Xbox One spotlight // Tiger I / “Burning bright no more”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

It’s been a while since last one of these, and as ever, it’s going to be a pretty good game – though it comes jolly close to going the wrong way entirely.


World of Tanks a free-to-play online, tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Yassen Krassen’s stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog (customised), XVM minimap & garage features


  1. The funny thing is that Windows is working on consolidating the Xbox games
    as both PC and Xbox. We may see Halo on the windows store sold for both

  2. no hyper I’m not on both counts.definately not,my channel is for me and my
    friends I play WOT with and who was being a dick?

  3. Nice to see some love for us console peasants! It’s also quite interesting
    seeing how you commentate with no control over the camera :)

  4. @bendavis,do you work for them? how do you know and what platform do you
    play on

  5. I have asked pointyhaired Jedi not you,so if you have nothing of interest
    to say,say nothing

  6. watch some of the Xbox replays.I have a replay called’enemy team using lag
    switch’ have a look,not the best quality but watchable,some 360 SERVERS
    been pulled in favour of Xbox 1

  7. it is well known,a thought,an opinion is all I’s well talked about
    in WOT forums

  8. no doubt there will be no reply to my comment,none of you ever have just as
    long as you all get the subscribers,likes and comments eh

  9. no doubt there will be no reply to my comment,none of you ever have just as
    long as you all get the subscribers,likes and comments eh

  10. hmmmm not impressed,nothing from anyone on the total bum deal Xbox 360 are
    getting in favour of Xbox one.none of you I.e. PHJ.jingles,quickie,MF TV
    getting sorry I subscribed to your channel

  11. Savage Gerbil V

    When making sweeping statements like “…the rest of the team did nothing.”
    bear in mind that light tanks i.e. spotters when doing their primary role
    of spotting rarely get the damage scores. This from a player of lights that
    frequently is in the front line and never fires a shot if playing the
    passive role.
    Just saying….

  12. Thanks for this video Jedi, got let go from my job today so I need a pick
    me up.

  13. Someone asked QB to do some console replays and he had a mini freak out and
    said he wouldn’t know how. Then you put up a third console game. Haha.
    Thanks for doing that, and showing some love to xbox world of tanks,
    Maybe I’ll try to capture a replay for you to use.

  14. madfriday is a beast. played with him in a teir 10 match that he pulled out
    the win for us and he saw 4.9k damage and a top gun in the e5 as a bad game
    even though he carried. More youtubers that already have pc followers
    ahould jump onto the console because there are tons of subscribers that
    only play console and only have 1 or 2 youtubers to follow like mad.

  15. Definitely a different perspective on the game.

  16. If I could transfer my account to a console version, I would. A mod free
    environment would be great.

    Thanks for the up jedi.

  17. This looks as weird as it does b/c it has no shadows.

  18. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Video quality is fine by me

  19. I’ve tried playing WoT on console but it confused me. (also grindng console
    doesn’t sound fun right now)

  20. Great game MadFriday… no xvm to tell how many tomatoes on your team.
    Some pretty tense action with those TD’s at the end.

  21. graphics are bad like this replay, in actual game. there really good.its
    just this replay for some reason

  22. Good game….although getting “damage done” badges for blind shots seems a
    bit unfair to me. Feels almost like an intended cheat by the developers.

  23. those graphics tho :O


    Wow I don’t remember the game looking this bad in prior Xbox replays. They
    clearly have a ways to go to make this platform look better. :|

  25. Casual Nerf Dragon (Nerf mods and paint-jobs)

    I saw someone today who had over 100 games in the tiger (p), but was still
    using the 10,5 derp

  26. ayy lmao

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