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  1. 80000 xp from that game wtf? Have things changed since I last played haha

  2. Great stuff Circon! I love the daily videos. I just wish you could find the Waffle highlight 😀 Keep up the good work

  3. What game is this? Xd

  4. But what are we going to do without circDeal D: That’s like the most majestic thing ever

  5. going live now with World of Tanks at http://www.twitch.tv/circon 😀 See you there 😀

    • +SirCircon Circon if it is not to much work for a video, you could do Armoured warfare tank reviews. There is likely none on youtube and you could do what you did on the IS-3A for the reviews.

  6. Just had a game in BMD-1 where somehow i won 1v4 in the end and did 6,5k dmg and got 8 kills. Good lil tank id say

  7. Why is the category under “Travel & Events”?

  8. Circ, are you going to upload the 7k Tier 4 heartbreak?

  9. more AW please !
    +1 matchmaking wow ! NA server is 99% +2 matchmaking , EU has it sweet

  10. very nice play, Patient, shot priority & ammo selection + – gotta love some1 gave it thumbs down lol – probably an insta hater
    all the best going forward Circon 🙂

  11. *Circon* what do you think about the penetration indicator in AW showing the actual chance of penetrating the target *including angling*, compared to WoT where it only shows chance of penetrating the target *without angeling* ?

  12. Be me
    Watching drunk on 240p bcause bad internet
    still enjoying bcause circon.

  13. Dutch process cocoa brought me here…


  14. Circ, im wondering why you dont play War Thunder? Or i think you actually do but you stop doing it, why ?

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