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  1. why are people still playing this pos game?

  2. “The afk jag 88 did a better game than artillery” lmao

  3. Of course the only Japanese tank that survives the longest is the almighty Chi-Ri!!!

  4. Have u found da con-wey yet, bruddah?

  5. 10/10 would yolo again! (Thought process of the japanese heavys)

  6. circon op youtube…. en hij zit weer te eten 😛 zijn er trouwens t’shirts met jou hoofd en de woorden “nice meme”? ik zou er wel eentje willen 🙂 thnx voor de mooie filmpkus!!

  7. Click on the video, press the number “2” , repeat until satisfied.

  8. Prokhorovka is the worst map in this game, unless you are stuck at a light tank mission.

    • its pretty easy to play in a medium tank, especially if you have turret armor. Just ride that ridge, spot a lot of stuff and pray that your team knows how to left click… which is a lot to ask for.

    • Viktor Grahl that’s the dumbest thing I’ve read today but it’s still early !

  9. Hallo leuteeee

  10. Is the title a Gojira reference?

  11. Circon referencing Gojira? Now he’s referenced both of my favorite bands

  12. Stops, aims CAREFULLY……….
    “misses by SEVERAL AU…..”
    fires while MOVING at a MOVING target….
    Hit’s DEAD CENTER of mass, shaves off almost half health…..

  13. hey guys i wanna know the lorr 40 camouflage have + 3 % ?

  14. Already at 100mil… Boi

  15. Can anyone tell me how I can get that amour penetration thing the he uses?

  16. Meanwhile in Waffle-land………grinding into the map border at 45 degrees…

  17. I’m trying to two mark the E 50M but I either get crap teams or I just don’t play aggressive enough. What should I do?.

  18. You should do a series about meme games like this one, it would be kinda great

  19. O-NI knows da wae

  20. jtiger 8.8 is holding base guys……do not worry….. with his fatass in the cap circle the enemies wont fit in

  21. this map is great btw, dont know why you hate it so much. because its campy? whats the issue cir

  22. oh kurva the afk 8,8 has more xp than the arta

  23. Ooooo Gojira

  24. And that’s what you get when a bad player with 1441 battles and a WN8 of 60 buys a tier 8 premium.

  25. wow, you are a Gojira fan?

  26. I think this is one if the better maps

    • this is one of the worst maps….

    • Alexander Krikorian

      Then you’re just objectively wrong. It has the worst, least dynamic gameplay of any map. It’s honestly even more stale than city maps, if you look at the heatmap for this map it shows only ~4 positions where people go THE ENTIRE GAME. Cities, while mainly a brawl, at least have the ability to flank and change the engagement, but on prok there is only one line of engagement with basically no possibility to flank and counter-flank.

    • Alexander Krikorian remember Komarin?

    • I like to play scouts, city maps kinda suck in scouts. This map has something for every kind of tank. I know where to go on this map no matter what I’m driving.

  27. I would rather play that map than Stalingrad, Pilson, and Kharkov any day…..

  28. Actually, I have done about 10,000 spotting from that bush in a game. Lol 🙂

  29. Can we see something else besides premium tanks??

  30. Hehe. I uninstalled this game about 1 and a half year ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. At first I was scared to do it since I invested so much time and money into it, but at one point, being the only decent player in a match full of top tier braindead morons, I decided to quit. Never felt bad about it. I highly suggest you people to do the same. I still enjoy watching Circon perform his wonders on Youtube though. Peace.

  31. aww i thought you were gonna post mcdonalds CDC

  32. Says move + How do use keyboard I do but sits at the same spot whole game and shoots tanks others find for him 😀 If only he was in a dedicated sniper tank or something it would be fine but half of the time he uses other to get kills or rack up damage here . I am not saying he is not a good player overall and other people don’t play all that good mostly but omg is he … you know what … whatever I don’t care 😀

    • Emrah Ekinci well do you have to risk your ass when the spotting have already been done for you?

      If a position is good, take it

      Better than running like a headless chicken and pretend that you are “re-position” to look good

    • Yeah, you care or you wouldn’t have written the comment. Nice try though.

  33. U witnessed another day in world of tanks. What else is new.

  34. What is Lowe? Baby don’t hurt me

  35. i always think that su 122 44 have pref mm…

  36. Gets hit by arty for 600. Teams are half epileptic. I see things are still working as intended

  37. Woulda lost without that Chi Ri

  38. full health Lowe in the back at end of game…

  39. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    how does he make 100k credits a match when i cant even make 40k credits with a booster, tier 8 prem, premium account lol. doesnt matter how much damage i do, not even using gold rounds. or anything that eats credits. amazing.

  40. I went e1 in my tier 8 russian medium tank. Did 4k spotting and 3k damage. I guess 28% stationary camo may be russian bias

  41. This guy is so good I just hit the like button at the start.

  42. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    what is the name of the server reticle you use circon??

  43. 5:25
    *Old Man Voice* “Well he sure likes pinging the map!”

  44. You witnessed the stupidity of mankind.

  45. That Jg Tiger increased his win rate with no effort ???? kappa

  46. I know it seems weird but Circon has more gold, credits and free XP that players on the test server! Nice meme!!!!!

  47. Circon maybe you should try td camping on hill behind base. 😛

  48. 1000th video like gg

  49. O-HO at the start of the game: “I will charge in if you do too O-NI”
    *O-NI charges in*

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