YEEHAW! – Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) – World of Tanks

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The first Wheeled Vehicle is here.. What you think?

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  1. Love your reactions. Of course, Armored Warfare has had wheeled vehicles for a LONG time, and they’re just as fun!

  2. Meanwhile in war thunder…

  3. YeeeeeeeeeHAW

  4. Would be nice to hear your opinion on wheeled vehicles in wot, now that you had a chance to actually play one for a while.

  5. I noticed at 1:16 in the video you acquired target (auto aimed) on the enemy scout. In any tank you could not have done so, the enemy was behind a hill…is this part of the new aiming mechanic for the Panhard? An aimbot?

    • The Mage go back and look at it again and apply the rules for autoaiming. You’ll see this was normal behavior. His aim point is on the target and he briefly gets an outline on the target when the aim locks. Exactly as it should work. Know your game mechanics.

  6. If racing was a game mode in world of tanks, this would be a must buy.

  7. This vehicle is not a scout…piss poor view range, cannot use camo net or binocs, the damn thing is an infiltrator/flanker…you’ll be spotted by heavies before you’ll spot them. Well, unless we want to create a new class of scout, not the active or passive scout, but instead the proxy spotter scout, lol.

  8. When can we get one?

  9. iT’s sO Op Ehheeeyyy

  10. WOT playerbase spends 6 years trying to convince light tank players that suicide scouting is never a good idea. Wargaming has a fundamental disagreement with that notion.

  11. GAS GAS GAS + Initial D = Dis shit

  12. Troller Stroller needs a wee bit more view range

  13. This thing is sick.

  14. Another push it to the limit highlight?

  15. Circon if you don’t have “Running in the 90s” playing in the background the next time you play these tanks I’ll be sorely disappointed.

  16. I am not sure if you should be allowed to use this…

  17. Oh, you are super fast and agile? Let me hit a spot 5m away from you and destroy 3 of 4 your wheels. Arty…

  18. Holy fuck did this guy not read anything on this tank? Doesn’t boost at all and tries to maneuver in rapid mode…. amazing community contributors WG has.

  19. Pump it up, pump it up fooh fooh XD

  20. THAT WAS INSANE!!!!! Awesome playing Circon.

  21. That was fun indeed!

  22. Circon sealclubs even tier X?

  23. firstly IS-3A, then this shit. well, I guess this isn’t the game for me anymore. it’s time to pack my suitcases. RIP me and whoregayming can go fuck themselves.

  24. Do you like fat schlong?

  25. I thought I clicked on Phly’s War Thunder video, didn’t expect wheeled vehicles ever to be added in wot. It seems like WG forgot how to physics when they made the driving model for this though.

  26. i think when the fix the mm this and the tier 6 are gonna be absofuckinglutely hillarious

  27. The gun is better than the Batchat 12 t.

  28. I saw one of these today in a game and the KV-2 on our team Team-killed it in two shots.

  29. So many ELC’s upcoming soon…

  30. The maps are too small for it’s speed

  31. The engine noises were ?

  32. How’s the boost start….bad damage drag…

  33. Excites circon more than others. Quaky claus….. jangles…

  34. Those will sell like hot cakes, dam will they be a pain to play and play against…   Fun game for sure.

  35. 100k 🙂

  36. i guess it is not op, but maybe a lil bit inbalanced?

    i mean…usual tier 6 and tier 7 tanks are just like wtf against it and other tier 8, 9 and 10 could rape that thing…maybe…

  37. It looks like the new billy goat climbing tank, it could go where we could never go before. And with that speed you could jump over tanks like evl knievel.

  38. Guess you missed Skill’s video showing that this will bring a return of mountain goating if WG doesn’t fix the maps.

  39. That tank looks so fun, like tier 1 and 2 run in and destroy fun. I do really well in light tanks even though Im older and I know that I will do well in this and similar tanks.

  40. Perfect game to show the bs that is +2-2 mm, a tank with a bad gun can do amazing when fighting tanks 2 tiers lower

  41. You know whats a meme? My main pc i use to play WoT crashed and now it says the Hard Drive stopped working. Crazy thing is i was looking at this same tank when it BSOD on me.

  42. I like the idea of two shot auto loaders much more than 4 5 6 shot auto loaders

  43. Not saying that it’s op or anything but when you check out the video from Mailand – you can see that it’s broken and doesn’t do well with current physics…

  44. Oh yea, I can see these “wheeled vehicles” pulling off some weird and funky stunts and running up some goat trails to get into some really hard laces that are currently almost improbable to get into now. But hot dang that looks like a heck of a lotta fun!

  45. Circon’s voice engine sound should be the in game engine sound for this vehicle.

  46. Ransom Access Memory

    +40 view range, -40 reverse speed, allow binos. Possibly longer wheel repair.

  47. looks like the only tier 8 worth playing due MM, & all of a sudden everyone’s playing their ELC

  48. I find it unrealistic how it does not flip.
    Tire squealing on any other surface than tarmac is silly. Maybe in snow there should be a snow friction sound and on grass/gravel some gravel skid sounds (like WRC cars do)
    In deep snow, wheeled vehicles should have the speed heavily penalized. Tracks are better in snow.
    The new auto aim system should be implemented on all the other tanks classes, especially in light tanks.

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