YEETING People Ft. 128mm || Jagdtiger War Thunder Gameplay

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•Thank you all for watching!


  1. 360p Squad WHERE YOU AT

  2. David Hildebrandt

    Pretty sure you missed the Foch a 3:06

  3. As a 5.7 and 6.7 USA player, I’m crapping myself a bit about the Tiger and Jagdtiger BR reductions.

    • Mike Foster Good its time the Jagdtigers dish out the pain to them T 29s

    • @Peter l. Asshole How does it suck?

    • Nothing much will change for the JT as it will still get plenty of uptiers to 7.7 and it won’t make a big difference vs US/UK. The biggest advantage is for the H1 where it will finally get some decent MM without facing 6.7s where it’s outclassed. But even at 5.3 it will still only be a decent vehicle.

    • @Peter l. Asshole America only has 1 5.7 the T25. Personally it is a great tank with good armor, mobility, gun, and stabilizer.

  4. Slick you need to try out 7.7 Russia right now, constant downtiers right now with all the 6.7s at the moment.

  5. Something is going in with the gun elevation today it seems. None of my guns wanted to go up and sometimes didnt want to go down

  6. ElCazaBombardero

    imagine if the t32 was in a usefull and balanced br where its aromur actually means soomething

    • I never enjoyed them, they just felt like such a downgrade from the T29 because they had slower a reload, worse gun, worse ammunition, less crew, and higher BR. But hey atleast I can destroy them with my T-55AM-1 with complete protection against 105mm HEAT and APDS lmao.

    • T32E1 should’ve stayed at 7.0 tbh

    • now they got the Maus treatment

    • @Raenar Braun Maybe 7.3. That thing was basically immune from the front for non HEAT-FS shells. But yes, in the end if it meets HEAT spammers at 7.7 it’s pretty much screwed.

    • @Hubertus Yeah 7.3 was fine too. I have a tali on it which is why it hurts to see it at 7.7 I feel as though I’ve been cheated because now it’s pretty unplayable to me since I get uptiered almost every single time

  7. Is this Dick bee ?

    I think about it find it funny and start to laugh very noice Jagdtiger

  8. The immense number of uptiers 6.7 gets balances the Jagdtigers newfound power.

  9. can we get an f for the T32E1 which is pointless being 7.7 when the M103 exists

  10. Played on the same map and some asshole did that same thing with the Pe8. He got it right off the bad, J’d out, and bombed my team for 8 kills… favorite part is their “ez” in chat when they did the most cancerous and easy thing in the game.

    • Spawn in a fighter and rip their assholes apart while dabbing.
      Early enough, of course.

    • Felix James Ainsley

      @Mial isus cant. German planes cost 36k SL

    • cant blame him entirely

    • @Felix James Ainsley
      Get cheap ones like non-Dora Fw190s or Bf109 F4 and G2.
      Horten is also pretty (comparatively) cheap.
      Me410 is ass but they’re dirt cheap.
      I’d say just stick with the Bf109 F4, you have two of em, just plan your attack accordingly and even B-29s will bend over for you.

  11. “gErMaNy SuFfErS”

  12. Dude, what is that music at the end of the vid? Where can I get it?

  13. lmao, I played against the guy who was your squadmate this game in a plane today, he ran from me for 25 miles then flew his plane into the water so I couldn’t get the kill.

  14. Laughs in m56 t92 and m50. EDIT: also laughs in t114


  16. Slick I don’t know if you will see this but I just wanted to let you know…. you have saved my life I was on a dark road with no head lights to a point I was about to give up but you made me laugh and that made a little light then Mike goes boom, it got a little lighter, Botime,Phly,IronArmenia,Spitflyer, European Canadian and last but certainly not least Dita. It’s as if the sun is shining now and if you do see this could u give them a hi from me and tell em my greatest honor would be to clown around with y’all I’m only 70 days in on WT but I try and ain’t scared of a Abrams in a M22 lol. Thank you for turning the lights on I’m about to copy and paste this to them as well but maybe you could help bye now and Thanx again for saving me.

  17. Jagdtiger’s elevation is really bad when the gun is all the way to the left or to the right, not sure why though, cmiiw

  18. wojciech strzelecki

    14:11 literally just watched through your vid taking a sheeet heeeh

  19. Is that Dickbee?

  20. Now change maus to 6.7 and make 1000sp to spawn soo its reward for playing good

  21. Here we see the SlickBee slowly and methodically murdering people in the wild…

  22. How does the jumpo 76 against that big cat ?

  23. I can watch your videos while I take a shit, just for you Slick <3

  24. Challenger2 Black night

    British sabot makes short work of this….well anything at 6.7

  25. Man that guy in chat
    “Yall gayy”
    It honestly buggers me of :/

    Anyway, great video, Jaggy’s gonna perform much better at 6.7!

  26. @Mial isus You just said the T32 has no weakspots then say “AVOID ENGAGING WITH HEAT LOBBERS” You fuckin hypocrite.

  27. Once again Gaijin breaks their shit even more. The T29 cant even pen the damn Jagd. Yet it can face Sherman’s. I dont understand Gaijins logic with BRs. The uptier US tanks as much as possible and downtown the fuck outta every axis power with the addition of France. On top of the pay to win aspect of the game. It’s just ugh.

  28. The lost soul 1024

    I feel ya Slick,ive been on a diet for 2 weeks and im proud to say i lost 14 days of happiness

  29. Anyone else use the tiger No 6 ?

  30. Now there are only 2 good heavy tanks now in the US tech tree. The t34 and t29. They ruined the t32s with that unnecessary br increase and the jumbo 76 is straight up fucking useless now. The whole point of heavy tanks are to take hits while being able to hit hard. With that Br uptiering, they are fucking useless now.
    If those Russian cocksuckers working on this game add 11.0 br and uptier all the tier 6 tanks we wouldnt have this problem. Hell we should’ve been at 12.0 br by the time the Leo 2a5, challenger 2, t80u and m1a1 were added.

  31. Dont worry slick, strongmen are always in a calorie surplus. As long as you lift heavy you can eat as much as you want and become a true swole boi

  32. inb4 6.7 becomes the next cursed forever uptiered BR cuz Germany has a strong lineup there

    • I mean have you not played a few years back? It was THE cluster fuck tier for Germany, back when the the tiger 2 h/p was the best germany had for 6.7 and so had to always face 7.7 up-tier, if anything Germany has it way better now. We got the KT, the 128, the RU and our back-up tiger 2 h and P all at 6.7 now. Germany has it good for a 6.7 line-up now. 7.7 up-tier will still always be a thing and won’t change until they finally fix BR in gernal and stick to .5 up-tiering rather 1.0 up tiering.

  33. I think when the Germans named their tanks after animals they were being National Geographic + The History channel but a German version of it

  34. The in game chat after the Pe8 Bomb made me sub to your channel.

  35. Yeet Cannon 128 – pay attention HiPoint, this is what the people want!

  36. Maus 6.7

  37. its fine american tanks are just utter garbage
    they have nothing special they are a bit below average in everything aspecially the shermans

  38. the reason you gain weight is because of your eating habits, not becuse of excersise. To burn off a meal with 6000 kilojoules you would have to jog for 40 kilometres!

  39. ashati ooh, how bad! But it is fine and balanced when german tanks from ww2 fight heatfs spammers that ignore armor.
    Usa have 3 of them at 6.7 in the regular tree, another one premium and the Walker Bulldog at 6.0.
    Germany have just the jagdpanzer 4-5 and the premium Ru 251.
    Just saying

  40. I wonder if they will move the Ho-Ri production down, or, heaven forbid, the T95

  41. Why cant they lower the repair costs on the French 6.0-73 vehicles especially now that all ive been fighting is endless hordes of jagdtigers.

  42. dick bee <3

  43. P. nobody cares when your german tanks from ww2 fight HEATFS spammers and SABOT that ignore armour when you have point-and-click adventure APHE. seriously, you can just aim literally everywhere with your APHE and the tank goes boom. HEATFS and APDS on the otherhand take aiming into account, that’s not mentioning the price tag on each one of those shells.

    seriously, the german in any ww2 always have the most vocal community.

  44. Whale Thunder no, because since overpen exists very often your aphe goes right trought those little heatfs spammers killig just one member of the crew.
    And “nobody care”, u sure? You are right the germans playerbase is the most vocal because, that may surprise you, the majority of people would pick a panther over a sherman.
    German tanks are more iconic so expect more uptiers for allied vehicles in the future

  45. Hey Slick! You fat fuck! 😀 Just kidding…but let me tell you that one of tehe rasons i subscibed was you personaly beeing dedicated to the game ,consistency of content and the fact,that you are not LAZY and going to gym,have decent job yet doing awesome wt content. Come on. Get up. Dont give it up on yourself! We love you,so be lovable 🙂 Cheers from Czech rep.

  46. Why the fuck do they ignore or nerf stuff in AB T29 T34 7.0 German tanks still higher BR even though it shows you people and where you can and can’t pen like WTF Ferdinand is still 7.0 in AB and 6.3 in RB it has worse armor than tiger P in RB for a .6 BR higher vs a 1.3 BR higher

  47. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Slick, please play the Sturer Emil! *I dream of 128mm HE memes!*

  48. MyUnoriginalUsername

    *laffs in object 120 and IS6*

  49. So you’re having FUNNNNNN >?
    At least you’ll not see 8.0 (maybiaas)

  50. Can you give a link for your sticker

  51. Get yeeted, liberals

  52. “i doubt you’ll get uptiers”. Um what 6.7 has been 7.7 matches only 9 out of 10 times for the last 3 years, you might get a proper 6.7 match once a month if your lucky

  53. As an “italian” or whatever – you have to eat. Alot. Simple as that.

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