Yoh Tanks are HERE Without Public Test!? | World of Tanks American Yoh Heavy Tank Branch

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Source: DezGamez

Tanks American Heavy Tanks – Yoh Tanks with Reserve Tracks feature. World of Tanks Yoh Tanks Tech Tree – M-V-Y, M-VI-Y, M-III-Y, M-II-Y, Pawlack Tank and a Premium M-IV-Y.

Well, to my and I guess everyones surprise, released an article about upcoming American Yoh heavy tanks, which are going to be here, on the LIVE server tomorrow!
I think this is the first time when they release one entire tech tree line without public test, right?

Anyway, let’s take a what those tanks look like in their final form before we are going to play with them starting from tomorrow!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. And so the end begins.

  2. Basically everyone in Wot PC that didn’t know Wot blitz existence: why didn’t they test it first

    Me: wonder why 😏

  3. I mean, do we need the playerbase anymore to test them before release? Vz.55 was unleashed to the world even with players’ feedback tho. ‘Made me wonder whether the testers suck hardcore or the devs didn’t mind them at all.

    But hey, the new line seems pretty balanced. Not OP in hulldown (you can see weakspots coz oscillating turret), and balanced gun handling. I like it! Now I’ll just wait for its soft stats… (and I’m pissed coz I exp-banked at M6 coz the first news was it’ll start at tier7 lol)

  4. You people complain when they release a tech tree vehicle that competes with chieftain???

  5. They already add these on the Wot blitz

  6. They dont need test, YOH tanks are already implemented and tested in Blitz

  7. Oh good. More hull down high depression tanks.

  8. WG doesn’t GAF.

  9. Stop it. Stop hating on the American line and saying it may be over powered. Even the tier 7
    Damn American line had been shit on ao much by WG. IT NEEDS A WIN. IT NEEDS A TANK TO CONTEND WITH THE CURRENT META. Right now the American line is probably the worst line to have as tied 10. Idk of this is it, if this will help the american line get back into contending equally on the battle field…But they look fun.

  10. ask : rifled meaning like the barrel on the rifle ?,

  11. Yoh Tanks Wont be over powered thats why they arent being put in a public test lol

  12. This is out there as a thought…but maybe WG management expects war and have just decided to get these tanks out now, rather than in a month or so. Still, maybe this was always the plan, since the word was always that these tanks were going to come out just before February. Also, while these tanks look workmanlike, maybe WG is not expecting anyone outside of NA to really care.

  13. Sergelenbold Oyunbat

    Its already tested in Blitz 😂😂😂

  14. seem like the yoh should be weak where the turret and the hall meet

  15. Gotta scrounge up every last rouble before the economy collapses

  16. i like these tanks because there so ugly and have face lol

  17. Old WW2 Tanks in this Game against Yoh Tanks HP Piniatas :/

  18. And WG says..”screw you players!”

  19. hasnt this tank been in WOT blitz for ages so idk if we can say untested per say

  20. These are some ugly MF tanks

  21. These tanks are UGLY

  22. I will have the first two tanks immediately. The rest I will grind.

  23. Fun facts, the Yoh tanks are not really designed to be built, they are more like combination of ideas for other tank designers to refer.
    Therefore they are very weird.
    M-II-Y has its gunner in hull, not in turret for no reason. The way for him to operate the gun is unknown.
    M-V-Y’s loader in also in hull cuz the turret is too small, the only job for him is to send shells into the turret, but he can’t load the gun.
    And to reduce to length of the hull, M-VII-Y has its engine in the turret. So the turret is gigantic and probably will have tons of transmission problem.

  24. Make changes after public testing? Since when do they listen? xD

  25. here without testing! just like the the clott shott!

  26. Day 138 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  27. Hi DEZ!
    I only have one question.
    AE Phase 1 and OBJ 279e, why don’t these two tanks have these mechanics?
    After all, they all have more tracks!
    Yes i know, the OBJ is an OP tank,but 4 tracks.
    If its an American technology, give the mechanic just the AE Phase 1. Maybe!
    Thanks the video.
    Have a good day. Bye.

  28. I cannot unsee the face in the t10’s turret at 00:11:45

  29. WP make the turret like these then should bring back HE!

  30. 11:49 looks like a red peashooter from plants vs zombies xD

  31. Tests are overrated WG will be as fast as ever to balance them if they are OP/suck (haha good joke i know)

  32. Way too much armour it just forces people to fire gold making each game more toxic they should make gold rounds worth only gold again and nerf all new tanks armour by 80mm

  33. I want that track system on my T95 and AE Phase 1

  34. YOH! YOH! YOH!

  35. They should copy the game mechanics from blitz to pc , the game feels more fair for free to play players and premium players

    Let’s go American kranvagns

  36. What the hell WG…. It is not even April 1st

  37. m VI Y and M V Y must have sensitive turret. easily to damage

  38. “Our turret ring is damaged, we can barely turn it”

  39. “When sidescraping, try not to reveal your reserve tracks!”
    Hello wargaming, do you even know what sidescraping is?

  40. WG hard push release with out feed back from testers sounds like next hard push release with out testing is crew skills 2.0 they had bad feed back on but wanted to added to game for some reason

  41. Time to delete WoT…. XD

  42. GameThe game becomes stupid, funny and outrageously too expensive in terms of both time and money spent, I switch to something else, I’ll just watch this masochists struggle

  43. Yoh tanks
    Pros : US Made
    Cons : US Made

    they said its accurate. but infact its not that accurate.

  44. I just can’t unsee the face @11:48 🤣

  45. Hmmm, Soviet Object 299 next year?
    It needs a russian counter, or?

  46. Yet more hull down monsters… bring back unnerfed arty please.

  47. Тhe community is tired of your inventions, the game is called the world of tanks and you imagine something that looks like an alien? Aren’t there real tanks around the world that are worthy of taking their place in the game? don’t dig premium tanks and don’t spend money on this game! just not worth it !!!!

  48. The tier 8 is broken, I put bond gear on and hit 4.6 second reload. Ace tanker first ten minutes after it went live. Insane

  49. The tier 6 gun depression is worst then most russian tanks, and this tanks have been tested in mobile version plus they are clipped tanks

  50. Buuuuuuuf as usual WG destroy the by this line

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