YOH Tanks Gameplay in World of Tanks Blitz

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks American Yoh Heavy Tanks – M-V-Yoh (M-V-Y) & M-VI-Yoh (M-VI-Y) Gameplay. Gameplay. World of Tanks Blitz, Mobile Multiplayer Game – Android, iOS and Windows.

Well, as soon as WG released first information about upcoming Yoh tanks, American heavy tank branch, you guys have been hammering me with requests to test them out on the World of Tanks Blitz… So today I am going to do exactly that. I will check out the tier IX M-V-Yoh (which will be on PC) and tier X m-VI-Yoh.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Also that TD is the Japanese TD basically a more mobile jagdpanzer E-100 and 150mm I think.

  2. Why does WoT Blitz have a praising/judjing system as report system, better than WoT? Now I see for which game the budget went the most.

  3. dez: yoh tank preview!
    subscribers: JAPAN TD

  4. World of tanks PC is like a third world country. Wargaming does things last on pc anymore because console and blitz makes all their $$$ and that all any company cares about. If they don’t make as much $$$ they don’t do as much content.

  5. AusCan Plant Support

    Not really interested in Blitz, it’s a different game to PC, seems like the tanks are completely different as well so not really relevant? Good to see what Blitz actually looks like though. Cheers.

  6. Wow great vid dez, the reason I keep watching ur vids is cuz ur channel is so diverse

  7. So on console they just released a tech tree that has the sturmtiger at tier 10 and it has a 380mm cannon

  8. I would love to see you play the japanese TDs ^^

  9. I cant wait for Yoh tank in WoT PC but…why it 105mm dmg are less than T54E1….

  10. I have them unlocked with enough XP but still need 6 mil credits for each.

  11. Thanks Dez 🙂 it’s a fun and interesting change, but I’m not interested in more WoT blitz vids. I’m really curious about the Yoh tanks and looking forward to them in the main game.

  12. Hùng Lương Đức

    M-VI-Yoh is tier 9 on PC

  13. in blitz, it’s actually iportant that you reduce repair time rather than having the tracks fixed to standard condition because in here repair kits are pretty much free and you can use 2.

  14. That’s why aim time is horrific comapred to Blitz because of balancing factor and increasing the game duration.

  15. mfs really be playing a mobile game on pc lmaooo

  16. Nice to see a new map! New for us PC players anyway

  17. Dez do u know that the yoh at tier 9 and 10 will never stop moving?

  18. more of this gameplay sir dez… im also a world of tanks player, but i transfer into blitz. because my pc cant play anymore hehe. but yes please do more on wot blitz

  19. Welcome to Blitz where the toxicity rate is higher than the WoT PC

  20. i enter wot 2 months ago .. im blitz player since 2014 opened everything on blitz then shift to original new journey


    yeeey! dez is playing blitz ❤️

  22. nice game bro

  23. play the fv4005 its a 3 shot autoloader

  24. Blitz 👍🏻 Make a couple videos per week. Started playing again last August. Still learning new stuff aboutthe game. It’s the same but different.

  25. I’d love to see Dez play WoTB more. I’ve got around 20k combined games in it and this video gave me a good laugh especially when he went mid on Himmelsdorf (Unlike PC, wotb himmelsdorf is either u go left/right never mid).

    I’d like to hear his opinions on the unusual things here like the Ho Ri, E5 without a tumour, shit-barn autoloader, Vickers light line, Kranvagn autoreloader, 263 still at tier 10, battlepass tanks, Defender tanks, weekly clan rewards and finally, Smasher/Annihilator.

  26. fun fact, auto aim in blitz leads shots for you

  27. Day 2 of asking for Well Deserved Reward video

  28. Day 92 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  29. ✨😯✨ wot blitz

  30. I would love to see Dez playing the Kranvagn in blitz cuz it’s an auto-reloader

  31. Yes bring more blitz vids!

  32. Hey Dez you can change the aiming options to manual zoom with mouse wheel in the settings

  33. Aside from having some weird tanks, watching Blitz is really weird for having World of Warships elements like speed boost and 3 cap zones.

  34. Now Dez just need to try out Wot console modern amore lol.

  35. Alexander the great

    11:25 that 704 was lucky to have his driver killed only on the second shot. I see he is just as fragile as in the PC version

  36. in WOTB premium shells do less damage for more penetration a great way to prevent premium spamming as you sacrifice DPM

  37. not a fan of blitz i like your normal content

  38. You can change ammo type without reloading . U can just press 2 or 3 key and wwllhhaaaa u have another type of shell in ur gun . Unlike pc u have to reload again whole clip for primium ammo or he ammo .

  39. İn blitz aim times are fake almost 7 years if says 5 sec =2.5-3sec in blitz

  40. Chimera Phantom is just a chimera with the legendary camo

  41. 𝕾𝖆𝖑𝖆𝖟𝖆𝖗

    Play more blitz 🙏🙏🙏

  42. A bit more from Blitz could be cool to watch, possibly showing off the oddities there more than playing tanks that are available in PC version, and/or exploring the differences in tanks that are in both game (when those tanks are much different from each version).

  43. 32-G-Kushagra Trivedi

    FV 4005 is autoloader in this game lol

  44. Hey Dez, amazing job, that u r actually covering and comparing in a way both games… Maybe you could use your voice to even draw attention to some shitty broken stuff in Blitz, like Annihilator, which is basically škoda t56 on steroids, reigning tier 7

  45. That dude in the garage on the console is creeping me out 🙁

  46. Is it just me? Or are those double tracks not there/visible? Also really like the feature that lets you praise other players after the battle!!

  47. These versions of the tanks aren’t representative of what were getting in regular world of tanks. They aren’t coming with auto loaders.

  48. Can i be exited if i see you playing blitz in next stream ?

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