“You Are Already Dead” | Forgotten Japanese Tech Tree ? (War Thunder)

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“You Are Already Dead” | Forgotten Japanese Tech Tree ? (War Thunder)

Thumbnail – https://live.warthunder.com/post/546964/en/


  1. “Dont get Penisy kid”, Han solo

  2. that gas can flying of your tank though

  3. I listen to your videos in the background because your voice is so great.

  4. Well sht… XD

  5. Thanks for exposing the garbage gameplay gajin refuses to fix. Been 4 years of shooting people with no hit markers,but they added high tier tanks so that fixes everything right??‍♂️developer fail.

  6. One of my favourite vidoes from ya Phly <3

  7. A_Certain_Accurate_Japanese_BB_Fūso

    Russian stronk tenk is invulnerable to missile guidance.

  8. kingtiger kriegsmarine

    Just keep flanking just keep flanking they cant fuck whit is

    Reset your pc because I also had that too when i got leaks. And sometimes I do not have my day.

  9. Oh yeah atgms are fucked up right now

  10. Your vids keep getting better!


  12. I always know the iron curtain technology in red alert 2 were based on historical fact.

  13. Bye have a great time

  14. this is my new favorite phly vidXD

  15. You should play the t55a next that tank probbaly has the lowest pen apfsds round

  16. Ultimate Russian bias! Tank/plane request
    Roll out in the Zis-30 Gun tractor and the take to the sky with the LaGG-3-34 (premium) with that 37mm nose cannon with 60mm of pen at 2.3, literally the A-10 of WarThunder
    Attempt 7

  17. Omaewa


  18. Stalin Approved Force Field)))))))

  19. Omae wa ma wu shinderu.

  20. That intro ! XD

  21. Thanks for showing the complete disaster that rockets have become now. It’s impossible to play the type 60 since the last patch. No way of controlling the rocket effectively since it keeps jumping back and forth due to server lag…

  22. hime hime hime

  23. TheRussian Walrus

    t55 cyka

  24. its sad. i simply cant make quick shots because my countries internet is so bad that the ebvst pingive ever gotten is 300 with an average of 400ms. i can still lpay good but quick shots just dont work the sasme. btw the country is australia and the connection speed is 32kbs (fastest provider in my area)

  25. It’s obvious the T64 had Shtora-1

  26. Has anyone else been noticing that atgms have been really messes with since this new patch, I use a swing fire but my rocket is super wonkey now

  27. How dose that work thats fucked

  28. Russian Bias is real

  29. ชอบคับ ตลกดี

  30. your editing is on point


    Fucking Vodka and Stalin Forcefields xD

  32. That’s why I’m here. I love watching people in pain.

  33. The Japanese really deserve some more love

  34. I laugh so hard at the intro

  35. I think the reason the Japanese line didn’t get anything is because the succeeding tank after the Type 74 IRL is the Type 90 MBT, armed with the same gun as the Leopard 2K, the downside is that it’s basically a Leopard 2A4, but with a Bustle Mounted Autoloader

    It’s “too advanced” for the current WT, in the near future maybe, but not soon

  36. +1 for Japanese meme’s

  37. that 1% PL will kill you

  38. あたごいしかわ

    japanese is vest country to suicide…..

  39. Thanks you for reminding me yet again why I uninstalled this shit game with its shit racist game devs. I hope Gaijin burns to the ground.

  40. Japanese tanks
    Land of the broken
    Destroyer of dreams

  41. to those who don understand “you are already dead”
    google 北斗の拳 Hokuto no Ken plz tq

  42. I think that, these Rokets are drunk !!! :-()

  43. Laughed so hard in that intro!

  44. cookiemanaka oscar

    Love the intro ??

  45. Don’t blame the tank, blame the ping

  46. AntlanticStrawberry

    That start «Hi evryone» in a happy way is new lol.

  47. bigblacknoodles ,

    First minute got me dead

  48. geronimonimo nimo

    “glad” i’m no the only one with the MCLOS issue. the SS11 are borderline unusable.

  49. I swear, whenever Phly takes Japanese tanks, he goes… crazy…

  50. gaijin, you have turned manual atms into dung

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