YOU ARE LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME! – T-34-2G FT – World of Tanks

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I’m not in here with you…
YOU ARE IN HERE WITH ME! and my T-34-2G FT, that is.


  1. Hope you enjoy your weekend fam! <3

  2. I appreciate showing the garage after the end plates. I like seeing the tank load outs. GG

  3. Patience is half of being good at this game

  4. Send to Jingles lol

  5. These bushes really should have a sign with your name on it.

  6. That was an amazing game of World of Tanks.

  7. Yo I wanna see that Web comic!

  8. You should get six marks for a game like that.
    Reminiscent of the old Sly Stallone movie “Over the Top” where he would turn his ball-cap around and lay the smack down.

  9. A tip, turn off engine sounds… You can hear enemy tanks 150m away if they break something

  10. Stamp. Them. Dunes!

  11. Woow, reticle focus time here is crazy long…

  12. This gameplay… Simply amazing! Congrats to you sir

  13. Ah yes, my favorite TD in the game

  14. Now this is YouTube worthy ? (my opionion people don’t get triggered)

  15. Do you not know how the fuck I am yet lmao. He fucked them up lmao

  16. Oof that aim time

  17. Amazing!

  18. Literal king of the hill.

  19. A Very Gay Butterfly

    Fake Tenk confirmed OP?

  20. I love ya Circon

  21. Rorschach would be proud

  22. Hummel: *shoots*
    VK: you missed.
    Hummel: no i didnt.

  23. those snap shots at the end tho

  24. Slap this on the ass, give it a fancy name, and send it to Jingles.

  25. spend 5 minutes making a beat with the ssssssss the circon does at the the beginnng of the video. It gets pretty interesting.

  26. Outstanding !!!

  27. amazing handbrake kill ! never worried and the one that everybody what’s XD

  28. What does Circonflexes mean?

  29. 12:18-12:21 -> Circon´s gf: “He´s not talking to me, is he?!”

  30. 11 kolobanovs ever? Wow after so many games.

  31. A Pro in the streets, A Circon in the sheets

  32. Personally, I think this video is one of your best games for some time! Well played and thanks for it! Always enjoyable. Cheers.

  33. That game should have earned you all three gun marks!LOL

  34. That handbrake turn

  35. 2:12-2:15 biggest bullshit all time…

  36. What a dumb Twitch chat, didn’t got the hand break??

  37. That game was art mr. Circon. The handbreak turn and that snipe at 2:13!

  38. Daaamn that was smooth.

  39. meme is not an english word……..meh

  40. situ was awesome

  41. The hill of The Last Bushero, very honorabru.

  42. After playing through both Russian TD lines I can say that the Chinese line is not that bad. In the hands of a master tanker they are deadly.

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