You can get me as a COMMANDER again!

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Source: Circon



  1. YESS! I don’t even play the game anymore but I need the Meme God as a commander for sure!

  2. Old Circon is in my AMX 13 57 since I got him. I stopped playing a year ago but I’m thinking about getting another Circon just in case I come back in the future.

  3. this is super cool, I was really annoyed that I had your commander on my russian tanks since shortly after I got you my favorite tanks switched to the STB-1, Leo-1 and some others from different nations while I didn’t even touch any russian tanks anymore lmao. Very glad I can finally get a few more for different nations.

  4. 2 best voice out. Chack Norris and you

  5. okay, so… reinstall it is then.. xD and we got the “we’re on fire line…. ” 😀 😀

  6. IS THIS EU ONLY? I did not hear anything specifically addressing that but I am often wrong and/or deaf.

  7. The Big Zoo Show - by Tanis

    I remember THAT night when you were looking for someone “pumping” for you and you raided me. That was my best stream ever. So I guess hurray, I can have you again !!! By the way the color of your camo are by far my favorite ones. You’re so a king dude. Thanks for all your content and for being who you are mate ! From a french dude 😉

  8. I have your as a commander in my skorpion, but i think you are broken : you didn’t mark my skorpion 🙁

  9. Note: If you buy the commander it comes with no skills, if you do it with tokens it comes with BIA as 0 and 2 extra perks. I definitely going to get you as a commander but I’m broke. So the token way it is.


  11. Based Circon trying to turn money from his own commander towards charity. So excited to finally rep Team Circ!

  12. So can I make an entire crew of circons or is it just commander circon

  13. Logged in like 5 days ago to see what changed and now I can’t get 3 Circons, big sad. Imagine retraining Circons and having entire crew made out of Circons.

  14. I need a Circon for my dicker max. Can’t wait to clean up Airfield.

  15. I played one game in 2 years few days ago, fml. Anyway nice to see the commander return 🙂

  16. Just what i needed, gotta get Circ to all the remaining nations that are currently without the voice of (meme)god.

  17. It’s wonderful news, Circon, but getting a commander is so tedious for someone who doesn’t play the game that much. I want to but collecting all those tokens is beyond me. They should have just given commanders for free instead of making you work your ass off to get one.

  18. Regular commander – Enemy hit.
    Circon commander – Take that bitch !

  19. Already have you as a commander, but now I can get a 2nd one of you!

  20. I also don’t play the game anymore but this is sweet. I’ll watch the stream tomorrow.

  21. CircTube INCOMING! Love it and hope you are well, boss. Appreciate it!

  22. YUS finally its here on NA

  23. BearsBearsBearsBears

    Hell yeah NA finally gets a circ, gonna play for the first time in years (I have not been paid for this comment)

  24. W00t! Finally got my in game Circon.

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