You NEED This Tank Destroyer! 🔥 | World of Tanks 114 SP2 Epic Battle – Ranked Reward

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Source: DezGamez

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ttoday I have quite a treat of a battle for you, featuring the newest 10 tank in the game, which is a Chinese tier 10 tank destroyer “114 SP2”, with absolutely nuts firepower! Thank you very much to “wartank_20” for sharing this battle with the community!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Hey dez, i love my 114 SP. so far i have a 3700dpm build and it slaps. It feels kinda OP tbh and with a 10sec reload you can really change the tide of a key position fight

  2. Did you get yourself this beast? What do you think about it?
    Keep enjoying your weekend, stay safe! ♥

  3. This is epic,, just right for my dinner <3

  4. Behold the Captain Punch, 114SP2 =)

  5. Alexandru-Ionut Bîrlea

    I don’t have time for ranked…..But I see these tanks manny times and believe me they die fast only few do something.
    Is not for my style I love and prefer FV 183 The Best.

  6. darude- Sandstorm

    got my first 10k dmg game in this tank

  7. Leopard 1: moron. There’s always one and he was the one 😂

  8. That massive carry to potentially lose 34k credits if he didn’t have premium account.
    This was an amazing display of skill and knowledge but damn I can’t get the credit drain out of my head rn.

    • Lol skill don’t count for rng or knowledge. I have played games were people are spotting me 600m away through 800m of bushes outside of spotting and had games were they never spot me point blank in the same tank when i shoot my gun. It is down to rng choosing what you can do and when you can do it. Get real.

    • @Dragonking Bo that’s physically impossible but alright

  9. Do you have the SU Taran on the PC?

  10. Syahareen Sha Rani

    When the 114 SP 2 gun is far more accurate and better gun handling than the Grille 15

    Grille 15: Who are you ?

    114 SP 2: I’m you but fatter but better at sniping than you

    • Because people cried like babies about grille being op so wargaming nurfed it, this is a clan tank that is op and neverw ill get nurfed. the grille 15 has 7% base camo while a 268v4 has 14% base camo.

    • @Dragonking Bo this tank isn’t op, and Camo rating is from height. The grille is super tall

    • @Dragonking Bo it’s good to very good tank it’s still paper armored if you play it in close combat you’re dead

    • Dumb is that the shots from the grille go trough the full circle sometimes. And the 114sp it’s nearly always the middle

  11. Fantastic game to share, thanks.

  12. Rng against him. :p


    Epic vids! Great to see how much this channel grew…. nbL


    let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us zF0

  15. Pretty sure the leopard’s turret was destroyed and he didn’t have a kit

  16. David Jamgochian


  17. Can you play 60tp sniper like you did e100 plz?


    He always make me laugh or makes me enjoy the rest of the day 9Ir

  19. 8 kills and 11K damage and he lost credits! Not worth it.

  20. i did 3 times top 3 dmg in battle with this TD in 1 try,…good for me i guess


    He always make me laugh or makes me enjoy the rest of the day ggu

  22. The best? I don’t think so huge tank armour happy to face them…easy hpoints.

  23. Another lucky player verses clowns team sitting and letting him farming them and T92 was afk. 70% of my daily teams are like this red team..

  24. Bruh the camera changing makes it unwatchable this dudes on crack

  25. Day 170 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  26. Is maybe a great Tank Dez. But you need to have time to play ranked battles. Some people work hard and don’t have time to play.

  27. WOT- Ordinary promotion !! (Haha 4-8-12000 Damage),you won’t record 1/4 a quarter of what you see here in the game! Don’t buy premium or premium tanks !!! it’s even so unnecessarily the server determines the damage..determines by the victory and Defeat..min Damage opponent auto Victory/Big Damage opponent auto Defeat..You have a tank of 8 levels and are in a team approximately down and thus assembled from level 10 = Automatically win because you don’t have a chance to shoot down Tier 10 = min Damage = victory..If you are on top partitions,Tier 8 Team assembled Tier min 6 = Automatic = Large Damage opponent = Defeat!! Block server..visibility,detection,damage,opponent damage, you can just do what you want: D !! it’s wasted money !! In the game you really have more losses than winnings !!ask a question every day these liars give videos here with such success ask yourself what you play and have you ever recorded what you see here? probably not, so it’s easy to play when the admin adjusts his game mode on the server and they deceive you here. Also note that they only offer you premium or 10 level tanks, where you have huge losses in the game even during the premium, especially if you use gold-i (premium ammo) !!! , for 1 battle minus up to 8-20,000 caches … if not more … hm. In addition, this company violates EU law in the freedom of speech and opinion of others in another language !! Thank you – Niltark, KRUHNS and Kronk_24 😀

  28. Mainland Taiwan MBT FTW

  29. I have 1 shot it, that was fun

  30. amasing game GG

  31. I got it and it’s not my style, not really all that great or fun. If I had to buy it for bonds in the ranked store I would pass.

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