You Need to Try This Setup! | World of Tanks M48 Patton

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M48 Patton, Tier 10 American Medium Tank. Buffing M48 Patton, because WG doesn't do it with the Bond Turbo and Bond Improved Hardening. World of Tanks Best Battles / Best 2022. World of Tanks Best Medium Tanks.

You know, if WG doesn't buff M48 Patton, I am going do it myself… So let's focus on boosting the things which need the most help – Accuracy and Mobility! Couple equipment units for it should do the trick.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. M48 Patton is a good tank…
    Hulldown (and Can bounce gold)
    Good gun (all stats)
    Nice HP
    Small weakspot…

    Compare it to Centurion AX :
    Better mobility, depression
    Troll gun with snap shoot
    Turret can bounce only with -10 depression…

    Only 121, E50M, T62a, AMX30 B and Centurion are hardcore to play

  2. robert hoogenboezem

    Dez, boost the top speed to 48 and lower the ground ressistance of the patton?

  3. Put the memes in the bag Nii-chan

    That grille 15 in the first minute of the battle lmao

  4. M48 patton is still a solid tank even if it doesent saw any buffs in the past

  5. Love my patton. Suck at playing it, but still.

  6. M48 Patreon. Support him.

  7. Fully agree: turbo on patton is a very effective equip choice

  8. Have u switched off the new outline feature?

  9. For the poors like me, this build can be done almost the same with standard turbo if you put it in the first slot

  10. Dez, I’m wondering why you do not put the TURBO in the first slot, where it can benefit from the first slot multiplier for speed.

  11. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    I wonder why dez calling turbo as tuuuurbo

  12. Please stop using this music in the background. Every time I hear it I think my dog is hurt or in trouble lol. I literally keep checking and then go, oh that’s the damn music.

  13. Syahareen Sha Rani


    Uh the Jageroo kills the Kranvagn not the Maus

    Try and steal my comment you bots

  14. Just change the tank to M60A1. A1 vs vanilla M60 is two different tank.

  15. Dont buff the patton, nerf everything else. Enough of buffing tanks we need to start nerfing tanks. But then you’d have to nerf premiums too, and wg wont do that.

    • I would also prefer buffs than nerfs

    • Wg isn’t legally allowed to do that. Which is why the correct way to do it is indeed to buff everything else but the premium tanks.

      Which to be fair WG have done to some extent — the problem is that they are too slow at doing that and they often not buffed them enough for it to be actually matter.

  16. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve neglected this tank for years now despite having hundreds of battles in it. No matter what happens it’s still my go-to tank, even over my Leopard 1 when I want to make sure I hit what I’m shooting. This tank snapshots for me like no other I’ve ever seen before.

  17. m48 turret ring is always damaged…….

  18. BoNd aNd BoUnTy eQuiPmEnt

  19. Still the worst t10 tank. It doesnt do anything even remotely well except viewrange and snapshots. But its a gigantic, slow, no armour tank, just an XP pinata

  20. Does it need buff?
    Patton is still perfectly fine

  21. HazMatt Container

    Man, in the first video your team was crying like you were playing in a nursery.

  22. I’ve been debating myself about whether to buy M48 or not. My journey with the line has been a total disappointment after T20 (even in T20 I don’t like it as much as I was expecting previously). Sure, I am expecting a bad experience in Pershing (and it’s without doubt a bad tank, especially in 2022), but boy — I have heard a lot of good things about M46. Instead I found it to be a jack of trades wannabe that fails at everything.

    Starting from the obvious: It’s slow, but yeah it’s expected. It has a good view range, yes — but the camo is bad so in the end it doesn’t matter that much, because of how its other characteristics are just bad.

    Armor is totally unreliable and you can’t rely to it (sure you can utilize it defensively but that renders the great viewrange useless). Gun is the thing which made the entire thing failed though — I was promised good stabilization on the move. Instead I got a totally unreliable gun that failed both in the move AND when fully aimed. Unreliable gun could work in some tanks with great armor/speed/camo which could tolerate mistakes, but M46 has neither.

    Sure, I think adding some bond equipments might mitigate the weakness, but why bother when you have better alternatives? You want gun that is reliable for sniping? There’s a Leopard line. Want a heavium with gun that actually works? E-50 line. Actual all rounder that has camo and speed? Soviets. Hulldown mediums that actually has reliable hulldown armor? UDES meds. Autoloader? Which kind? Both batchats and italian meds are excellent.

    A lot of people said that they like M48, but with my bad experience at M46 (which a lot of people said good) I’m afraid that my experience would be similar. Maybe one day I’ll buy it if they actually buffed it or if I totally have nothing else to buy/play, but for now I guess it’s better to focus on anything else first.

    • I finished Patton 48 last week and i have to tell you I almost lost my shit playing m46. That tank is shit in every way possible. But m48 is amazing! Gun is like laser, especially APCR’s. I don’t even have bond equipment on it and I don’t play it with field mods yet. I play it with Vent in slot,turbo and rammer.

  23. Hello Dez,

    great video, is it possible to create a setup via the Centurion AX.
    There are two hearts beating in my chest, Cent and Patton. The Cent desperately needs a buff, Amorack, Amorack, Amorack, it sucks….

    Thanks in advance

    Happy Easter… 🙂

  24. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    How would you do this if you didn’t have all the bond and bounty equipment? Same setups? Would you tweak the Field Mods knowing you’re not getting the over-and-above boosts from special equipment?

    • bond and bounty equipment is the most overrated stuff… getting one thing for 1% better…? come on… look what bs people do, the 1% never matters

  25. Stef Van der weerden

    Dez why dont put the bouty turbo in the turbo slot? You have put the beter accuracy unit in it instead

  26. Awesome thanks for letting me see

  27. Yah kind of crazy how fast my Kran and is7 are now…most times I just to med line and farm them…while the arty focus on heavy line.

  28. I can get .28 dispersion on the challenger

  29. how to get improved hardening????

  30. What? Whyy wouldn’t you put the turbo into the mobility slot?

  31. Synthetic Danimal 90

    I worked my way up the tree to the patton and was very disappointed once i got it. I expected to be able to bounce rounds off turret consistently. Not the case. Its also slow, and camo is horrible. The only good thing about it is the gun for me.

  32. HOW about the KV-85 how fast can you get the 122 to reload can it come close to the old KV-1s?

  33. One day I will have it ! Thankyou for the great showing ! Tank on !

  34. Looks crazy… actually I do same with my beloved and almost useless Panther II, lol.

  35. Rickardo Pandiangan

    your setup make my eyes hurt. atleast put turbo on mt slot

  36. Those crybaby teammates at the start of the game lul.

  37. Yup..i got turbo, vents,rammer.

  38. its funny my Patton hits as he got probably 360 alpha… low rolls sooo often… bcs i dont have all field mods yet i run – turbo in slot, bond vent and bounty rammer

  39. For some reasons the accuracy looks extra good on paper but the gun doesn’t work at all for me. Even with an excellent crew and good equipements.

  40. Hey Dez! Since you like accurate Tanks, could you try out Strv103B with Bond Rammer, Bond Ventilation and Bounty Aiming + Rations? It has 0,92 Aiming Time and a Dispersion of 0,19 in Siege Mode + a DPM of ~4300 :O


    How do u always make such funny and good videos 8PG0

  42. I pretty much have the same setup for Patton but not the bond hardening nor turbo.. because WG is a bitch company where the ordinary player cant get those equipment.
    I hope the sarcasm was dripping because these things make me angry AF.

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