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  1. Yay! Even more Circon! 😀

  2. Yay another Circon video!

  3. 3rd like 😉

  4. Forehead OP wg nerf pls

  5. circon i lubb yoo

  6. You always upload during my luch break. Thank you for that <3

  7. Hello Circon, I was wondering what is the mod that you have for the Mark Of Excellence. Very nice play on the de-cap as well as the damage.

  8. That goes to the meme folder, may be useful in the future…

  9. i read the title as *you shall not crap*

  10. Is it just me or is gun on this thing way nicer than on vk?

  11. Oh God, I absolutely hate the T40, glad you can sell premium tanks

  12. Jeez Wargaming, they really borked the O-I Exp for the newbies. Now they think the 75mm gun is the upgrade gun you wanna go for x.x Oye…….

  13. Stream in YouTube 2 PLEASE!

  14. Рома Михай

    Норм бро

  15. Circon what do you think of the Czech line in general?

    • The Unbiased Player

      MichaelAussie05 Tier 8 is garbage, tier 9 is god level good, tier 10 is pretty good. I didn’t play the 7 but it’s basically T-34-85 but big 100mm instead. Tier 5 is great and watch this video from circonflexes to see the 6. The tier 8 kills the enthusiasm for the line though, I’d say one of the worst tanks tier for tier in the game although I played it quite a while ago and I’ve heard it’s been changed a little. I know I’m not circon but I’ve played the line and it’s overall pretty good.

    • Awesome thanks for the info.

    • but its the defender killer

  16. Yup, the crusader was some RNG right there. But regardless of that, very well played.

  17. Circon, what is that mod called you have left of the minimap. Or is it a stream overlay thingy?

  18. Slow clap for you cold blooded cap reset.

  19. Yesterday you were amazed that a tank vanished on you when you have a view range of 520. Well that tank crew had a Concealment that added up to 35 percent and when stopped the net took them to 45% . which means your view range is cut 45% to 234 for that tank. Useful skill for a sniper.

  20. Its good watching a Circon match whenever he doesnt lose credits

  21. Would you 3rd mark type 61?

  22. Bring back the old Circon please.

  23. What clip were y’all talking about at the beginning of the vid

  24. The Unbiased Player

    Circle, I challenge you to 3 mark the Archer or a tier 10 artillery.

  25. Congraz i recon there was some grind for this mark and yes u just stated that arty is a TANK loking forward when u Mark artys

  26. Never been able to wrap my mind around how to play the T 40.

  27. The Senate of the Galactic Republic

    0 dislikes hell yeah boi

  28. Circon, thoughts on the selling of the Obj. 252U again?

  29. misses a fully aimed in shot at 100m on a KV1-S, makes a 300m snap shot at 40km/h at a Crusader for the kill shot. World of Random Number Generation.

  30. Shot at the Crusader was RNG repayment for that stupidly derpy shot a moment after that drifted almost out of your entire aim circle. lol

  31. Wow, nice game.

  32. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    That Skoda is not good but i quite like it if that gun had better dispersion and aim time it should look good for me

  33. Damn, what percentage of your tanks have you 3 marked?

  34. I really do love my VK30.01P.

  35. Arg my eyes. I see a T40.

  36. That shot on the Crusader was downright beautiful.

  37. 3:40
    what da fuq is that!

    i think thats a meme, right guys?

  38. Lol sounded like Beatle Juice when he says (it everyday brother.)

  39. I hate guns like this, the aiming time, the accuracy, the dispersion, the RNG, they’re the worst on guns like this.

  40. The T-40….god why can’t I get a decent team when I play this tank. It’s like some one is sitting there at War Gaming TAUNTING me….”Go ahead bro, play the Skoda T-40. I dare you.”

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