You shall not. PASS. – Black Prince – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Pulling a gandalf on the mountain PASS map, in the Black Prince!


  1. MountainPASS.

    • hull down the Black Prince is god even as much as the T29 and if you can use the shitty depression, the KV3 also. But what even more busted is the BP on WoT Blitz.

      Armor wise? Since heavys actually have armor and it works most of the time, the black prince has tier 10 russian heavy armor plus the gun is god tier. Barely angle your armor and nothing at your tier or anything above can pen u. With ad rush you can get the reload down to like 2 secs but it does like 200 damage a shot.

    • Circonflexes Mountaintpassing

    • Thank you for the hardwork! love from Maldives!

  2. i both hate and love the BP tbh, its a driving impenetrable fortress as a top tier, but completely useless at bottom because of its useless gun

    • KV4 is kinda in the same boat sorta. gud gun gud armor but its mostly all flat and a mazzive target

    • It’s not what it used to be because of powercreep, years ago I blocked over 6600 damage in the BP in a tier 8 game, not even hull down for the most part. That was before OP premiums became meta

  3. Lol enough time for a beverage, why not…

  4. You have no idea how much I hate that you fire gold for nothing.
    It is considered a bad play to wast gold at Tiger 1 lowerplate.
    What if an highly armoured tank came at the end-game against you and you had like 4 APCR left, gg.
    And also to add, I am not a tomato.

    • @Henri Liimatainen Damn, you are so petulant and pedantic.. “I myself have gnagnagna, as a top clan recrutment officer gnagnagna..” i was one too but goddamn stop taking yourself so seriously for a shitty game, you sound like a small mall security guard bragging about being a top notch police officer.. recruitment “officer”.. yeah officer alright. Get over yourself.

    • @Oberstabsfeldwebel Doge I was talking of your level in this game.

    • @Seemann Rammstein Yes and?
      If you do something, do it good.

    • @Henri Liimatainen yeah if you talk about something worth being serious, like work, studies, raising your child, chopping wood.. not a silly game for kids. Again, get over yourself, you are ridiculous.

  5. first shot at 3:40 🙂

  6. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Love the videos keep up the great work!

  7. Low key, you should PayPal that T20 for boosting.
    Just to point out this game was carried by a Black Prince, a stock Tiger II, and a dead afk T20.

  8. KV-2 sees a completely empty flank with zero chance of support and zero chance of escape. Ponders his life for a moment and then drives forward to an almost guaranteed suicide. Wonders why he died first and what went wrong?

  9. Oberstabsfeldwebel Doge

    WTF that tiger shot 8:25

    in Soviet Russia you don’t shoot cupola, cupola shoot you

    sick game Circ o7

  10. God tier tiger ll gameplay at the end, what a legend

  11. *Circon PLZ!!!*
    Centurion 7/1 HESH memes BEFORE THEY NERF IT!!

  12. great and entertaining game!

  13. “Stock Tiger 2 is not to be fucked with” ????

  14. W paperweight ftw.

  15. *Unpopular opinion*
    Black prince is just dwarf TOG II*

  16. That circon is the reason why you dont fuck with our clan groete uit den haag

  17. Krystian Olszański

    I love circon that happy that he dances in front of camera “this is how we black prince” 🙂 i was bouncing my head left and right too when he was singing it 😀

  18. The way you play your BP is how I play rating battles. YouTube, discord, forums, and online shopping is all open.

  19. GG my dude. Well played.

  20. I wish that they give the black prince a bit more engine power. It’s just soo slow

    • Engine power itself won’t do much if the base max speed stays at 20, I wish it had at least 25km/h top speed because right now you’re on par with a T95

  21. I’m glad I haven’t played this game in 5 years, the player base is as garbage as they were before.

    • You’ve missed nothing, I don’t regret quitting at all and wish I had long before, so much time and energy wasted on what basically amounted to a gambling addiction, I don’t think I ever actually had fun, every game was just a roll-of-the-dice dopamine-chase.

    • @Kreutzwerkz Mimimimimi

  22. How to not fail No Nut November…
    Just play this tank until you get in to position. But GG tho, it’s impressive to get a result like this in the Black Prince.

  23. Wow. Just, wow.

  24. Been a while since I stopped playing this game, and little by little my hair is growing back ?

  25. What is this? A farming simulator??

  26. Oh god why would a KV-2 go solo on a flank

  27. Yes join the few who 3 marked their BPs

  28. Not at any point was I ever worried about the team losing that game.

  29. The tiger to at the end never doubted him for a minute?

  30. Black Prince is a tank my departed best friend loved. We often played during a weekend evening but it was fun. WoT never felt the same.

  31. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Tiger II is a shit: but can’t belive he working that side without sidescrape

  32. That wheeze at the end gives me life.

  33. Ahh, Circon my man! I come for the gameplay, I stay for the comedy.

    Don’t ever change.

  34. As usual, the stock Tiger II carried the game yesss


  36. Beautiful corpse placement. 10/10
    – Circon, 2019

  37. That was such a wick game to watch, ty circon, and good work to the last few teammates who squeezed victory from the last enemy’s nuts

  38. New game mode King of the Hill.

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