You WANT This Tank in Your Garage! | World of Tanks T110E5

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Source: DezGamez

T110E5 is and old GEM in World of Tanks. Forgot how beautiful this tier can actually be, if playing correctly. It can make your enemies cry!


  1. They should make capola smaller

  2. after 3 marking this tank I can say fs that its a great pub tank… if you aren’t in full t10 mm. its good dpm and fairly decent gun handling and ok armor is great for t9s and t8s but once u get into the full t10 filled with chieftains, 279e, sconq etc, its a medium tank but at the same times its slow af even with bond turbo… so if you want e5 just get the s conq or the amx m4. it can’t do anything very well just everything meh-ish

  3. 0:33 already seen something impossible right here. I’ll give you a hint, look at the hitlog of the enemies

  4. Wait there is a new video?!?! I thought dez is on vecation i feel cheated now!

  5. If luck becomes common you call it skill.

  6. Ive seen players do well in it. Had some good games in it myself. However, most of the time enemy players almost seem to have tumor seeking rounds that pen most of the time.

  7. My first T10 tank, its a one of most underated gems in tech tree. By the way, I met Lion – italian medium tank in battle 2 or 3 days ago.

  8. i went up to 94.6 and from there ijust dropped.. I hate the fkin markins sesions, now i jsut don t do them anymore , i sit around 85-90% in my tier 10 heavies. No enough patience for me to 3rd marking. This was my first tier 10 tank, and i still enjoy it from time to time.

  9. I remember everything WG did to this tank. It was nerfed more than it was rebuffed. It had a 910hp engine. It couldn’t be pen when you stick out the front drive wheel to bait shots. It could side scrap but not anymore. The Commander’s hatch used to be great that you usually needed a 128mm or better gun to pen with a 50/50 chance. I want WG to put it back to that. There are so many 130mm and152mm gun tanks now.

    • It shouldn’t have a T110E3 commanders hatch, but i agree that it should not be auto-pen either

    • @Complaints Department i honestly don’t see how is it swiss cheese for you. I’m actively playing it, it’s upper hull is impenetrable, and lower hull can also troll enemies, since it can only be penned right in the middle.

  10. Sssssshhhhhhhhhh.
    Dont tell anyone

  11. E5 is great my second favourite t10 my favourite is the 277 that tank is just a total beast

  12. Duuuuuude that was a sick battle! Well done, clutch play

  13. I already gotten it for the 3D style, it is a true brawler heavy tank.

  14. Hi! How make games it took you to mark it, Dez?

  15. what a game, Dez

  16. this tank is awesome best all rounder

  17. E5 was my first Tier 10 in the game back in 2012-13. It was magnificent. I really liked how it looked and it was a power to be feared on the battlefield. Then they nerfed it and it became obsolete from one day to the other. Even now it is a shadow of it’s former glory.

  18. love the ending on that first game

  19. Any tank is a gem, when hits and pens targets. Instead of bouncing and missing. That happens, when you dont play a tank for a long period — its just how RNG works in WoT.

  20. of course you can out reload jagtiger while having purple equipment and food and probably double the crew skills

  21. worst tank ever

  22. First battle was amazing!

  23. This e5 Tank is very useless for me

  24. If it only was a touch faster it would be a much better tank. Like renegade, that has the mobility to make it work for me.

  25. Posted commet before publish video… Have fun in Afrika

  26. But where did 2500 hit points come from???

  27. I just love people when they have chieftain and 279e saying that e5 needs to be nerfed just f off you cant play with 279 and chieftain and thats why you lose against e5
    WG has already gave you massive target cupola for you to shot on E5 right? If WG decide to bring Blitz E5 cupola you guys will cry right? F ing crayon chewers cry all over the place and cant still win f ing 49percent ers

  28. Why T110E5 if we have the S.Conq?

  29. I love it, press W maxout dpm and go in.

  30. 0:05 Dez been watching Claus?

  31. Only shows the power creep this game has, I had a t30 as my first t10, which is now a tier 9 TD

  32. daNi - eSport for fun ;]

    he is to sluggish for me :<

  33. that had my heart racing and i was just watching

  34. This tank is awful. Absolutely nothing to nerf here. Of anything WalletGaming should buff it.

  35. Dezman, please include the crew skills and equipment load out on the T110E5. Your gameplay has me asking some questions comparing your results as opposed to playing instead my 277, WZ 111 Chinese heavy or even my IS-7.

  36. “Not the Easiest MM”… proceeds to play against bot 277 that ree-ree’s into the hill for no reason 8:20
    “Losing a chieftain in a battle is always a bad thing” 11:41 I beg to differ; after how easily they gave away chiefs, the chief skill cap is super low; I can out-play them in my Type 5… that should say something…

  37. RNG without random, premium ammo as a credit drain and a matchmaker for buy an advantage tanks.

  38. Tank has a nice gun but that is about it. Easy kill. If its hull down just go for the copula. If anyone knows where to aim a tier VIII can put it down.

  39. i can assure you, you didnt outreload that jagdtiger, he just aimed for your capola insteed of your lower plate and took to long to pull the trigger.

  40. Complaints Department

    The cupola is too big of a glaring weakness. Even raising the gun and wiggling, you’re relying on RNG and sheer dumbfuck luck in order to not get sniped to pieces. The E5 is no longer worth grinding or getting. Not when the Super Conq does literally everything (except for a bit of mobility) better.

  41. I tried this out on the test server and it was pretty fun! Arguably I was getting overly jest spammed, which is to be expected on the Test, but I can imagine this tank goes hard in random queue

  42. 6:59 in this moment I underestimated you and you actually did a great job. You used the logic for your advance 😀

  43. No,still don’t like it,i have it and i also have the Conq….i much prefer my Conq,the E5 is just so easy penetrable in that tower of what’s called cupola . I had him since it was almost OP, and i enjoyed it until the Conq appeared and then he got nerved so bad, that even with the buffs that came after, it’s still not Conq level of a tank. Can you do good in it? Yes…but in the same situation,Conq does better. If and only If ,you get lucky as you in this matches,yes,it works ….but how often and how many get those matches?

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