YOU WANT THIS TANK | STB-1 Easy Mode (War Thunder Japanese Tanks)

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YOU WANT THIS TANK | STB-1 Easy Mode (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. nostalgia hits hard with minecraft music

  2. should’ve used that hydro pneumatic suspension my dude.

  3. I was actually against an stb earlier today with the is6 and it couldn’t pen me I either was really lucky or that guy/gal was really bad

  4. Teacher: we will be taking a WWII Vehicle quiz

    Students: oh come on I don’t know any thing

    War thunder players: hehe alright

  5. play f9f-2/5

  6. I’m playing the predecessor to this one now. Having trouble getting kills with the APBC default rounds. Any advice?

  7. This thing is gnarly

  8. Phly: T-55AM-1 please

  9. STB is life until it dies, then you’re stuck with the Ho-Ri in 7.7 and up matches

  10. No way a fucking JoJo reference

    *_This is Requiem_*

  11. A big phuck you for putting that JJBA audio and changing the translation, it triggered me so bad as I’m a huge jjba fan 😤😤😤😤

  12. Loving the unloved, the su100y is underapreciated as a derp cannon
    Attempt #5

  13. Is it me or do centurion sucks a lot you get ammorack so much

  14. Airplane Maniac Gaming

    I like to do what that Vickers MBT did on Port Novo, I do in my lower tier (of which is ALSO brits, as that is my highest tier stuff at 3.3.): saving the good stuff for when the fight gets to a later stage, and most of the good stuff on either teams is damaged/destroyed and mostly trashier(for the tier) vehicles are all thats left. makes it easier to mop up usually, or to change the outcome of a fight that your team might be losing.

  15. Is that a phucking Jojo’s reference?

  16. Hello all. I completed the tutorials and got 340 Gold. Is it worth waiting for a sale on the Pz2 GAK or just pay the 250 gold? I don’t see myself playing past 1.0. Thanks.

  17. Hey, I love you

  18. So its a japanese leopard a1a1 just a bit slower and without apfsds thats 7.7 instead of 8.7?

  19. That Lorraine at the end of the video probably went bankrupt from getting killed.

  20. Why no showcase of it’s special suspension? And did you tried to use hesh with stb-1? (Rng is fun xD)

  21. Play the m26a1 for italy, it is at 6.3 and with everyone playing tigers and panthers you get down bred constantly (Attempt #1)

  22. Armando Jesus Alejandro

    Nai! Nai JoJo! Nai!

  23. Do you spy on me? I unlocked this thing yesterday

  24. Those people that think that about you probably think socialism works

  25. Challenge. Play the M1A2 Abrams with no ammo to spawn a jet bomber of the community choice

  26. Phly. Thank you so much for making videos. Youre the only youtuber ive been watching consistently since I was 13… im 18 now. So thanks for the half decade of amazing content!

  27. Phly: *Makes video on the stb-1*

    Also phly: *Dosnt show the peumatic suspension*

    Me: *Sad noises*

  28. i like it how phly is one of the biggest (if not the biggest, to lazy to check) war thunder youtuber so its basically guaranteed that war thunder devs just watch his vids and watch him shit on their game (which sometimes deserves being shitted on).

  29. Any one agree that the leo 1 is better? Better pen with heat on leo no armor on leo better reaload on leo the leos faster like why this tank phlee?

  30. 12:28 phly being f**king savage

  31. Reload time is 9 or 10 seconds which means you’ll lose close to every reload battle.

  32. Nikos Papasotiropoulos

    hey, Phly whats do you thing of Merkava mk2b in 9.0, because it’s a lot cheaper than the mk1 on the market !!

  33. Historical accuracy
    PhyDaily: killing enemy using Type 74
    PhyDaily spotted enemy behind him: Scheiße!

  34. The driver optics has no armour Phly. And it’s a big target.

    Also the side armour is nonexistent. If you angle slightly even 20pdr APCBC easily pens it. I don’t know how it didn’t pen at 15:00, but probably hit a road wheel and WT freaked out.


  36. When phlydaily makes love to any vehicle and around level 0-50 are like:
    omg thats the best vehicle in the game, i must get it. After painful hours of grinding:
    Oh boy i can finally try out the stb-1. First match: Since i have better frontal armor than like tiger, i can rush everyone. Dies in first 2 minutes: This is the worst tank ever! Phlydaily must have the power to buff or nerf everything! But seriosly, i really like your videos and keep up the good work!

    • The trick with stb 1 is rush a good spot and wait or start sniping all the way in the back sometimes you can rush around but most of the time the enemy team is mostly dead

  37. STB should be 8.3 change my mind:P

  38. Laughs in flanking them with BT-7 F-32

  39. So i can’t tell if its just me seein stuff but is there blue spots in that camo ??

  40. Oh no an american saying scheisse

  41. Wer ist noch Deutscher und findet seine Aussprache so witzig 😅

  42. Screw the haters Phlee, i love the videos and i know many hundreds of thousands of your fans do as well!.. Peace out!!

  43. Олег Рябинин

    1:35 Im heard “Блять, блять, блять, блять , сука, сука” – “bleat, bleat, bleat, bleat, syka, syka” ?)

  44. Can you talk on all the 76mm shermans getting moved to 5.0 while the firefly, tipo, and sa40 shermans all stay at 4.7 with much better guns?

  45. Is this Warthunder JOJO reference!?

    Lets try another meme…. Use a rescue helicopter and rescue the man into the river in LegoCity

  46. Phly! Its been over 3 years since you phlew the legendary Do-335, the phastest piston engine plane of WWII. Take the Do-335 B-2 with 5 cannons and declare if the plane lives up to its OG 1.57 hype.

    Attempt 2

  47. Still dont get the hate for port novo…

  48. 10:47 yeah, players don’t like that map for 2 things
    1) they actually need to think in order to figure out the range to the enemy
    2) flanking is not effective, the objective is out of sight from both sides and the spawns have wide open terrain all around, spawn camping does not work because you are easy to find

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