You WILL LOVE This Grille 15 Setup! | World of Tanks Grille 15 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Most Accurate Grille 15 Ever, Bounty Aiming Best Accuracy Setup. World of Tanks Destroyer Equipment 2.0. World of Tanks Grille 15 Gameplay, Tier 10 German Tank Destroyer.

After couple month I am back in the Grille 15, testing out this tank with new directive and field modifications combod with some boosted equipment units… And have a Grille 15 like never before!

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. German ingeneering is insane

  2. DEZ…been with you since the days you weren’t even at 20K subs….congrats on your success

  3. Thank you for the video, learned new places for TD ^^, I been using extra view range using telescope equipment it makes it more scary

  4. why is your garage different

  5. Imagine the waffle with this gun x4 shots in the current meta

  6. I do think that you don’t miss an opportunity to make a video with grille 15
    As I find this tank amazing I fully understand

  7. So, here’s the thing; the polished lens? completely useless… parallax adjustment? useless in most cases; I have a video recorded that I tried various tanks on, and sent it to wargaming via a tech support case; Parallax says -0.01 on dispersion if you mouse over the dispersion stat of tanks, but it does NOT actually lower it at all! I’m not talking about the percentage values, I’m talking raw stat if you mouse over your dispersion value in the garage… I told Wargaming to fix it… I also cannot find a tank where the polished lens -2% is good enough to lower the dispersion. I have even tried it with various combinations (parallax included) and NOTHING… no change to dispersion whatsoever. I tried it on KV-2 as well, and nothing. I don’t know who tested these things and did not report any issues, but this has been in the game for a while now, and nobody seems to have noticed?

  8. Now dez inspired me to grind Grille 15 again 🗿

  9. i use ur setup DEZ..be4 u release this Video…it amazing…stuck at me forever

  10. We need pre nerf grille,nowadays it woulnt be op

  11. Stathis Papadopoulos

    ventilation would have made it even better in dispersion but hen again having the aim time is important.

  12. I tried that with my leo1, but for me the directive does not decrease the dispersion

  13. I don’t think tanks have different RNG curves. I believe that the RNG formula is the same for every vehicle in WOT. When players miss a bunch of shots in a battle because of RNG, they believe that the has hidden RNG with a wider statistical variance that other tanks, but it’s not random number generating. Just like you can flip a coin and get 5 heads in a row, but that doesn’t mean the coin is favoring heads. In WOT, when players experiencing this random event where they get large dispersion due to RNG, it just creates a confirmation bias to the belief that the tank they are playing has a hidden RNG stat that’s worse than other tanks. But the same player will conveniently forgot the times when they get a bunch of shots in the row with very small dispersion as the result of RNG.

    It’s the same phenomenon you get with gamblers. They remember what the times they wins and forget the times they lose. In WOT, players forget the times that RNG helped them and only remember the times it hurt them

    • There IS an RNG curve difference between tanks, though if I remember correctly, they changed it years ago so that the difference is rather minimal or don’t exist at all, effectively rendering the mechanic moot. I could be wrong tho.

  14. I like it.

  15. How do you have this garage

  16. nice videos my man!!!! keep it up

  17. What about vents? They boost aiming circle

  18. Imagine that normal tanks would be even more accurate. That would make game skill based, not PAY TO WIN BASED.

  19. Retropaintball clips

    Build the k91!!

  20. I try to learn that TD thing, i sold the TDs KV-2 presented and am only happy with M56 Scorpion.

  21. Okay, wtf? How come a polished lens isn’t listed in my game on NA server WG?

  22. You can reach 0.21 with Leopard 1 too 😀

  23. Evry time I play mine I’m in the city maps.

  24. Pumps up accuracy to 0.21.

    WG: Hey wait, this is illegal.

  25. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Pls wargaiming bring me my wtf e100 back in actual game, not in cheesy side dish mode… 🙁 I would give back my grille no problem for this…..

  26. Jean-Philippe Morin

    This tank has same rng accuracy than scorpion geee, it supposed to be full accurate gun but for reasons it shoot in the floor 1/3 a game…

  27. Grille 15 Ace xp requirement is low among all Tier 10 tanks.

  28. Mobile Photographer

    Problem with this tank not the aim time and accuracy. Its good without any equipment, but the horrible soft stats. That why its the trollest gun ever. And it needs view range also.

  29. I don’t know how you could love the grille 15. 0.26 dispersion yet it’s as accurate as the KV2 with ghost shells left right and center

  30. I have 0.21 on my Grille and Leopard 1 ,it works way better on Leo ,that gun is probably the most accurate gun in the game if we count in RNG.

  31. Thank you 4000 AVG in 10 battels with this setup now grille works for me.

  32. Grille15 is missing a lot of shells no matter how good your acc is, this fan made videos are made to win… total fool’s Gold

  33. would fire bit faster if rammer was in right slot 🙂

    • I though that too. Doesn’t seem to change when I move them around though. I think when I put the vertical stabilizer in the left slot it adds a touch of accuracy.

  34. I play this exact build except instead of bounty GLD I use IRM for the extra traverse speed

  35. 👍👍 i hate grille befor now i love it

  36. Still want my WT E100 back, you know the one WG stole us all? We got that still PoS instead…

  37. And now let see this tank with same biuld but instead let’s use Improved Bounty Equipment instead the Normal Bounty Equipment.

  38. Александър Иванов

    When i did 10k with my Grille15 people called me cheater too.

  39. song name at 2:18 ?

  40. Dez i do not have the grille therefore i cannot love the setup im sorry

  41. I think its the same accuracy on leo1 but leo 1 has much better gun handeling and shell velocity which make it so nice to play

  42. I don’t agree that this is the most accurate all time available accuracy. The leopard 1 hits far more often compared to the grille. The softstats on the grille is terrible

  43. I have that Reinforced Suspension thingie on my Skorpion and I get tracked all the bloody time. 🙁

  44. With all this Grille 15 is almost as accurate the tank it replaced with 128mm gun. And that was before all this new things came in.

  45. Love the shred in the background !

  46. Grille15 best TD in the Game.
    There IS NO RNG with grille15. im Playing with Rammer, -10% Aimcircle and BINOS. No specialisations yet.

    EVERY shot hits & pens. No matter where you aim.

    and after you did 3k dmg from the backline you rush forward, spot damage for yourself & kill all the heavies in 1v1 because noone can beat you

    You video here shows absolutely NOTHIN special. Its everyday snapshots with Grille….at least when i play it 😉 most of players seem to be Simple minded to understand how legendary good Grille is
    And NO armor is besst armor. Grille can EASY bounce Jgde100 HEAT!! i dont know where it bounces that shots but i always do

    ONLY ONE LOADER NEEDS Skill since “if there are two loaders with same Perk then the better perk will count”…..

  47. My most unlucky game in the grille 15 was the fact that I fired five shots in a row, and they were all sub-600 dmg.

  48. ქჴąʂʂჩტჯ

    Guns should always have 0,1 acc after aiming 10s +

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