Your First AA Missile Shot #WarThunder #shorts

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  1. Nice, just toast the F*** out of all 4 of the boys.

  2. Luichin Playstation

    Why 4 people?
    To discuss if they’ll shot a missile or not?

  3. That’s why I always stick to hard rounds 🗿

  4. And then the MiG 21 fire 30mm gun to kill
    The end 🙂

  5. youre the calmest and most professional WT YTer i ever saw. keep on doing the food work. i wont unsucscribe 😊

  6. 🗿🗿🗿🗿

  7. Yukari's Gear Reviews

    Can you guys at least lower this rolling death trap to 9.0 so it doesn’t fight SU-25s every game

  8. I’m sure the crew loves being blasted with exhaust gasses

  9. after the first missile didnt hit me and the boys would continue to lunch every single one for fun hahaha

  10. How does the backblast of the rocket not melt these guys

  11. The Mighty Potato Devourer

    I finally unlocked the LAV and my first aircraft was the SU something… ya I died trying to get rid of it

  12. upgrade titanspeeakerman

    How to download the game

  13. They’re the brothers from Saving Private Ryan.

  14. Warning chaff Warning flare

  15. Not a toaster at all

    After missing: waste that fool I want that bird out of the sky now

  16. Why this thing needs 4 to look up ?
    Because this is : UP

  17. Correct Bharat’s map first

  18. su 25 enters tanks all 4 missiles kills you and proceeds to go rearm at the airport

  19. I mean the plane dosnt even need the flares… he just has to turn alittle bit… Cause SAMs are so freaking WORTHLESS unless the plane is flying in a straight line.

  20. You and the boys look like oompa loompas

  21. Why is Bolsonaro in the clip 😂😂😂

  22. you are adding a new aa so why mock it lol

  23. i dont like anti air stuff

  24. random axolotl loving furry i guess

    Back at it again, Basement guy? I know you’re stuck down there, and Gaijin pays you 1 dollar a video. Someone’ll free you someday…

  25. Здравый Смысл

    What about Type 94 ?

  26. neft CAS now

  27. First every entertaining corporate made content great job to the team or person behind this awesome work

  28. That is funny af.

  29. Theres an ad tank loaded down with aim 9s?

  30. What vehicle is that? I searched all the tech trees for it…

  31. 𝔻𝕠𝕘𝕘𝕠 巛 Dank Memes

    first song?

  32. Average russian crew of any vehicle sadly. The other 3 dudes are likely incase the 1st gets hit

  33. Hey I guess 4 missiles, 4 boys

  34. The feeling when you feel unstoppable

  35. How do i shoot them them with an plane

  36. HOW the heck are the 4 stooges sitting in the front NOT cooked by the backwash of the missile????

  37. If it’s Russian it lives anything else can DIE😂😂😂

  38. Hahahahhahaha

  39. so you’re telling me you can’t flare a single AAM, EXCEPT the one i can actually get in a reasonable time.

  40. Fulcrum Smokingtincity

    When is the update?

  41. “Missile didn’t hit 😀 now im the target”

  42. Even WarThunder themselves admits that its far too easy to flare them

  43. Nice shot but you roasted us too.

  44. The boy just chilling

  45. those 4 mfs on a couch got me hard ngl

  46. Is that a chapperal?

  47. What was the song at the very end

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