Your replays – 59-16 / LTTB

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Source: osirish

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  1. This made me want to hop in that mt25 and play through the sovie lights.
    Ive delayed this cause “I cant play light tanks exclusively” and focused on
    1 LT line. The LTTB is a beast and I need it in my garage asap.

  2. Adam Christiansen

    Commentary and playback don’t match up, or at least they didn’t on my
    machine. About half through the first replay, it started over again. Gg

  3. Assault aka salt.

  4. just grinded the 59 16 …..yuk!

  5. that first gun is better if you want pen and the clip gun if you want alpha

  6. i have played mostly light tanks on my wot career so i like wery many
    lights but 59-16 was very fun and enjoyable to play only the amx12t was bad
    to grind in my mind atleast…

  7. 59-16 is awesome tank! with the stock 85mm gun it just rekts ppl… And
    59-16 comes with amazing camo so it can passive spot very good… just love
    that tank

  8. an_average_player

    many thanks for the shout out osirish, it’s fantastic and an honour that
    I’ve been around your channel so long seeing you steadily gain the
    popularity you deserve.

    just a quick note I haven’t quite reached 75 just yet but all explained in
    the video.

    Thanks again

  9. I hated the 59-16 at first. I couldn’t win. I think I was down in the 25%
    range. Then after I had played a whole lot of games I finally got the hang
    of it and I rarely lost because I spotted so well for my team. And for sure
    the premium ammo means nothing, it’s just not a damage dealer, unless you
    get those nice situations like getting side shots, it’s a “real” scout

  10. 59-16 is just an anti scout tank, its a one trick pony and it gets such a
    bad rap because people try to make it do things it can’t or doesn’t do

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