Your replays – Black Prince/Pz. S35 “A Perfect Storm”

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Source: osirish

with wim_b6 and HeyHeyHeyStayOuttaMyShed!

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  1. yeah,the pz s35 was great,i bought the razer kraken pro world of tanks
    edition headset(last christmas),and i spent 1000 of the 1500 gold it would
    give you on a code,for the pz s35,plus 7 days of premium,and because of
    that,i made over a million credits in 1 week with it,i had only 100.000
    credits,i was desperate for some money,and now that i thing of it,i
    wouldn’t have all these tier 8 and 9 tanks,without it,because it gave me
    the ability to buy more tanks,and advance to higher tiers.

  2. the replay title on that BP game is pretty terrible :P

  3. How I play World of Tanks

    come on, the second game was terrible. no skills just bullied a load of
    noobs! the black prince was good side scrapping and angling so I liked that

  4. Thank you! Danke ! Благодаря!

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