Your replays – Comet / AT-8

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Source: osirish

with raptor133 and cjacey.

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  1. Crouching Hamster

    What a great episode! Lol!

  2. Ah, fun… something I rarely got to taste when playing WoT.

  3. Haha I’d forgotten about this at-8 game until now. It’s so much funnier
    watching it now compared to when I played the battle through tears of
    Unless I’m mistaken didn’t the T25 kill the m3 due to his she’ll bouncing
    off of me? I’m sue I hear a ding.

  4. PsychoMuffinMuncher

    Very encouraging video, osirish!

  5. I’m wondering to un-install XVM and YasenKrasen session stats too, I feel
    pressure to perform in every game rather than just having fun. End of the
    day unless you trying to be in a CW clan nobody cares about your stats

  6. Play Pz.IC to have fun back :3

    • +My Hentai Girl I tried, I tried, after 2 tier 5 games where I was the only
      tier 3, it didn’t work!

    • +osirish I know how that feels. In the eveningafternoon on the EU server I
      guarantee you will not get a single tier three game driving a tier three,
      no matter the tier three. Unless it gets pref match making ofc. But still,
      I have yet to.

      I would presume you play on the EU server and if so, try and drive the 1 C
      at around 10am to 4pm and you should get some tier three games. 😛

    • +Archie Fulford That is 10 to 4 GMT BTW

  7. Your welcome Irish 

  8. sabaton ghostdivision

    its was fun comet game nice

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