Your replays – Conquerer / AT 2

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Source: osirish

with Coookiee and cjacey.

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  1. First, don’t kill me…

  2. An idea: Publish certain weekly or monthly criteria a replay must meet. 10k
    dmg. 8+ frags…certain type of tank..etc….otherwise youre just going to
    get a shit ton of crap that youll never look at.

  3. Pink Penguins

  4. Pink penguins

  5. do you still feature the replays submitted through faceebook before you
    made the gmail.

  6. Pink penguins

  7. PsychoMuffinMuncher

    That last replay was deceptively amazing…

  8. PsychoMuffinMuncher

    Oh yeah, pink penguins.

  9. Pink penguins

  10. pink penguins

  11. Sir Osis of Liver

    Pink Penguins? LOL
    I’ve been running a spall liner in my AT-2, and was wondering if I should
    replace it with something else. I’ve found, tough, that more often than
    not, arty is the one to look out for in the AT.

  12. Dreadshells Gaming

    Fun games to watch, thanks for showing them Irish 🙂
    (self-banned myself so can’t talk about flightless birds :P)

  13. Pink penguins 

  14. Pink Penguins

    Love your videos. Keep it up:)

  15. Pink Penguins


  17. Pink Penguins

  18. Pink pinguin

  19. This match reminds me of the docu on Pink Penguins on the BBC last night.
    Jolly good documentary old chap!

  20. Pink penguin

  21. Pink penguins <.< >.> ^.^

  22. Pink Kiwi

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