Your replays – FCM 50t / AMX M4 45

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Source: osirish

With cjacey and Brynje.

Play for free at


  1. How to send you a replay?:-) have one with 5k dmg in 7 tier battle

  2. Fcm 7,19 reload time wtf????? 50% crew???

  3. The reason I load prem to begin with in some tanks is just like you said. I
    think early damage is extremely important. Especially in the AMX where I
    cant afford to bounce. (Also I hated the AMX lol). Like you mentioned the
    105mm with prem also does more alpha which makes the tank only slightly
    terrible to play. The higher velocity is also nice since you will be
    sniping a lot with the AMX.
    And I dont mind people firing prem at me so I dont mind firing it either

    – brynje

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