Your replays – Hellcat / Matilda

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Source: osirish

with MisterMalik and xxxkhalidxxx.

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  1. thanks for showing my replay osirish :)

  2. i don’t feel that the matilda is overpowered, people is just incompetent.

  3. Is another #Is it worth it# in your plans osirish? Thanks for doing this

  4. The “u” in Sturer Emil is pronounced like “oo” in booze for example.

  5. I don’t think the Matilda is overpowered. There’s always going to be some
    tanks that can’t penetrate some other tanks, at least not with standard
    ammo or at least shooting at weak spots. As this replay shows there’s
    plenty of tanks that can hurt the Matilda even at battle tier 4.

  6. And another gold whiner! What does it matter if you are killed with gold
    when you’re in a light tank? A standard shell would kill you just as much,
    standard and gold have the exact same effect if the armor is weak enough to
    get penetrated by standard. The only difference is that the gold ammo costs
    a lot more for the shooter.

  7. thanks, really appreciate it. yeh its my bad habit of firing before fully
    aiming, don’t know why but for some reason i only seems to do it in Matilda.
    thanks again. :)

  8. That Luchs platoon should be ashamed of themselves. They should have owned
    this match.

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